Never ending fireplace fuel

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Attention All Homeowners!

    Are you tired of going to start your fire and finding the stockpile empty?
    In the middle of winter, don't you just hate having to run out to the firewood vendor for more fuel?
    This tiny little trick will turn your fireplace stockpile into a magical one that refills itself every time you wake up!

Something simple that you can do so that you don't ever have to refill your fuel stockpile is this:

  • Purchase as much fuel as your fireplace stockpile can hold
  • Unpack the fuel and for each one STOCK FIREPLACE/FIREPIT/STOVE with <log/stick>
  • Now this is the most important part, and it is really hard to get done...

Now as long as you do not save your home again after using the fireplace, then when you exit and re-enter your residence, the stockpile will magically refill

Tip Provided by Khylynnia Sparrhawk