Newsby's Night Out

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A TownCrier Players Production

June 3, 2018

The Cast:
  • Jerimah, the host of the party, played by Lyneara, who literally stepped up at the last minute when connection troubles paused the scene.
  • Sariny, daughter of a wealthy Nalfein merchant, played by Qafziel
  • Rennith, the Master Investigator, played by Stonmel
  • Celcelia, a member of the waitstaff, played by Luxelle
  • Drizelia, a competitor to Jerimah who crashed the party, played by Leafiara
  • Thanninor, the chef, played by Irar
  • Veldona, a Mhoragian Halfling who was not an invitee, either, played by Qafziel
  • And featuring Miss Goblyn as herself, in a cameo appearance

Directed and produced by Mister Stonmel
Costume Designer: Miss Lynaera

Henchperson references used with direction and permission of GM Necios

The Invitation arrived by special courier and Newsby opened it.

Dear Miss Newsby,

Please be my guest at a small reception for discriminating buyers on Lumnea 3rd at 9:30 in the evening at the fine dining establishment of the Abandoned Inn. Your press credentials are enclosed.

~ Jerimah's Imports of Wehnimer's Landing

The week went by so fast as Newsby went into a flurry of preparations. People offered her advice. Miss Dirvy gave her a gown and matching shoes. She was all set by Restday evening and as excited as she was nervous.

Arriving in the dining room at exactly the time mentioned in the invitation, she saw a group of people: Jerimah, Celcelia, House Seer Rovvigen, Sariny, Drizelia, Thannior, Veldona, and a small gathering of guests. After introducing herself to her host, she began to mingle and listen.

A server, Celcelia, saw her without refreshments and came over to see what Newsby would like.

"Something fruity, please?" Miss Newsby asked.

You see Celcelia.

She appears to be a Half-Elf.
She is average height. She appears to be young and robust. She has dark-rimmed blue-grey eyes and nut brown skin. She has chin length, flowing honey blonde hair. She has an oval face, a pinched nose and slightly pointed ears.

She is in good shape.
She is wearing a pearl-trimmed black silk bodice, a loose-fit white cotton tunic, a crisp black muslin skirt ornamented with a silver crescent moon along the hemline, and a pair of eyelet lace-trimmed vanilla silk slippers.

Celcelia smiled, nodded, and made her way back to the foodstuffs on the sideboard. Carefully navigating the other guests and almost colliding with one, she found Miss Newsby again and offered gave her a warm apple cinnamon tart.

"This looks very yummy!" Newsby looked delighted. Celcelia was relieved, her instructions from her employer were very specific, this young reporter was to be treated as an honored guest. He was hoping to impress the local press.

[TownCrier]-Newsby: "This is a really yummy looking tart here. I have never eaten here before."

Newsby took a bite. Celcelia saw the strangest look on her face and then Newsby's knees began to buckle. Without even thinking, she reached out to support her, dropping a tray with drinks on it.

[TownCrier]-Newsby: "Everything looked really nice! I'm so glad I ...i don't feel..."

"Help! Over here!" Celcelia called out to the room. To her horror, she found the young news reporter out cold. She managed to get her down to the ground without injury as a small crowd gathered - and others shrank back.

Newsby lay without speaking a word, twitching every once in a while as the color drained out of her face.

Rovvigen peered directly at Newsby and softly asked, "Whats wrong hun? What did she eat? The tart." He turned to the host, Jerimah.

You see Jerimah.

He appears to be a Human.
He is average height. He appears to be an adult. He has hooded brown eyes and olive skin. He has short, fine black hair. He has a fleshy face, a broad nose and a small mustache.
He is wearing a gold-stitched dark velvet hat, a white silk neckerchief, onyx-inlaid gold stickpin, some fiery red flowing robes embroidered with wisps of silver flames, a tailored red silk overcoat, a thick matte eonake ring etched with whorls of silver-inlaid flames, and a silver-stitched flame red spidersilk bag.

Between Newsby's last comment on the TownCrier channel, followed by the marked silence, there were no news headlines or updates at all suddenly, word began to spread that something was amiss.

[TownCrier]-GSIV:Macillus: "Though... she's usually not quiet this long..."
[TownCrier]-GSIV:Jerimah: "Newsby is down, is there anyone who can help?"
[TownCrier]-GSIV:Darcena: "What do you mean she's down?"
[TownCrier]-GSIV:Irar: "What?!"
[TownCrier]-GSIV:Rennith: "Whats this about news-whoever being down?"

Suddenly the location spells surrounded everyone left in the room.

Jerimah's thoughts flew out, "Newsby is down, she seems to have fallen ill. Is there anyone who can help us at the Abandoned Inn?"

Macillus was the first adventurer to arrive, followed soon after by Shinann and renown investigator Rennith, smelling a mystery that needed solving!

You see Rennith.

He appears to be a Dwarf of the Roramnoak Clan.
He is taller than average. He appears to be past his prime. He has almond-shaped grey-green eyes and tanned skin. He has raggedly cut, shaggy black hair. He has a round face, a crooked nose and a thick mustache and beard.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a knee-length mahogany brown longcoat, a dingy brown hat, a crystal amulet, a muddy brown shirt, a scratched gold ring, a dark leather locksmith's toolkit, some dingy brown pants, and some muddy brown boots.

Rennith nodded at the host and promptly sent the witnesses, under guard, to the office.

Jerimah nodded at Rennith.

Jerimah said, "Newsby is down anyone can help. She seems to have fallen ill."

Macillus asked, "Eh what's wrong wit Newsby, eh?"

"What is this meaning, 'down'? She has fallen and cannot get up?" Miss Goblyn asked in her thoughts.

Rennith's thoughts answered Miss Goblyn, "She appears to be... not concious, in my opinion, and I think there is foul play!"

Shinann asked, "What are the symptoms?"

Darcena came to help as Newsby began to twitch a little bit again.

Jerimah said, "She was twitching. Then she fell. One of our waitstaff caught her before she hit the ground."

Shinann asked, "Newsby, can you hear me?"

"She's here at the Abandoned Inn. She's not looking very good," Darcena reported via her thoughts to the many inquries being made via ESP.

"Do not worry though, I, Rennith, master investigator, shall solve this!" Everyone nearby heard his thoughts.

Dirvy and Zailon arrived, and right behind them was Nazarr and Meureii. Dirvy offered, "I brought a bouncer for this gathering."

Speaking to Newsby, Shinann asked, "Can you hear me?"

Speaking to Dirvy, Macillus exclaimed, "Eh dere's sumpin wrong wif Newsby eh!"

Speaking softly to Macillus, Dirvy said, "And she looked so nice..."

Rennith asked via telepathy, "I'll be needing some help though from some assistants perhaps, so feel free to join us in the Abandoned Inn, Dining room!"

"This might be outside of my realm of healing. I'm not sure what's wrong," Darcena's thoughts over telepathy were concerning.

"Who there?" Clunk responded, picking up on the esp talk of trouble. "Askin cuzza we was just talkin of days when ole inn got rennyvated, and who was doin it."

Shinann asked, "Did she say anything before it started?"

(Rennith glanced the room over.)

Investigator Rennith took (another) drink from his Bogey Man's Brew that he arrived with.

Macillus said, "She wuz doin twitchy things, eh."

Sweetsin, Barrdok, Lornieh, and others respond to the situation and joined the assembled group in the dining room.

Nazarr said, "She said sometohing about a tart."

Shinann asked, "A tart?"

Nazarr said, "A tart that was particularly yummy."

Dirvy softly asked, "Did she eat all of the tart?"

Rennith said, "Don't worry folks, don't worry at all."

Meureii gestured at Newsby, whispering a soothing word to her.

Nazarr said, "I don't know how much she ate."

Speaking to Rennith, Darcena said with a snort, "Of course I'm going to worry. I don't know what's wrong with her."

Barrdok asked, "I assume we tried all the normal magical remedies?"

Sweetsin asked, "Is she allgeric to something she ate?"

Dirvy softly said, "Poison, perhaps..."

"I have extensive experience, you may have heard of me in fact, I am Rennith, the master investigator!" Rennith nodded for extra emphasis.

Nazarr said, "Poison from Daukhera is what I'm thinking."

Lornieh asked, "She's poisoned?"

Shinann and Meureii prepared spells to cure regular poison or disease and cast them at Newsby, who remained unresponsive.

Darcena glanced dubiously at Rennith.

Nazarr said, "I don't know. I'm jumping to conclusions."

Speaking softly to Rennith, Dirvy asked, "And when does this master investigating begin?"

Rennith grinned at Dirvy, "It already has," with a nod to her.

Speaking to Nazarr, Macillus asked, "Well if she ate sumpin bad... jes push on her belly till it comes out, eh?"

Lornieh rolled Newsby over.

Nazarr said, nodding at Macillus "Try it."

Speaking softly to Rennith, Dirvy asked, "Any conclusions, so far?" and cocked her head at him.

Sweetsin said, "She is no good dead or passing through the gates to anyone."

Rennith said, "I have assumed control over the scene, and working with good ole Jerimah here, who was the host of the party, we have secured the witnesses." Rennith glanced over at a pair of guards watching the exits, they give him a slight nod.)

Shinann asked, "None of the tart left?"

Dirvy glanced suspiciously as Miss Goblyn as she fogged in to join the group helping Newsby.

Speaking softly to Goblyn, Dirvy asked, "Were you attending this party too?"

With a meaningful glance at Miss Goblyn, Barrdok said, "Well if it was poison, maybe we get a good idea of what kind from one who has a little knowledge."

"First, off though," Rennith insisted, "We need to determine what is wrong with her."

Macillus nodded at Rennith.

Speaking to Dirvy, Goblyn asked, "What is this party?"

Lornieh asked, "We sure there's actually something wrong with her?"

Speaking to Lornieh, Barrdok said, "I'd say it's a fair assumption."

Speaking to Newsby, Sweetsin asked, "Can you hear me?"

Goblyn scooted over next to Newsby.

Rennith asked, "Is there anyone experienced with poisons who could help?" He gazed around the room.

Speaking noncommittally to Rennith, Goblyn said, "Maybe."

"Wonderful. Now Goblyn is here. A likely culprit if there ever was one." Darcena's thoughts flew at the speed of ESP.

Goblyn frowned at Newsby and her condition.

Sweetsin tapped Newsby lightly on the shoulder.

Nazarr summarized for the new arrivals, "Newsby was at a party. Her last words were about a particularly yummy tart, before she said that she didn't feel...and then went silent."

Speaking softly to Goblyn, Dirvy added to the summary, "Lady Newsby was invited to a party. She was ever so excited. I provided her a gown and shoes, and she has spoken of nothing for days but this party. She attends the party, apparently hosted by a Jerimah, and midway through a tart, she stopped relaying her thoughts... and here she is."

Rennith looked thoughtfully at Goblyn.

Darcena said, "She did seem very excited about this party. Why was she even here?"

Sweetsin asked, "Can you see anything written on her notebook?"

Shinann asked, "The party was here?"

Barrdok and Nazarr looked closely at Newsby's black leather notebook.

Speaking to Goblyn, Rennith exclaimed, "You look like that lass who sells poisons in this nearby town!"

Goblyn glanced over at Rennith, was the investigator going to survive the night, several people wondered. But Miss Goblyn simply nodded once at Rennith

Goblyn replied immediately to him, "That does not mean I am doing this!" Goblyn mutters something about false-accusings.

Rennith said, "Of course not, a true sleuth follows the clues."

"Goblyn, for all she would do, would not harm Newsby," Traiva's thoughts on the matter were clear to everyone.

Lornieh said, "I highly doubt Goblyn has anything to do with it... Daukhera on the other hand did threaten her."

Nazarr nodded at Lornieh.

Speaking to Goblyn, Barrdok told her, "Think we're just lookin for some insight, not finger pointings."

Speaking to Barrdok, Darcena whispered aloud, "Speak for yourself."

Speaking to Lornieh, Goblyn asked, "The Queen does threaten everyone, does she not?"

Lornieh said, "True."

Nazarr said, "She's been getting bolder lately."

Goblyn carefully diagnosed Newsby's injuries.

Lornieh said, "Yes, but she especially has it in for Newsby."

Nazarr nodded at Lornieh in complete agreement

Shinann said, "I do not much about this queen."

Rennith exclaimed, "FOLKS!", clearing his throat for the attention of the crowd.

Rennith took a drink (again) from his Bogey Man's Brew as the crowd began to settle.

Goblyn poked and prodded at Newsby, and not in an entirely gentle fashion. Then using all her senses, she sniffed at Newsby, and began to choke.

Speaking to Newsby, Goblyn mutters, "You smell like you were making for a party of the living. It is very gross."

Dirvy looked over at Goblyn and shook her head.

Speaking slowly to Rennith, Goblyn asked, "You are wishing to know what is wrong with her?"

Rennith and Nazaar both nodded at Goblyn.

Speaking amusedly to Rennith, Goblyn said, "For one, she is not a lich or a demon. Yet. This is the first thing that is wrong."

Rennith blinked at Goblyn's words, others broke out in frowned, some in chuckled.

Meureii amusedly repeated, "Yet."

Lornieh said, "I don't think we want a Newsby lich or demon."

Speaking carefully to Rennith, Goblyn added, "And for two, maybe it is that there is some poison in her body, yes?"

Goblyn nodded in agreement at Meureii.

Goblyn sniffed again at Newsby and nodded at Rennith.

Lornieh said, "No, we want a Newsby Newsby."

Speaking to Goblyn, Rennith exclaimed, "That would fit the facts!"

Nazarr asked, "What kind of poison, Miss Goblyn?"

Goblyn cocked her head at Nazarr.

Speaking carefully to Nazarr, Goblyn asked, "I am not sure of the exact kind yet, Nazarr. Maybe you will wish me to cut up her body to see more?" She flashed a wide grin at Nazarr.

Rennith took (another) drink from his Bogey Man's Brew and looked pretty relaxed.

Goblyn gave Rennith a glance.

Speaking to Newsby, Sweetsin asked, "Can you at least blink if you hear us?"

Goblyn poked Newsby in the ribs.

Lornieh looked expectantly at Newsby, waiting.

Newsby lay still as a log, unresponsive to all attempts.

Speaking softly to Rennith, Dirvy asked, "These tarts she was trying, are there more of them? Where did they come from?"

Rennith raised his voice for attention, "Folks, speculation is the enemy to the truth here! We shall follow the facts."

Speaking slowly to Rennith, Goblyn asked, "What are the facts?"

Speaking to Rennith, Sweetsin said, "Well said, now what are the facts."

Speaking to Rennith, Shinann said, "I agree that is a good route."

Rennith exclaimed, "That, is what we shall figure out!" Rennith nodded to everyone.

"Shortly ago, Jerimah called for aid, saying one of his guests at the party he was hosting tonight fell ill," Rennith enumerates what is known as quickly as he can. (And without drinking!) "So as he called for aid, I responded swiftly to the scene from the bar nearby... erm, on another case."

Rennith added with a nod, "Anyway, short story is, I have secured the scene and witnesses."

Rennith said, "First though," he glanced at Jerimah.

Speaking to Jerimah, Rennith asked, "As the host, how could something like this have happened here this evening?"

Speaking to Rennith, Meureii asked, "Why would he be responsible for the ill actions of one?"

(Rennith walks over to Jerimah, and shook him.)

Pukk turned an inquisitive ear toward Newsby, his face paling a bit.

Pukk quietly said, "Her breathing is shallow. Very shallow"

Pukk touched Newsby, "And She is clammy and cold."

Speaking to Pukk, Goblyn advises, "She is poisoned, Pukk."

Darcena asked, "Where are all the party attendees?"

Rennith said, "The other witnesses are being held."

Darcena peered quizzically at Rennithm asking, well, more like demanding, "Where?"

Rennith said, "Once we talk with the host, I will have the guards bring them in."

Darcena nodded knowingly at Rennith.

Pukk quietly asked, "Has anybody tried leeches? I heard they can drain stuff."

Shinann gave Pukk a sidelong glance at that suggestion.

Speaking curiously to Goblyn, Meureii asked, "Are you able to see what is in that notebook?"

Goblyn began chortling at Meureii.

Meureii admits, "I tried, but I do nae wish to disturb her."

Speaking carefully to Meureii, Goblyn asked, "You will wish me to violate her privacy?"

Barrdok said, "I glanced at the notebook. Couldnt see anything."

Speaking to Jerimah, Rennith asked, "As the host, how could something like this have happened here this evening?"

Jerimah frowned.

Rennith indicates Newsby's unconcious body.

Jerimah hesitantly said, " not know....Only a few people were invited."

Darcena asked, "Anyone who was suspicious?" She peered quizzically at Jerimah.

Newsby gave an involuntary twitch.

Darcena said, "And what was this party for, anyway? Newsby didn't say."

Rennith asked Jerimah, "So you do not claim to be the cause then?"

Jerimah said, "No one was really out of place from what I saw."

Speaking softly to Jerimah, Dirvy asked, "Who provided catering for your party?"

Jerimah said, "I was hosting the party. I could never have done such a thing...I hope Ms. Newsby will be okay."

Speaking to Jerimah, Goblyn wonders, "You can be telling us -who- was at this party by invitation?"

Speaking to Goblyn, Jerimah said, "Yes, I can."

Speaking to Jerimah, Lornieh said, "Aye, that perhaps would be helpful."

Speaking to Dirvy, Jerimah said, "Well, I have a chef...and a servant."

Speaking to Jerimah, Rennith said, "And why exactly was Newsby at this party? Perhaps you can tell my assistants about your business."

Darcena said, "I'm curious about that, too."

Jerimah said, "Well, there was myself, of course. Ms. Sariny, you Mr. Rennith, my servant Celcelia, Drizelia, and my cook Thanninor."

Rennith wanders around, looking the room over again, stumbling slightly. That may not have been his first glass tonight.

Speaking softly to Rennith, Dirvy asked, "I thought you said you were not at this party?"

Speaking to Rennith, Darcena asked, "Are you sure you should be investigating?"

Speaking quietly to Newsby, Pukk said, "Get a good wiff." Pukk waves a variety of chocolates at Newsby a few times.

Speaking to Dirvy, Meureii corrects, "Nae there when it happened he claimed."

Jerimah said, "Mr. Rennith, I of course leave the investigation in your capable hands, sir."

Goblyn glanced at Rennith.

Rennith said, "I was not, I was in the bar next door," he quickly added, "Investigatin'. Investigatin' another case."

Rennith nodded.

Sweetsin asked, "Of poisoning?"

Sweetsin peered quizzically at Rennith.

Goblyn began chortling at Sweetsin.

Dirvy nodded slowly at Meureii, muttering, "Convenient."

Pukk quietly said, "Okay, chocolate didn't work."

Speaking to Rennith, Goblyn asked, "Or you were investigating... a drink?"

Dirvy nodded slowly at Goblyn.

Speaking quietly to Shinann, Pukk said, "I tried the best cure there is...chocolate....and nothing...! It is worse that I thought."
Lornieh appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Goblyn began chortling at Pukk.

Speaking to Pukk, Shinann said, "Again, never take up healing."

Rennith said, "Well, lets talk to the other witnesses, and see what they have to say..."

Rennith said, "Lets start with this Sariny..."

Rennith exclaimed, "Guards! Bring in Sariny!"

Sariny is escorted into the room by some guards.

You see Sariny.

She appears to be a Nalfein Elf.
She is taller than average. She appears to be young. She has silver-flecked blue eyes and fair skin. She has shoulder length, ringleted sandy blonde hair pushed back behind one of her ears and fixed with an enameled mermaid hairpin. She has a delicate face, a thin nose and high cheekbones. She is in good shape.
She is holding a silk-backed jet lace fan in her right hand.
She is wearing a sapphire-dyed silk gown with a silver-webbed open back, a slender vaalin ring inset with a faceted sapphire, and some sapphire sapphire silk slippers beaded with freshwater pearls.

Goblyn leans over and whispered, "You will be okay, Newsby, I do think, maybe. Maybe not, but maybe."

Sariny lightly fanned herself with her jet lace fan.

Jerimah nodded politely at Sariny.

Rennith glanced at Sariny.

Sariny carefully asked, "Why am I being held?"

Lornieh gave a sidelong glance at Sariny.

Goblyn cocked her head at Sariny.

Rennith stared at Sariny a bit too long, then grinned and turned away.

Sariny stared at Rennith and closed her fan with a flick of her wrist.

Rennith chuckled to himself.

Rennith said, "Yes, to business."

Rennith tells Sariny, "You are here, as you were a witness to the events tonight."

Sariny flicks her open jet lace fan side-to-side.

Sariny nodded and politely said, "I was here," with a shrug.

Sariny comments, "They may ask."

Rennith nodded to the crowd, and goes over, clearly looking for other drinks and using this as an excuse.

Rennith took a drink from his Bogey Man's Brew and looked rather relaxed.

Sariny nonchalantly answered, "I didn't see much of... her."

Sariny glanced at Newsby.

Sweetsin asked, "No? Why not?"

Sweetsin said, "Seems hardly a big enough crowd not to see someone."

Shinann agrees with Sweetsin, trying hard not to grin.

Sweetsin asked, "Oh perhaps you too were next door having a drink?"

Sariny condescendingly asked, "Why would I pay attention to one such as herself?"

Lornieh blinked at Sariny.

Sariny sulkily said, "She's clearly in a borrowed gown. Look at that hem length."

Sweetsin looked thoughtfully at Sariny.

Sariny gazed proudly at Sweetsin.

Sweetsin surreptitiously glanced at Rennith.

Sariny said, "No, no, no," with a shake of her head.

[TownCrier]-GSIV:Rennith: "the game is afoot! Come to 6873 to assit in deteriming who poisoned Newsby!"

Rennith glanced at Sariny.

Sariny politely said, "I was mingling," she closed her fan with a flick of her wrist.

Sweetsin asked, "But not with Newsby?"

Sariny laughed and answered quickly, "Absolutely not."

Goblyn frowned at Sariny.

Lornieh snorted derisively at Sariny!

Speaking to Sariny, Meureii asked, "Why nae?"

Speaking to Sariny, Goblyn asked, "Because she smells gross?"

Speaking softly to Sariny, Dirvy asked, "Your people are knowledge in methods of... dispatching others, are they not?"

Speaking carefully to Dirvy, Sariny said, "Perhaps."

Speaking plainly to Meureii, Sariny said, "Look at her."

Sariny said, "Clearly not in the same league."

Speaking to Sariny, Meureii asked, "Was she like that when you saw her?"

Speaking quietly to Sariny, Pukk said, "I love your slippers, they are very sapphirey."

Speaking to Pukk, Sariny said, "Finally, someone with sense."

Sariny glanced at Pukk, her lips curving up in a slow, coy fashion.

Speaking softly to Sariny, Dirvy asked, "Did you try the tarts at the party?"

Sariny peered quizzically at Dirvy, "Tarts?"

Sariny dismissed, "Absolutely not."

Rennith continued loitering around, looking at various things about the room while the questioning continues, looking back every so often.

Speaking softly to Sariny, Dirvy asked, "I did not fail to notice the lingering gaze the Master Investigator afforded you, upon your arrival. Is it because you were with him, that you did not take much notice of what happened to Newsby?"

Sariny insistently said, "I would not spend time with him, either."

Speaking to Dirvy, Sariny whispered aloud, "Did you notice his breath? It reeks."

Rennith glanced at Sariny, saying with a chuckle, "I've heard that before from many a lass."

Speaking softly to Sariny, Dirvy asked, "Seems you would not spend time with anyone. Why were you at this party?"

Speaking unhelpfully to Dirvy, Sariny said, "My parents insisted."

Sweetsin asked Sariny, "So who were you spending time with?"

Sariny glanced at Jerimah, her lips curving up in a slow, coy fashion.

Lornieh said, "Probably a mirror."

Speaking politely to Lornieh, Sariny said, "What a fantastic idea."

Lornieh began chuckling at Sariny, "Yes, I figured."

Sariny flicks open her fan with a casual flick of her wrist.

Jerimah said, "Sariny is here on my invitation...her family could be good clients for my business."

Sariny lightly fanned herself with her jet lace fan then brought her open jet lace fan up to her face and gently taps her nose with it.

Speaking softly to Sariny, Dirvy asked, "Who can vouch for where you were during the party?"

Jerimah pondered, "However..."

Sweetsin cocked her head.
Sweetsin gazed in wonder at her surroundings.
Sweetsin searched around for a moment.

Speaking patronizingly to Dirvy, Sariny said, "I'm sure everyone saw me."

Speaking to Sweetsin, Sariny asked, "What are you looking for?"

Speaking to Sariny, Sweetsin asked, "Does it matter?"

Jerimah exclaimed, "Drizelia! She was not invited, she came here on her own. Probably to run my business! I think SHE did it!"

Rennith glanced at Jerimah.

Speaking to Jerimah, Shinann asked, "What is your business?"

Speaking softly to Sariny, Dirvy asked, "How can you be sure, when you did not take notice of others?"

Jerimah blinked at Shinann.

Goblyn blinked at Jerimah.

Jerimah said, "I am an importer of exotic goods from distant port."

Shinann said, "I see."

Rennith said, "Drizelia eh? Yes, lets bring her in... Guard...."

Jerimah said, "Sariny's family in Ta'Nalfein would be good contacts to have..."

Goblyn glanced between Shinann and Jerimah.

Speaking interestedly to Jerimah, Pukk said, "Exotic goods you say.....tell me more.."

Pukk turned an inquisitive ear toward Jerimah.

Shinann agrees with Pukk.

Jerimah said, "Drizelia, however, is a business rival. It HAD to have been her."

Rennith motions for the guards towards Sariny, he winks at him, and the guard rolls his eyes in disgust.

Speaking firmly to Jerimah, Goblyn notes, "You cannot be taking Shinann for importing."

Goblyn scoots over in front of Shinann.

Pukk quietly said, "I met Drizelia. She was in the office."

Sariny rolls her eyes at Rennith.

Shinann grinned at Goblyn.

Speaking softly to Jerimah, Dirvy said, "In my limited knowledge of dispatching others, competition attacking a reporter at Newsby. party, does not seem like a very good strategy. Worst you could expect is a lack of advertising."

Rennith asked, "Please, go with the guards back to the holding room dear? Maybe later we'll talk more?"

Rennith winks and flashed a sly grin.

Speaking to Pukk, Jerimah said, "I'll gladly speak more of my work, after this is cleared."

Sariny was escorted out by some guards.

Drizelia arrived and carefully surveyed her surroundings.

You see Drizelia.

She appears to be a Burghal Gnome of the Nylem Bloodline.
She is average height. She appears to be mature. She has sultry light hazel eyes and fair skin. She has shoulder length, glossy black hair worn in a single braid. She has a heart-shaped face, a button nose and wide hips.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a pair of sharp-cut onyx shard earrings, a brass-linked necklace of crimson glass discs, a slim ebon satin pelisse with sheer chiffon sleeves, some elbow-length sheer black lace gloves, an overlapping wedding band of sea glass waves, a branch-like white gold wedding band, a shiny golden ring, and a pair of scarlet satin high-heeled shoes studded with thin gold stars.

Drizelia clears her throat.

Rennith exclaimed, "Dri....! That was fast."

Drizelia primly states, "I am here now."

Pukk nodded at Drizelia.

Goblyn looked thoughtfully at Drizelia.

Pukk quietly said, "Was just telling them that I saw you in the office."

Drizelia glanced at Goblyn.

Speaking to Dirvy, Jerimah said, "I never said she was smart competition."

Drizelia nodded at Pukk.

Darcena sniffed at Sweetsin.

Speaking vaguely to Pukk, Drizelia said, "As I told you... a cut above the rest."

Speaking to Pukk, Drizelia stresses, "A very small cut."

(Rennith looked Drizelia over, he strugs and gave a sly grin.)

Drizelia glanced dubiously at Rennith.

Speaking softly to Rennith, Dirvy whispered aloud, "Is it possible for you to gaze upon a woman without leering?"
Goblyn furrowed her brow.
Darcena sniffed at Drizelia.
Rennith glanced at Dirvy.
Rennith grinned slowly.
Shinann raised an eyebrow in Rennith's direction.
Dirvy shook her head.

Rennith exclaimed, "Drizelia! You have been accused of posioning this poor girl!" He pointed at Newsby

Drizelia incredulously said, "What? By who and for what moti--"

Macillus gawked at Drizelia.

Drizelia simply claimed, "I have done no such thing."

Barrdok said, "Ah, gnomes. Can't trust 'em."

Rennith asked Drizelia, "Why, our host here said you were not invited, yet, here you were. Care to explain?"

Speaking to Goblyn, Darcena whispered aloud, "What type of poison do you think it was? Is Newsby in danger?"

Speaking to Darcena, Goblyn whispered aloud, "I... do not think she is in danger... yet. She is in a sleeping state for this time being, yes?"

Speaking primly to Rennith, Drizelia claimed, "I happened to be in the area. A coincidence."

Rennith glanced at Jerimah.

Drizelia insistently added, "And no one told me that I could not be here, given that I already was."

Sweetsin said, "Seems a lot of people at the party was not at the party."

Darcena began chuckling at Sweetsin!

Speaking to Jerimah, Rennith said, "You accused her, after all..."

Jerimah folded his arms over his chest, "She has been after my business for YEARS! Always trying to ruin me at every turn."

Drizelia scoffs at Jerimah.

Jerimah said, "Who ELSE could it have been? It made sense for her to have done it."

Rennith asked, "Who else indeed then?"

Jerimah exclaimed, "She is trying to ruin me!"

Darcena looked thoughtfully at Jerimah, "What's her motivation?"

Speaking to Jerimah, Drizelia countered, "Perhaps you have ruined your own business with shoddy practices."

Jerimah scoffs at Drizelia.

Speaking haughtily to Jerimah, Drizelia said, "I've known many better than you."
Drizelia seriously repeated, "Many."

Drizelia nodded at Jerimah for emphasis.

Speaking to Jerimah, Shinann said, "What exactly do you import? Be more specific than exotic goods."

Speaking to Shinann, Jerimah said, "I'd gladly discuss that after this is all cleared."

Speaking softly to Drizelia, Dirvy asked, "Why would you attend a party for someone you dislike?"

Speaking to Drizelia, Jerimah exclaimed, "The Ta'Nalfein contract would've been huge for me! You poisoned Newsby, to ruin the deal, and ruin my reputation!"

Rennith asked, "If you didn't, then perhaps you saw something that may help?"

Drizelia rolls her eyes at Jerimah.

Speaking dryly to Jerimah, Darcena said, "That's no real loss."

Shinann said, "Well, you keep referring to it as if it is important."

Speaking incredulously to Jerimah, Drizelia said, "As if I knew anything of your private contracts. As if I came here with such--"

Drizelia incredulously said, "Such sinister motives."

Drizelia looked over at Jerimah and shook her head.

Drizelia turned to face Rennith.

Speaking politely to Rennith, Drizelia requests, "Ignore Jerimah there, please--he has never been the most sensible."

Speaking to Drizelia, Darcena asked, "Did you, or did you not, poison Newsby?"

Shinann shifted her weight. Goblyn glanced between Darcena and Drizelia. There was whispering going on as the question hung in the air and everyone waited in the quiet for the answer.

Speaking seriously to Darcena, Drizelia said, "I did not. I saw her fall over ill, right before my eyes, and knew nothing of what happened."

Rennith said, "I simply wish to solve this case."

Speaking skeptically to Rennith, Drizelia said, "Mm, then I hope you are capable of it."

Speaking coyly to Drizelia, Darcena asked, "Do you have an idea on how it may have happened? More specifically?"

Speaking to Drizelia, Rennith asked, "So since you were here, did you see anything that might explain what happened?"

Speaking patiently to Rennith, Darcena said, "I know you've been a little.. hmm. Well.. Anyway. She just said she saw Newsby fall over ill."

Speaking to Drizelia, Darcena said, "I think you saw more than you're saying."

Drizelia pointedly said, "I've been polite enough, but frankly, I've no doubt it's all Rennith's fault."

Rennith glanced at Drizelia.

(OOC) Drizelia's player whispered to the group, "...err, Jerimah."
(OOC) Drizelia's player whispered to the group, "...let me save this."

Lornieh glanced at Rennith.
Darcena scoffs at Drizelia.
Lornieh asked, "Why him?"
Sweetsin asked, "Of course, why wouldn't you blame him? Who else is there to blame?"
Darcena glanced at Rennith.
Rennith blinked.
Darcena said, "He looked like he couldn't find his way to anything more than the bottom of a bottle."
Goblyn cocked her head at Drizelia.

Drizelia flashed a wide grin.

Drizelia offhandedly said, "A jest..."

Drizelia glanced at Jerimah.

Rennith removes a slender aromatic cigar from in his mahogany brown longcoat.

Jerimah frowned at Drizelia.

Drizelia ruefully said, "I do hate to be rude to a competitor..."

Speaking softly to Goblyn, Dirvy asked, "All this finger pointing is all well and good, but do you know of an antidote to what may have poisoned her?"

Rennith glanced his cigar over, a grin on his face, as he watches Drizelia.

Jerimah blinked at Drizelia.

Drizelia points at Jerimah, "This was his party. It is his fault."

Drizelia briskly continued, "Some mishandling of the food, perhaps--some gross incompetence."

Jerimah exclaimed, "That is outrageous, Drizelia!"

Drizelia smugly continues, "Characteristic of him."

Sweetsin asked, "Can we speak to the cook and the maid?"

Speaking carefully to Dirvy, Goblyn asked, "I can be cutting her up to see more of what is in her. But maybe it will be better to find the source of the poison, yes?"

Lornieh looked thoughtfully at Jerimah.

Rennith pondered.

Dirvy blinked at Goblyn.

Darcena muses, "I wonder if the cook will have anything for me to eat. I'm getting hungry."

Speaking amusedly to Dirvy, Goblyn said, "If we do not find the source, then I will make the cutting."

Drizelia smirks at Jerimah.

Jerimah asked, "You sneak into my own party, and then blame ME?"

Speaking to Jerimah, Lornieh said, "You haven't convinced us of much other than that you want to point at everyone else."

Rennith asked, "A failure to produce safe food as the cause?"

Goblyn glanced at Newsby and mades a little purring sound.

Speaking softly to Goblyn, Dirvy asked, "There will be no cutting of the Newsby. A source would be good, but how likely are we to find a willing confessor?"

Shinann shifted her weight.

Speaking to Goblyn, Sweetsin asked, "I like the way you think, but can you put her back together again afterwards?"

Goblyn offered Sweetsin only a blank expression.

Rennith exclaimed, beckoning the guards, "Lets call the chef out then!"

Speaking loudly to Jerimah, Drizelia asked, "Who else would I blame? Did you not manage the catering? The location?"

Speaking softly to Goblyn, Dirvy said, "However, I would not be adverse to you using your... skills on the confessor... afterwards."

Dirvy examined her fingernails.

Speaking to Jerimah, Lornieh said, "She has a point... plus you did all the invites."

Rennith exclaimed, "Thanninor! Bring him forth!"

Speaking to Dirvy, Goblyn asked, "Why will the confessor be willing?"

Speaking condescendingly to Jerimah, Drizelia suggests, "You should take responsibility."
Drizelia pointedly states, "Because it is yours."

Jerimah scowled at Drizelia.

Speaking to Dirvy, Goblyn agrees, "Yes, maybe, that will be good."

Speaking softly to Goblyn, Dirvy said, "No, but once we have a confession, you can cut the deceit out of them, for all I care."

Speaking to Dirvy, Goblyn exclaimed, "I do like this idea!"

Thanninor trudges in, escorted by guard.

You see Thanninor.

He appears to be a Giantman of the Maeramil Clan.
He is shorter than average. He appears to be middle-aged. He has deep-set steel grey eyes and golden brown skin. He has short, wavy brunette hair with a black streak running through it. He has a clean-shaven face, a classical nose and frown lines.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing an ivory white cloth hat, an ivory white apron, an ivory white shirt, some matte black pants, and some matte black boots.

Thanninor sniffed.

Thanninor demanded, "What's this all about?"

Goblyn is admiring Thanninor.

Rennith said, "Thanninor, the erm... goodly lady, Drizelia, has accused you of being responsible for poisoning Newsby."

Thanninor blinked and glared at Drizelia, "Poisoning!"

Drizelia raised an eyebrow in Thanninor's direction.

Newsby seemed to twitch feebly.

Thanninor glanced at Newsby.

Jerimah glanced at Newsby.

Beldannon yelled, "Newsby wake up!"

Speaking regretfully to Thanninor, Drizelia asked, "It is sad, but why ever are you glaring at -me- over it?"

Thanninor said, "Never have I heard a more dastardly piece of slander."

Goblyn blinked at Thanninor.

Jerimah agrees with Thanninor.

Speaking dubiously to Thanninor, Goblyn asked, "Never?"

Darcena asked, "Do you have anything yummy for me in your kitchen?"

Speaking to Rennith, Sweetsin said, "The one who points thier finger, has four more pointing back at them."

Speaking to Thanninor, Rennith asked, "Is it possible that you made a mistake in the kitchen?"

Darcena peered quizzically at Thanninor.

Thanninor scoffs at Rennith.

Drizelia mildly repeated, "A mistake, yes..."

Jerimah said, "Thanninor is one of the best cooks in all the lands. Maybe THE best cook. It's impossible."

Speaking to Rennith, Thanninor exclaimed, "In all my years, since the days of cooking as a wee lad with my mother, I have never so much as soured a sauce!"

Speaking to Darcena, Sweetsin asked, "Smell any poison on him?"

Darcena sniffed at Thanninor.

Rennith glanced Sweetsin over, then turned away and chuckled to himself.

Darcena said, "It's hard to say. There's so many layers there."

Darcena said, "Perhaps if I got closer." She strides over to stand before Thanninor.

Darcena sniffed at Thanninor.

Speaking softly to Thanninor, Dirvy asked, "Did your ingredients and sundries for the party come from your usual suppliers?"

Thanninor nodded at Dirvy, "From my own spice gardens."

Speaking to Sweetsin, Darcena whispered aloud, "Inconclusive."

Speaking to Dirvy, Thanninor exclaimed, "The same spices that could make a roa'ter skin taste like rolton roast! Poisoning!? Preposterous!"

Thanninor grumbles.

Speaking softly to Thanninor, Dirvy asked, "Anyone else in your kitchens while you were preparing for the party?"

Thanninor said, "Only the server hired to bring out dishes."

Speaking to Thanninor, Rennith asked, "You've worked other parties like this before, yes?"

Rennith nodded at Rennith, "Your name seems familiar to me."

Speaking softly to Thanninor, Dirvy asked, "Have you used this server before?"

Thanninor looked over at Dirvy and shook his head.

Speaking softly to Thanninor, Dirvy asked, "Were they recommended?"

Rennith said, "Hmm... the waitstaff...."

Thanninor said, "Well, Jerimah hired her."

Half the room's eyes turned on Jerimah.

Speaking to Jerimah, Lornieh said, "Always comes back to you."

Thanninor said, "I was brought on as an expert chef to serve the finest in dishes... Why, the souffle I'd planned for the evening..."

Thanninor shook his head.

Drizelia accusingly said, "As I said, it's the staff he hired. Gross incompetence."

Drizelia shook her head, clucking her tongue.

Jerimah said, "Cecelia is the waitstaff. I hired her not too long ago."

Thanninor scowled at Drizelia.

Drizelia smirks at Thanninor.

Rennith rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Sweetsin asked, "Not tarts?"

Sweetsin peered quizzically at Thanninor.

Rennith said, "We should talk to this server."

Sweetsin said, "Wait."

Danthius asked, "It happened here?"

Rennith raised an eyebrow.

Speaking to Thanninor, Sweetsin asked, "Not tarts?"

Shinann nodded at Sweetsin.

Speaking softly to Jerimah, Dirvy asked, "Did you know that Drizelia would be at this party, even if she was not invited?"

Speaking to Dirvy, Jerimah said, "No. She wasn't invited and i would not WANT to invite her. I had no idea she'd speak in, but i did not want to cause a scene in front of Sariny."

Jerimah corrects, "That she would Sneak in, rather..This is much."

Darcena asked, "I thought Newsby said she was eating a tart?"

People agreed with Darcena, and waited for the chef's reply to the question.

Thanninor said, "There were tarts, yes."

Sweetsin asked, "You made the tarts?"

Thanninor asked, "Of course there's tarts! Why wouldn't there be? I make some of the greatest tarts. Why, the halflings absolutely love them."

Rennith asked, "We should talk to this Celcelia.... Guards! If you could please escort Thanninor and a... Miss? Miss is it? Drizelia back, and bring her in?"

Thanninor said, "Escorted back... but my sauces..." Thanninor flails his arms about as the guards move to take Drizelia and him back where the witnesses are being held.

Celcelia shifted her weight and bit her fingernails.

Celcelia asked, "Has she...she woke up yet?"

Rennith glanced at Celcelia, "My my..." Celcelia shifted her weight again looking very uncomfortable.

Goblyn looked over at Celcelia and shook her head.

Dirvy glanced at Rennith and folded her arms over her chest.

Speaking to Celcelia, Goblyn said, "She is in a poison sleep."

Celcelia asked, "That is horrible! Poison? How?"

Speaking to Celcelia, Goblyn exclaimed, "That is the question, yes!"

Rennith said, "Celcelia! You have been named as someone who may have been responsible for this."

Celcelia blinked at Rennith.

Celcelia asked, "What? Me?"

Celcelia said, "How? I mean..." Celcelia shifted her weight, suddenly stopping in mid-sentence.

Rennith nodded at Celcelia.

Speaking softly to Celcelia, Dirvy asked, "You served the tarts at the party? Did you place them somewhere or serve each guest individually?"

Celcelia said, "Tarts, Yes, they were on the side table, all laid out."

Darcena glanced at some inviting tables.

Danthius said, "I knew tarts would eventually lead to trouble.... Mama alllways said..."

Sweetsin said, "For anyone to have access too."

Speaking softly to Celcelia, Dirvy asked, "Did you see anyone linger near them or acting suspiciously?"

Rennith asked, "So you recall seeing them there, do you recall anything else, if you are saying you did not do it?"

Celcelia said, "You know, there was someone over by the table. I didn't think of that earlier."

Celcelia said, "Real short. I mean, I almost bumped into them."

Celcelia nodded.

Speaking to Celcelia, Darcena asked, "Did you see someone by the tarts?"

Celcelia pondered.

Rennith frowned, "Short eh?"

Celcelia nodded, "Short."

Rennith asked, "Nothing else?"

Lornieh asked, "Daukhera in disguise?"

Celcelia said, "Holding a flask or something."

Dirvy glanced suspiciously at Rennith.

Celcelia said, "It was s--so busy."

Celcelia said, "I was picking up and serving people in order and all."

Darcena asked, "Did you clear the dishes?"

Celcelia said, "Oh, yes. Barely had time before the GUARDS hauled us off to the office."

Celcelia nodded.

Rennith asked, "Hmmm, Do you recall where this tart in question may be?"

Darcena asked, "Where'd you put the dishes?"

Darcena said, "I might be able to smell something."

Celcelia said, "In the office, where we were all told to wait."

Celcelia shifted her weight.

Rennith asked, "Could you go get it?"

Celcelia said, "It might be poisoned and he wants me to get it."
Celcelia flailed her arms about.

Celcelia said, "Yes, officer."

Speaking helpfully to Celcelia, Darcena asked, "Don't eat it?"

Celcelia just went south.

Rennith watches too long and carefully as Celcelia leaves.

Dirvy softly said, "Someone should maybe alert the Mayor's office."

Darcena asked, "Are we within the mayor's jurisdiction, here?"

Rennith waits for Celcelia to return.

Shinann looked over at Darcena and shook her head.

Speaking softly to Jerimah, Dirvy asked, "Do you feel the citizens of the Landing are safe, with this mystery person poisoning your guests?"

Speaking to Dirvy, Jerimah exclaimed, "That might draw things out, and whoever has done this, they may get away!"

Rennith asked, "Did she say where the tarts were on the tables?"

Rennith blinked.

Celcelia just arrived.

Celcelia gulps.

Celcelia asked, "Who wants this thing?"

Celcelia offered Rennith a warm apple cinnamon tart.

Rennith accepts Celcelia's apple cinnamon tart.

Rennith gazed thoughtfully at his apple cinnamon tart.

Rennith asked Miss Goblyn, "Could you look this over?"

Rennith offered Goblyn a warm apple cinnamon tart.

Goblyn nodded slowly at Rennith.

Speaking softly to Goblyn, Dirvy asked, "Perhaps. Do you recognize the poison that was used on Newsby?"

Celcelia brushes her hands off on the edge of a tablecloth.

Rennith said, "She claimed it was the tart in question."

Goblyn gags.

Goblyn firmly proclaimed, "It does not have any blood in it! It will taste disgusting."

Darcena stared at Jerimah.

Goblyn stared at Newsby.

Dirvy shook her head.

Goblyn waggles her fingers mystically at Newsby. Ooh! Scary!

Goblyn turned over her apple cinnamon tart, sniffing at it.

Goblyn breaks off a small piece of her apple cinnamon tart and crumbles it between her fingers.

Rennith said, "While she does that..."

Speaking to Goblyn, Darcena asked, "May I?" Darcena strides over to stand before Goblyn.

Goblyn tentatively licks at her apple cinnamon tart.

Danthius gasps.

Goblyn glanced between Darcena and Rennith.

Speaking to Darcena, Goblyn said, "This is up to Rennith."

Darcena said, "Just a small sniff."

Darcena leans forward.

Goblyn laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.

Rennith gazed around the room, his eyes lingering a bit on each woman, he grinned stupidly.

Goblyn sniffed at her apple cinnamon tart.

Goblyn holds her cinnamon tart out toward Darcena for a moment.

Darcena sniffed at the tart Goblyn is holding.

Darcena walked over to stand by Newsby.

Darcena kneels down and sniffed at Newsby.

Goblyn glanced between a warm apple cinnamon tart and Newsby.

Darcena announces, "That's definitely the same tart. I smell Newsby on it."

Darcena nodded at Goblyn.

Speaking gently to Newsby, Goblyn said, "There is maybe enough residue on this for making something to fix you."

Goblyn stands up.

Sweetsin asked, "So someone took the tart she ate away when she fell?"

Celcelia nodded at Sweetsin.

Rennith exclaimed, "Excellent news!"

Speaking to Goblyn, Jerimah asked, "So then....You recognize the poison?"

Goblyn offered Rennith a warm apple cinnamon tart.

Rennith asked, "How did it get there though, in the first place?"

Goblyn can offer Rennith only a blank expression.

Speaking to Rennith, Goblyn asked, "Someone did put it there, yes?"

Rennith asked, "Where did you say the tarts were again?"

Celcelia said, "On the side table where the whole spread was laid out and people were eating from."

Celcelia nodded at the table.

Darcena pats Newsby gently on the shoulder.

Jerimah asked, "The residue. It's something that was added, like from a vial or flask? Or baked into the tart?"

Speaking to Newsby, Goblyn said, "I will be back in maybe some short minutes. I will make you something..."

Rennith looked around the table, and spots a glint of metal on the floor.

Speaking softly to Celcelia, Dirvy asked, "Do you remember anything more about this flask or the person you bumped into?"

Goblyn glanced around the room and warningly said, "Everyone else will be discovering who did this."

Inky black liquid seeps out from under Goblyn's feet and the tips of her fingers, coiling around and consuming her until she is no longer visible. The liquid seems to shudder, then vanishes.

Felita flutters her wings and cowers back from you.

Rennith stumbles over towards the tables. he stops midway...

Speaking to Dirvy, Celcelia said, "It was so busy, and I was trying to work, Miss."

Rennith asked, "Hey, one of you assistants check that out for me? I'm a... busy?"
Rennith took a drink (AGAIN!) from his pale ale and pointed over at the glinting metal next to the table.

Dirvy nodded understandingly at Celcelia.

Dirvy mutters inebriated.

Darcena said, "I'm going to stay here with Newsby," murmuring, "I'm worried."

Speaking to Danthius, Lornieh asked, "What has?"
Lornieh peered quizzically at Danthius.

Speaking to Rennith, Sweetsin asked, "You going to pick that piece of metal up?"

Rennith grunt and walks over the rest of the way, picking up the object.

Rennith said, "Hmm..."

Rennith asked, "A stopper to a flask?"

Jerimah blinked at Rennith.

Rennith glanced at Celcelia.

Rennith asked, "You said you saw a figure with a flask on them?" Rennith peered quizzically at Celcelia.

Celcelia said, "Yes, Sir."

Speaking to Rennith, Jerimah said, "A stopper to a flask? Drizelia didn't have a flask on her..."

Lornieh nodded at Felita.
Lornieh said, "Daukhera."
Felita said, "Oh dear."
Felita nodded.
Felita shudders.
Felita asked, "The mean Queen?"
Speaking to Lornieh, Rioja asked, "Duckhair comes this far south?"

Veldona suddenly came out of hiding.
Veldona shuddered.

Danthius said, "I'm sure she would send someone to do the deed for her."

And all eyes turned on the newcomer to the room - how long had she been there, though?

You see Veldona.

She appears to be a Mhoragian Halfling.
She is average height. She appears to be of a tender age. She has close-set violet eyes and freckled skin. She has shoulder length, tied back black hair worn in a bun. She has a plump face, a flaring nose and thin eyebrows.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a crystal amulet, a matte black steel locket, a brushed obsidian wool cloak buckled at the shoulder, a snake-etched imflass flask, a single-strapped onyx leather corset, a black blouse, some ruched dark charcoal leather pants, and some knee-buckled oiled onyx leather boots.

Dirvy glanced suspiciously at Veldona.

Veldona anxiously squeaked, "He-he-hello!"

Rennith exclaimed, "Guards! Watch the exits!"

Lornieh said, "I know she had a beef with Newsby."

Sweetsin smirks at Veldona.

Veldona pushes the tablecloth off of her head with a shaking hand.

Speaking to Veldona, Jerimah said, "Who are YOU? You weren't invited, nor were you with those who came to help Newsby."

Rennith looked Veldona over carefully.

Veldona stammered, "I... I'm. I'm."

Veldona wobbled to her feet, her knees shaking.

Shinann said, "Intersting flask," she nodded at Veldona.

Veldona stands up.

Rennith nodded at Shinann.

Rennith said, "My thoughts too."

Veldona sputtered, "I was here for the tar--- The, uh."

Rennith glanced at Veldona.

Speaking softly to Veldona, Dirvy asked, "Take your time, and tell us what you know about this situation, please?"

Rennith motions to one of the guards to retrieve the flask from Veldona and secure her while she is questioned.

Veldona squeaked, "What situation?"

Dirvy glanced at Newsby.

Jerimah squints at Veldona.

Lornieh said, "Gah, she squeaked like Daukhera."

Newsby twitched a little, tiny bit.

Speaking softly to Veldona, Dirvy said, "The fallen guest, the tarts... and about your very interesting flask."

Veldona blinked at Dirvy.

Veldona despairingly said, "I don't- I don't..."

Veldona anxiously exclaimed, "I don't know what you're talking about!"

Speaking to Newsby, Veldona squeaked, "What a funny place to sleep!"

Dirvy glanced at Veldona and folded her arms over her chest.

Jerimah observed, "She has a flask! Check to see if it is missing a stopper!"

Rennith, as expected, glanced Veldona over longer than perhaps appropriate.

Veldona shuddered.

Dirvy stared at Rennith.

Rennith glanced at Goblyn.

Danthius said, "Interesting flask."

Arakkine glanced between Rennith and Veldona.

Goblyn surreptitiously glanced at Veldona.

Veldona stammered, "What flask?"

Speaking softly to Veldona, Dirvy asked, "What is in your flask?"

Everyone was looking at Veldona, and thinking the same thing.

Veldona sputters, "Whiskey."

Goblyn sat down next to Newsby.

Danthius asked, "Care to take a swig?"

Rennith motions for the guards to take Veldona's flask and pass to to Goblyn.

Shinann agrees with Danthius.
Rioja agrees with Danthius.

Veldona glanced about very anxiously, her hands shaking, as she helps the guards direct the flask.

Veldona removes a snake-etched imflass flask from her belt.

Veldona offered Goblyn a snake-etched imflass flask.

Rennith asked, "Could you tell if it had this substance in it?"

Goblyn accepts Veldona's imflass flask.
Goblyn beams happily at Veldona!

Veldona squeaked, "It's just whiskey!"

Goblyn sniffed at her imflass flask.

Meanwhile, Rennith keeps on drinking, looking more relaxed with every swig.

Goblyn bursts out in loud, raucous laughter at Veldona.

Rennith asked, "Whiskey you say?"

Veldona despairingly said, "Something to keep those very cold nights and days nice and warm."

Arakkine glanced between Goblyn and Veldona.

Rennith exclaimed, "I've drank enough whiskey to know it an't wiskey in that there flask!"

Speaking laughingly to Veldona, Goblyn exclaimed, "This is, yes, just whiskey! With much of something else in it!"

Rennith nodded.

Felita asked, "If it only whiskey why dont ye take a drink?"

Veldona impulsively shouted, "Goess well with tarts!"

Goblyn began chortling at Veldona.

Dirvy glanced at Goblyn.

Veldona gasped and clasped her hand over her mouth.

Speaking amusedly to Veldona, Goblyn threatens, "Maybe you will like to drink the flask right now, yes?"

Veldona said, "I--"

Dirvy nodded in agreement at Goblyn.

Veldona shuddered.

Sweetsin said, "Or eat a tart."

Rennith said, "I think it's time for us to determine what happend here..."

Lornieh agrees with Goblyn.

Veldona sputtered, "I think I've had enough!"

Jerimah commands, "Guards! Someone! Restrain that halfling!"

Goblyn shows Veldona her imflass flask.

Veldona wailed, dejectedly exclaiming, "I just wanted to help!"

Speaking to her imflass flask, Goblyn said, "You are for... safe-keeping. Or for this person here. Or for both..."

Goblyn glanced at Veldona.

Goblyn put a snake-etched imflass flask in her scarlet reticule.

Shinann asked, "Help who?"

Jerimah motions the guards over to hold the new suspect.

Veldona stammers, "Wot?"

Drizelia, Thanninor, Sariny, and Celcelia are released from where they were held for questioning and join everyone in the dining room.

Speaking to Goblyn, Sweetsin said, "Buy that off you."

Speaking gently to Newsby, Goblyn said, "I will be making you drink this tea, Newsby..."

Goblyn turned to face Newsby.

Speaking to Veldona, Shinann asked, "Who were you helping?"

Goblyn showed Newsby a jar of noxious honey tea, which she is holding in her right hand.

Drizelia glanced at Goblyn.

Rennith turns to those who were held in the office, "You've all been called back because, my assistants and I have solved this case I think...."

Barrdok folded his arms over his chest.

Goblyn leaned over and whispered to Newsby, "It will maybe make you feel better. But you will maybe have an ache from the poison still, but it will fade in time, I do think."

Speaking defiantly to Shinann, Veldona squeaked, "I don't know what you're talking about!"

Jerimah turned an inquisitive ear toward Rennith.

Speaking to Veldona, Shinann said, "You said you wanted to help."

Veldona impulsively exclaimed, "Maybe you should ask Newsby who she has been upsetting!"

Beldannon softly said, "Preposterous Newsby doesn't upset anyways."

Danthius said, "She is so sweet."

Lornieh said, "Well, she did upset Queenie."

Rennith started pacing, talking to the room, but not paying much attention to the rest of the folks.

Rennith exclaimed, "First, the host!"

Rennith said, "He was accused of having shoddy goods, and posioning Newsby..."

Rennith said, "But it doesn't seem that he did it, no...."

Jerimah repeated, "I have no shoddy goods. I did not poison Newsby!"

Goblyn poured her noxious honey tea into Newsby's mouth.

Lornieh said, "Yeah, but Queenie made a point of threatening Newsby."

Speaking softly to Veldona, Dirvy asked, "Are you saying you were helping Daukhera?"

Veldona glanced at Lornieh and shuddered.
Speaking to Veldona, Lornieh asked, "What, is that whom you work for?"
Speaking anxiously to Dirvy, Veldona asked, "Wh-wh-who?"
Speaking softly to Veldona, Dirvy asked, "Why would you?"
Speaking to Veldona, Lornieh asked, "Queen Daukhera?"

Veldona stammered, "It's so warm here my feet hair is damp."
Veldona squeaked, "I'm never coming down from the mountain again."
Speaking softly to Veldona, Dirvy said, "Nice and cold in Icemule..."

Rennith exclaimed, "Miss Drizelia!"
Speaking insistently to Rennith, Drizelia said, "It was not me! And it never would be."
Rennith continued, "She was accused of showing up to besmerch Jerimah's repuation, would she sink to poisoning? I think not, she seems like she wouldn't go that far."
Rennith recapped, "So the staff, the Cook, accused of being unskilled, and the waitstaff of being malicious. Both have worked with the host for some time, so they seem known and unlikely to have done this. "

Newsby begins to stir, first tentatively stretching out each limb.

Goblyn stands up.

Goblyn adopts an agreeable expression.
Goblyn carefully diagnosed Newsby's injuries.

Rennith resumed, "What of the socialite... Sariny? Hardly! While she may be posion under that fine figure, I do not think she has any motive in this case. That leaves... our mystery guest!"

Sariny snobbishly said, "This party was not to my liking."

Newsby asked, "Where am I?"

Danthius beams happily at Newsby and asked, "How are you feeling?"

Lornieh beams happily at Newsby.

Danthius asked, "Does anyone have some water for her or anything?"

Newsby said, "Well, the floor is hard."

Shinann smiled at Newsby.

Darcena beams happily at Newsby, "I was worried about you."

Veldona glanced apprehensively at Newsby.

Speaking to Newsby, Goblyn whispered aloud, "I was not worried about you."

Newsby said, "My head hurts, my stomach feels bad, and I do not know why I am on the floor."

Goblyn raised an eyebrow in Rennith's direction.

Speaking disappointedly to Newsby, Goblyn whispered aloud, "If there was not antidote, we will have made you undead, maybe."
Goblyn nodded to Newsby.

Beldannon softly said, "That would be neat."
Shinann can offer Goblyn only a blank expression.
Goblyn nodded eagerly at Beldannon.

Jerimah glanced at Veldona.

Speaking to Beldannon, Goblyn exclaimed, "Maybe she will sound more gurgly when she made the news then!"

Speaking to Goblyn, Newsby replied, "Undead would complicate things, but thank you." Veldona squeaked, "WHISKEY!"

Rennith oblivious to the fact that the case has clearly been solved already, continued on, declaring, "She had a flask of a matching substance to this poison on her...."

Veldona despairingly asked, "Who could that be?"

Rennith pointed at her, "Clearly, Veldona is the one responsible!"

Veldona exclaimed, "Mother of Mhoraga!" defiantly adding, "It was not me!"

Speaking softly to Veldona, Dirvy said, "IF... IF they allow you to return from where you came, you can deliver a message for me, yes? You can tell the nobody that you were helping, if they attack Newsby again, they can deal directly with me. I am sure your nobody knows who I am."

Veldona glanced anxiously at Dirvy.

Rennith glanced around, awaiting amazement from the crowd.

Newsby scampered to her feet,, wobbling.

Veldona defiantly exclaimed, "It was not me!"

Speaking to Rennith, Lornieh said, "I hate to interrupt your speech, but Veldona has pretty much admitted to it and admitted she's from the mountains of Icemule."

Rennith exclaimed, "An astute catch!"

Goblyn glanced at Veldona.

Rennith frowned, having drained his ale.

Speaking to Veldona, Sweetsin said, "Might as well tell them who you are working for. Or it's the gallows for you."

Speaking to Veldona, Shinann said, "It would go better for you if you say who you were helping."

Speaking sarcastically to Veldona, Dirvy said, "Of course not, dear. You were "helping"."

Veldona squeaked, "I did not!"

Speaking to Newsby, Goblyn wonders, "You are going to kill her slowly now?" Goblyn pointed at Veldona.

Newsby said, "I do not kill people."

Speaking to Veldona, Thanninor exclaimed, "You dare besmirch the craft of a master tartist with poison?!"

Speaking mildly to Jerimah, Drizelia muses, "It seems you escape the fate you deserve, for now."

Veldona gasps.

Sariny haughtily asked, "It is for this halfling that I've had to be holed up in an office for hours?"

Speaking happily to Goblyn, Beldannon said, "Maybe she will let you do it."

Speaking to Veldona, Lornieh asked, "You work for the Queen, correct?"

Veldona stared at Lornieh.

Newsby asked, "Her Royal Majesticalness had me attacked? Is that what I am hearing?"

Speaking to you, Sweetsin asked, "Piss anyone off?"

Newsby shifted her weight nervously.

Speaking to you, Lornieh said, "Is kind of appearing that way."

Goblyn raised an eyebrow at Newsby.

Newsby said, "No, I never irritate anyone."

Rennith paced around, pleased with himself for solving the case, and sad, mourning his empty ale.

Speaking to you, Lornieh said, "Just the "Queen" of Icemule."

Speaking curiously to Veldona, Goblyn asked, "You are working for the Queen?"

Veldona blinked at Goblyn.
Veldona squeaked, "Wot?"

Speaking slowly to Veldona, Goblyn asked, "You. Are. Working. For. The. Queen?"

Veldona peered quizzically at Goblyn, "I can't hear you!"

Speaking to Veldona, Goblyn said, "I do not speak the halfling language, or I will ask you that way..."

Goblyn sighed.

Felita asked, "How much was she paying ye?"

Speaking softly to herself, Dirvy said, "Glad to know Daukhera uses such incompetent, quivering little would-be assassins..."

Jerimah said, "Everyone, thank you for coming to help clear my name, and to help save Ms. Newsby."

Jerimah said, "As a token of thanks, for helping to clear my name, I have a gift for all of you."

Speaking to Jerimah, Goblyn notes, "I did not come here for you. Only for Newsby."

Goblyn glanced at Newsby and made a little purring sound.

You beam happily at Goblyn!

Goblyn muttered, "Even if Newsby will not be doing the killing."

Rennith ordered the guards to take Veldona away for holding, "We shall have her dealt with."

Dirvy softly said, "I will be sure to take this report back with me."

Jerimah announced to the room, "Here's a small token of my appreciation."

Our host, Jerimah, handed out gift pouches for everyone, while the intrepid "Master Investigator" had one more ill-advised remark to leave with us.

Rennith proclaimed to all, "As for the rest of you whom we have held tonight. You are free to continue your enjoyment of the evening... some of you are welcome to enjoy it with me"

Felita said, "We glads yer okie dokie Missie Newsby."

[TownCrier]-Newsby: "Thank you to everyone who came to assist with the TownCrier's little Whodunit tonight! We are celebrating our 5,000th headline with this little play! A huge thank you to the folks who played their parts so well!"

[TownCrier]-GSIV:Stonmel: "I just want to thank everyone who showed up tonight for our 5k headline event! It was really stressful for us all and we had a few hiccups, but I hope you all enjoyed the experience!"