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Storyline Caligos Isle
Gender female
Race Cockatoo
Status Alive
Relationship(s) [Captain Elyssbeth] (Former owner)
Alias/Title an indigo-tailed black cockatoo


Beady eyes of pure black dart back and forth across the area, the avian using his grey-colored beak to clack silently to himself as though mumbling to no one in particular.  Glossy onyx feathers cover the cockatoo's small body, the color brightening into a vibrant indigo as his tail feathers spread wide with a simple stretch.


  • Emerging from a low-lying curtain of mist, an indigo-tailed black cockatoo hops here and there, squawking, "You're a deceiver! Repeat the lies! Repeat the lies!"
  • An indigo-tailed black cockatoo jumps from foot to foot, flapping his wings in a frantic waving motion. He squawks, "The fog! The fog! We're cursed by the fog! We may never leave!"
  • An indigo-tailed black cockatoo tilts his head to one side, his beady eye focused upon the mists beyond the island. He squawks, "Never leave," before resuming his search for food.