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nexus is a win32-based client written for use with the multiplayer text-based roleplaying games produced by Simutronics Corporation.

nexus is not an official client, and is entirely unsupported by Simutronics.

nexus was developed as a possible future alternative to the official Wizard Front End and StormFront clients. nexus was being developed primarily for use with, and only tested with, GemStone IV.

Does nexus actually work?

nexus is a playable client. What that means is the user is able to issue commands to the game and receive all standard text responses. Nexus features a built-in connection system similar to the Simutronics Game Entry in functionality, and does not support external methods of authentication. A user can NOT authenticate via the PLAY.NET website or Simutronics Game Entry appliation to connect with nexus. nexus utilizes the same XML data stream as the official StormFront client.


nexus source code is provided for download under version 2 of the GNU General Public License. The terms and conditions of the GPL license are available in the included LICENSE.TXT file and also available at

There is NO binary available for download on this website. nexus is a largely incomplete project, and the source code is being released mainly to provide a resource for coding this type of application. nexus is no longer being actively developed. nexus requires Microsoft's Windows Template Library 7.0, which is available for download at

Download the source code here:

Legal Stuff

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