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You see Opalina Gemiena the Gypsy.

She appears to be a Half-Elf.

She is quite short for one of elven heritage and has a curvaceous figure. She appears to be in the meridian of life. She has piercing crystal blue eyes and sun-kissed, light brown skin. She has mid back-length, curly deep red hair hanging in loose waves, with one side pulled back from the face and tucked up under a slender sapphire-set golvern hairpin. She has an angular face, a freckled nose and pouting lips. Tiny flecks of sea blue have formed within her pupils. She has a petite faceted ruby arrow in the upper ridge of her right ear, a niveous-inked fall of tiny snowflakes on her ear, a thorny rose tattoo on her ankle, a small lockpick tattoo on her wrist, a multihued compass rose tattoo encircling a map on her finger, a rune-etched sapphire spike in the upper ridge of her left ear, a teacup-cradled clockwork mouse tattoo on her leg, and an alum-traced white gold ring in her right nostril.

She gives off a tempestuous demeanor.

She is in good shape.

She is holding a red leather glaes-studded cestus inset with a snow cowrie shell in her right hand and a curved glaes knuckle-duster wrought with sleek copper and drakar joints in her left hand. She is wearing a silver-traced sleek bronze monocle framing a fresh crimson-veined luminous yellow eye, a silver belled choker, an opalescent spherical pendant on a thin imflass chain, a glowing pendant suspended by a leather cord, a beautifully lined cloak fashioned from soft blue feathers, a blue feather-shaped charm, an enameled penguin chick brooch, a crystal-eyed silver dolphin symbol encrusted in blue coral, an ora-edged onyx badge, a flecked pearl white lizard, a velvety soft deep black rose tucked behind one ear, a shiny black pack, a pristine white suede bodice with tightened blue cotton laces, a rich cerise velvet atanika trimmed with ebon rabbit fur , a claret satin gown caught with a single pink pearl epaulette, a lace-edged cornflower blue chemise, a coiled mithglin chain armband, a mechanical bracer, a thick ebonwood armband, a silver-linked bracelet of crystal-cut snowflakes, some arm-length polar bear skin gloves, a pair of snow white lace gloves, a dark blue suede belt, an archaic gornar dodecahedron, an archaic urglaes reliquary, a studded black suede belt pouch with a silver-edged flap, a gem-inlaid black leather satchel, a buckskin tote, a cerulean skirt tasseled with cascading silver-caged snowflake bells, and some watertight polar bear skin boots.

About Opalina Gemiena

Opalina was born and raised within the walls of Icemule Trace. She is half-halfling, and half elf, though her parents are no longer alive the good folks of Icemule took very good care of her. She spent many of years sleeping next to the well where she discovered the wonderful art of picking boxes. She at one point claimed she owned the picking well and even tried to carve her name into the bricks but was caught by the town constable and thrown in to jail for defacing public property. Opalina is rather mischievous She is always tackling creatures harder than she can handle and ends up needing the support of empaths and clerics alike. Opalina loves food, exploring, and making new friends. She loves to dance and go to parties. She travels to local towns such as River Rest, Landing, and Sol Haven. But her home and were she returns most every night is Icemule. Her love for Icemule is every present and she tries to share her beloved towns food where ever she goes from her satchel of goodies. Icemule is the city of Tarts after all! Opalina is a member of White Haven. Opalina's dream is to one day be an actual protector of Icemule.


a flecked pearl white lizard-named BoB

a yellow painted cricket box-to feed BoB

a small ebony cricket box-to make noise