Odeir'cos (rune)

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The odeir'cos rune is used to detect what spells, how many charges of each, and which ones are currently unlocked on a scroll. Runestones with this rune are used in conjunction with the Scroll Infusion (714) spell, and may be created by any sorcerer with knowledge of it.

  • A fresh odeir'cos rune will contain 50 charges.
  • Holding the runestone in one hand, and the scroll you wish to detect in the other, wave it at the scroll.

Spells which are locked or have not been unlocked yet will look like this:

(302) Smite with a number of charges remaining.

Spells which are unlocked will look like this:

(501) Sleep with many charges remaining and the potential to add one charge. 

Determining Number of Charges

Indicating Message Numerical Equivalent
one charge 1 charge
a couple charges 2 charges
a few charges 3-5 charges
a number of charges 6-10 charges
many charges 11-19 charges
very many charges 20 charges or more