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Bylaws, Charter, and Joining Information


The Obsidian Tower will stand as the proud symbol for the Dhe'nar elves and our culture. It will implement the same ancient and proven governing system used by our homeland in Sharath to uphold our beliefs, and dispel untruths about our people so that we may educate those around us, and enlighten them to our Ways.

The out-of-character purpose of this house is to promote role-playing, and to show others that one can play a "dark" character within the boundaries of Simutronics policy. This house will give younger players something to aspire to, and give guidance to many that would otherwise disregard the laws of Elanthia and Simutronics policy.


There will be two governing bodies over the Obsidian Tower. The first of which consists of the house officers listed above. The term of the officers is for life. The only purpose of the house officers is to manage the mechanical aspects of the house and its relations with the Elanthian Housing Authority. An officer's position is considered vacant if the officer is not heard from in a period of two months or more.

The true governing body of the house will be the Obsidian Council.

The Obsidian Council will be formed of 5 members (this is the internal house governing system, which does not conform to the normal house officers. Members may or not be house officers to participate in the Council.) The seats are as follows:

The Warlords Chair
The High Priest/Priestess Chair
The Warlocks Chair
The Balance Chair
The Obsidian Chair

In all matters brought before the Council, each chair will have one vote, except the Obsidian chair, who will only be allowed to vote in the event of a tie or stalemated floor.

The term of the council seats is to be for life. The only way one will loose their seat is in the event that a challenger for a certain seat makes a formal proposal to the Council. The Council will then vote to decide if the challenge is valid (i.e. determine if the challenger has the responsibility for the position). The challenger and the chair holder will then be locked in a special room in the tower. One will emerge the new chair holder. It is up to the two to determine who is to hold the seat; this may be by talking it over amongst them by debate, by bribery, or by defeating the other in combat. This is the Way of Dhe'nar elves, a cleric will always be on hand when the two are locked inside. No one is to know what goes on inside the Chamber of Fate except the two inside.


Membership Requirements/Procedures:

Each initiate must be of Lord or Lady Status before they will be considered for acceptance. Each initiate must also have a proven background that is relative to the Dhe'nar elves and their customs, but not necessarily be a Dhe'nar elf. Each initiate must prove, by reputation, to role-play whenever possible and to consistently stay in character. Each initiate must be in good standing within the realms of Law in Elanthia, and be in good standing regarding Simutronics policy. The initiate upon acceptance into the House will require a 500K fee.

Membership Services Provided:

The purpose of this house is to promote unity amongst its members. Each member will be considered "Family" and treated as nothing less. Any member asking for assistance regarding any matter whatsoever, providing that it is moral and within the boundaries of law, is to be assisted by whatever means available. Disputes in-house or out are welcome to be brought before the Council for judgment. Any manner of Magic or Enchantment is to be granted to any house member requesting, provided the necessary mana exists.

Membership Rules and Regulations:

Each member is required to act with as much pride as our Dhe'nar ancestors, and to continually strive for perfection, as is the Way taught to us by the Arkati. Each member must act within the confines of the Law, and to bring their disputes before the Council before they escalate into violence. Abuse of House privileges will not be tolerated. Anyone caught selling items enchanted by the house to nonmembers will be considered by the Council before they are expelled.


The Obsidian Tower is a player run organization based around the Dhe'nar culture of dark elves. It is the oldest of the Dhe'nar focused houses and its members have contributed to the creation of lore for the culture, some of which has been adopted and officially made canon.