Nine of Cups Cafe and Bar

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Nine of Cups Cafe and Bar is a food shop in Pinefar. Once a popular hangout when the trading post was first established, use has diminished in recent years. The owner is a halfling named Faust. Outside of the bar are a number of booths.

[Nine of Cups, Bar]
Faust's domain is one of highly polished wood and shining hardware. Rows of glasses reflect light and the luster of brass fittings. Candles with beaded shades are placed intermittently down the length of the counter, which add to the mellow gleam. Over the bar hangs a monumental painting of a scantily clad, reclining halfling. You also see a small woven mat sitting on the floor with a blue pottery bowl on it, a wooden placard and Faust the bartender that is lying down.


Welcome to the Nine of Cups!
Faust the bartender offers his catalog to browse.
Faust exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"
  1. some roasted pine nuts        11. a bowl of blackberry cobbler
  2. some moose milk cheese        12. a small iceberry tart
  3. a hunk of skunk jerky         13. a cup of pine-needle tea
  4. a flaky biscuit               14. a cup of mulled cider
  5. some snowshoe hare fingers    15. a mug of mountain mead
  6. a bowl of caribou chili       16. a glass of Pinefar merlot
  7. a wolverine pot pie           17. a glass of Pinefar chardonnay
  8. a roast boar rib              18. a dram of peppermint schnapps
  9. some crispy fried frog legs   19. a shot of icequila
  10. a bowl of bread pudding      20. a flask of Zeb's scotch