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Category: Combat, Magic, and Character Mechanics
Topic: Magic
Message #: 571
Author: GS4-ZISSU
Date: 12/29/2020
Subject: Multi-Target Spell Updates Released

Multi-Target spells have been updated to have a consistant approach to identifying and choosing targets. Doing this has allowed us to make the following changes across all such spells:

- By using cast options other than EVOKE, all player cast spells will no longer target other players. This includes both grouped and ungrouped players.
- All spells in the list now have an option to EVOKE the spell, which will possibly hit other players. This version still prioritizes creatures unless directly targetting another player.
- All multi-target spells will now have a starting maximum targets of 3. This is increased by 1 additonal target for every 50 Mana Control Skill Bonus relating to the specific spell (example Elemental Wave (410) uses Elemental Mana Control Skill bonus).
- Many spells will now be more intelligent when choosing targets. Disabler spells like Elemental Wave will not choose targets that are already prone or already affected by Elemental Wave.

Spells impacted are:
135 - Searing Light
210 - Silence
217 - Mass Interference
316 - Censure
335 - Divine Wrath
410 - Elemental Wave
435 - Major Elemental Wave
512 - Coldsnap*
518 - Cone of Elements
525 - Meteor Swarm
619 - Mass Calm
635 - Nature's Fury
703 - Corrupt Essence
709 - Grasp of the Grave^
710 - Energy Maelstrom
717 - Evil Eye
720 - Implosion
909 - Tremors*
912 - Call Wind
950 - Core Tap
1001 - Holding Song
1015 - Song of Depression
1030 - Song of Sonic Disruption
1117 - Empathic Link
1120 - Sympathy
1203 - Powersink
1219 - Vertigo
1225 - Mindwipe
1602 - Pious Trial
1614 - Aura of the Arkati
1630 - Judgment
1650 - Onslaught **

^ Grasp still uses it's previous target count and logic, but is now player friendly with an EVOKE option.
* Previously existing EVOKE functionality for these spells has now been moved to the CHANNEL verb.
** Onslaught is now player friendly, and can be triggered to hit other players with the syntax INCARNATE ONSLAUGHT RECKLESS

There will be a second round of updates to the 1700 circle, warcries, and society powers to utilize this approach as well in the near future.

Zissu - Combat and Magic Systems Dev Lackey