Morvaeyn's Armory

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Morvaeyn's Armory is the armor shop in Cysaegir. It is located inside a square cottage, south of Haegan's Weaponry and north of the Reformatory. The owner, Morvaeyn, cannot be interacted with aside from shopping, as he is not a concrete NPC.

[Morvaeyn's Armory]
Despite the banner reading, "Morvaeyn's Armory" on the far wall, there is no actual armor on display in this shop. Instead, the chiseled stone-block walls feature a panoramic showcase of the wares, rendered in vivid paints. Hanging above each painting, a large sign boasts the benefits and values of the individual armament. You also see a large parchment scroll.


Name Price
1. some feathery pale amber robes 1000
2. some whorled violet light leather 1000
3. some grass green full leather 1250
4. some polished red reinforced leathers 1500
5. some teal striped double leathers 2000
6. an embossed black leather breastplate 2500
7. some fox-etched deep scarlet cuirbouilli 3000
8. some laced coppery studded leathers 3500
9. some thick brass-studded brigandine 4000
10. some gleaming silvery chain mail 4500
11. some blued steel double chain 5000
12. some blackened augmented chain 5500
13. a matted oval-linked hauberk 6000
14. a hammered cerulean metal breastplate 7000
15. a vine-etched augmented breastplate 7500
16. some polished golden half-plate 8000
17. some pristine white plate armor 10000
18. a buckler 500
19. an aegis 1000
20. a greatshield 2500
Base Metal Choices
1. iron
2. mithril
3. faenor
4. imflass
5. mithglin

Morvaeyn's Armory's backroom does not offer any merchandise.