Night golem

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Night golem
Night golem.jpg
Level 5
Family Golem family creatures
Body Type Biped
Area(s) Found The Citadel
HP 65
Attack Attributes
Physical Attacks
Ensnare 96 AS
Pound 86 AS
Defense Attributes
Brigandine Armor (natural) ASG 12N
Defensive Strength (DS)
Melee 11 - 72
Bolt 5
Unarmed Defense Factor
UDF 77 - 117
Target Defense (TD)
Bard Base
Cleric Base
Empath Base
Paladin Base
Ranger Base
Sorcerer Base
Wizard Base
Minor Elemental 15
Major Elemental 15
Minor Spiritual
Major Spiritual
Minor Mental
Treasure Attributes
Coins Yes
Gems Yes
Magic Items Yes
Boxes Yes
Skin night golem finger
Formed by the alchemists of the Citadel in their service to the Council of Twelve, these 4' tall golems appear to be made of coalesced night sky.  Looking closely, you can see stars twinkling within their short, massive bodies.

Hunting strategies

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Other information

Night golems are resistant but not invulnerable to puncture damage.

Spawn messaging:

Pinpricks of light dance on the edge of your vision.  Your eyes are drawn to it, and you see a night black form coalesce around them, forming a small night golem which glares malevolently ahead.


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