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Make the best out of what life gives you
Race Halfling
Hometown Icemule Trace
Profession Bard
Affiliation(s) Order of Voln
In-a-Word Tenacious
Disposition Friendly/open
Demeanor Warm
Primary Trait Optimism
Flaw overthinking
Greatest Strength Love
Greatest Weakness Wearing the worlds troubles on my shoulder
Habits Always looking for a peaceful place to rest
Hobbies Bounties, bounties and the occasional bounty
Likes Music, instruments, singing to gems
Dislikes Hate and closed minds
Fears The unknown
Loyalties Citizens and friends of Icemule Trace

Nemt is a candidate who is running for a Town Council position in the 5120 Icemule Trace Mayoral Race.


You see Nemt the Troubadour.
He appears to be a Halfling.
He is tiny. He appears to be very young. He has bloodshot sea green eyes and tanned skin. He has short, honey blonde hair shaved at the temples. He has a broken nose and a neatly-trimmed beard. He has a small opaque spider on his left forearm.
He is wearing a high-collared tweed frock coat, a moonlight cactus-bloom, a dark leather overcoat fastened with onyx clasps, a black dreamstone emblem in the form of a decaying rose, some dark leather gloves, a bright gold ring, a pair of dark grey silk pants pleated in the front, and some sturdy leather sandals.

Favorite Instrument

a brilliant sunburst klysmar mandolin inlaid with pearl
A vibrant tobacco-hued sunburst shading adorns the body of the mandolin. Thin strips of klysmar entwined in steel have been masterfully crafted into an intricate neck. Threadlike slivers of pearl have been meticulously inlaid around the sound hole. The same translucent gemstone creates slender frets under bronze strings. Four tiny alabaster-tipped tuning pegs grace the head of the beautiful instrument.

Nemt's Speech

This speech was given on the evening of 06/24/5120 in Icemule Trace.

Reiphe says, "And now, Nemt."
Nemt beams happily!
Nemt coughs.
Nemt says, "Good Evening my fellow citizens, friends or visitors of Icemule Trace. A few here might know me personally but many might not. My name is Nemt. I am a magic inclined bard that has traveled all over spreading joy through my magic and loresongs. My family has deep roots in the area, and I am overjoyed to see the outpouring support of furthering Icemule Trace's growth into the shining ice-cold diamond it is."
Nemt says, "I will lightly touch on what I want to see flourish from each canidates platform, whether they are elected or not."
Nemt says, "Candidate Walesca Wineberry, I am sure most of us can agree keeping traditions alive is very important but putting one above all is not the future Icemule needs. I do strongly believe we should focus on commerce and trade but only if that furthers our community as a whole, not lining the pockets of wealthy businesses."
Nemt says, "Candidate Hazelnut Honeybrook, I can not help but want to follow him into the great unknown but we would get lost quickly due to his lack of direction. What he does have is a strong sense of community, and that has always been a strong trait of Icemule. This will be a primary goal of mine to continue."
Nemt says, "Candidate Ellerel Barrowfoot, has a heavy focus on magic and utilizing it to promote safety, these are goals I would want pushed to the forefront and thoroughly researched. Icemule has a tenacious history of magic, we need to lean on that."
Nemt says, "Candidate Talliver Dabbings, always short and straight to the point, safety above all. Who can argue with that? The Dabbings family have always put Icemule Trace first, and that is something that will influence a lot of my decisions and input to the new Mayor."
Nemt frets.
Nemt says, "If elected, I promise to focus heavily on expanding town borders including our close friends to the North in Pinefar, strengthening our town defenses, increasing commerce and trade and striving to make it encompass our true strength which is a welcoming and helpful community."
Nemt breaks out in a sweat.
Nemt nods enthusiastically!
Nemt says, "And thank you for..listening to me."