Nerathas Nellereune Illistim

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Nerathas Nellereune Illistim played a major role in researching dreamstone amulets, the precursors to the crystal amulets and more powerful devices of their kind today.

Nerathas was a famous member of the Nellereune family of House Illistim after the destruction of Maelshyve, and was probably an ancestor of Alerreth Nellereune Illistim.

Behind The Scenes

Memorial, Vaeshean Wey in Ta'Illistim

[Ta'Illistim, Vaeshean Wey]
Stone slabs and bronze sculptures wall in the wey, their faces the memorials to elven families lost to time. Nearly all have at least one crest and most are marked as well with the seal of Ta'Illistim. One white marble obelisk is set apart, piercing the sky from atop a raised pedestal of purple porphyry. You also see an enameled silver signpost. Obvious paths: north, southeast, west

>look slab
The elegant semicircular slab is constructed from grey stone, upon which is an edging of twisting, complex flows, all picked out in relief. Various robed elven figures, each holding an embedded veniom amulet, are carved into the slab's face. An inscription swirls across the base of the piece.

There appears to be something written on it. >read slab
In the Elven language, it reads:

Nerathas Nellereune Illistim