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Open Sea Adventures is a new expansion to the game that was released in Prime on September 3, 2020. Set sail on the Great Western Sea and launch into a brand new adventure on the Tenebrous Cauldron - complete with dynamic weather messaging and a multitude of rooms. Get started by visiting port town Kraken's Fall to purchase one of 6 ships: sloop, brigantine, carrack, frigate, galleon, or man o’ war. Gather your friends and set sail, braving the perils of the vast seas, as you work to raise your reputation and notoriety. Fight Krolvin Pirates, Ethereal Pirates, and the Dreaded Dark Pirates with your life and your crew's life on the line. Will you set sail in a perilous circle, or journey from Darkstone Bay to Kraken’s Fall? Will you cast your lines and take your friends out and avoid all enemy ships? Will you attempt to be the most notorious Captain or Swashbuckler?

System Overview

  • Explore the ocean and experience dynamic weather messaging
  • Test your mettle in ship versus ship combat. Fire your cannons, repair your ship, or flee from your enemies!
  • All new ship boarding. Fight waves of enemies aboard your ship as you attempt to come out victorious. Defeat them all, take their treasure, and raze their ship!
  • Lost at sea? Lose your crew and your morale? There is a new rescue system to help you get back to port should you face total defeat on the high seas.

The Ocean

The ocean is massive in scale and connects a lot of towns (see map below). While the towns were not connected at launch, it is intended that they will eventually be connected and you will be able to travel from town to town via your own ship.

Reputation, Notoriety

Reputation and notoriety are gained with Kraken's Fall by hunting down pirates or performing tasks at the Sea Hag's Roost such as culling pirates, hunting captains, or sinking ships. Reputation unlocks more cosmetic options and the ability to purchase the larger ships. Notoriety tracks your total infamy on the seas with "all time" notoriety (OSA INFO) and a 30-day notoriety tracking leadboard which is mostly for bragging rights but also unlocks possible titles. Your total pirate kills are also tracked with more tracking planned for future release phases.

Death and Total Failure

Should you die on the sea or fall overboard, where you will eventually drown, you will either be rescued by good sailors or pirates. Each one will then sail you back to town and either ransom you or the town will charge you for the rescue services. If your ship is sunk, you must repair it. All fees must be paid on a ship before you can launch it again.

New Verbs

  • OSA displays information related to the system as well as fines, roles, current task, and other help.
  • SHIP displays customizations and upgrades of owned ship, allows you to scuttle your ship to end your jouney, and provides information on the systems, processes, and commands related to managing and using your ship.
  • REPUTATION displays information on your reputation with the town of Kraken's Fall.


To buy a ship, you need to visit Chip n' Dwight's on Deadeye's Road in Kraken's Fall. When first starting on your career as a captain, you will only have access to the sloop. To earn access to the larger ships, you will need to earn reputation with the town of Kraken's Fall. You can do so by performing tasks or hunting down pirate ships out on our beloved ocean, the Tenebrous Cauldron. This may be done on other people's ships, not just your own. Ships are a one-time purchase and can never be re-sold or transferred.

Ship Size Classification Players Speed Cannons per side Cargo Bin Full Supplies Hull Strength Cost
Sloop Single mast Light 3 7 2 2 40 1 5 million
Brigantine Double mast Medium 5 5 4 3 60 2 25 million
Carrack Triple mast Medium 8 6 4 2 60 3 50 million
Galleon Triple mast Heavy 12 5 10 6 100 7 200 million
Frigate Triple mast Heavy 14 6 8 12 100 7 250 million
Man O'War Triple mast Heavy 20 3 14 12 150 8 400 million


Your ship will have a random name, assigned when you purchase it. This can be changed (re-randomized) for a fee by talking to the ship name registrar within the Inking Den's Office of Petitions.

Ship Upgrading and Cosmetics

You can upgrade your ship by visiting one of the many merchants around Kraken's Fall. Each merchant has a specialty in a service they can provide. Functional upgrades offer mechanical gains to make your ship stronger. Cosmetic upgrades are to make your ship yours in how it looks.

Functional Upgrades

Upgrade Item Location More Information
Sails Yardarm's Skirt on Deadeye's Road Upgrading your sails will make your ship sail faster.
Hull Strength Swabbing Starts on Siphon Street Upgrading your hull strength will make your ship able to withstand more damage.
Cannons Maritime Defenses on South Arm Road Upgrading your cannons increases the total number of cannons on each side of your ship.
Cargo Hold Lean To on Deadeye's Road Increases the hold's storage capacity of wood and cannon balls, also cargo bin size.

Cosmetic Upgrades

Upgrade Item Shop Location Upgrade Type
Cannons Maritime Defenses on South Arm Road article, material
Captain's Quarters Sailor's Solace on Siphon Street chair (material, type, long), table (color, material), bed (color, material, long), walls (material), style
Crew Quarters All Hands on South Arm Road style
Figureheads Bowsprit's Maiden on Cranial Crawl type, color, material
Flags Vexillology Visions on South Arm Road color, material
Gangplank Swabbing Starts on Siphon Street color, material
Hulls Swabbing Starts on Siphon Street color, material
Mess Hall Grub, Gruel, and Grog on South Arm Road food (five types), furniture (color, material)
Sails Yardarm's Skirt on Deadeye's Road color, material
Wheels Fighting the Helm on Deadeye's Road color, material

Ship Combat

While sailing, you have a random chance to be attacked by an enemy ship from these types: general/mixed (these have dark ships), ethereal (undead), or krolvin. The enemy ship is private and spawned specifically for you and your crew. Once engaged, you can follow the above outlined combat for general boarding. Once boarded, creatures spawn in waves for everyone on board at the level of those gathered. These match the level of those in each room, so separate if you need to. You can spread out onto both ships, but your ship can be hit by cannon fire or arrows while boarded. (This appears to do damage only to the characters while boarded, not the ship.)

Enemy Ship Size Enemy Count
Sloop 15-20
Brigantine 30-40
Carrack 35-45
Galleon 50-60
Frigate 60-80
Man O'War 90-120

If you manage to deplete the enemy ship of units, a boss (a pirate captain) will spawn that must be defeated. If you defeat the boss, you can SEARCH the treasure pile on their ship for boxes. You may also want to take their supply crate to restock your own ship.

If you want a task before going out, go to the Sea Hag's Roost, Tavern and GET BOARD. Once you have a task, you can use OSA TASK for details and help or to abandon it. To turn in the task, return to the Sea Hag and TURN BOARD.

Ship Repairing & Fees

As you sail your ship, it may incur damage that must be repaired. To repair your ship after it is destroyed or damaged, you will need to visit the boatswain. You can find him at the Academy of the Bos'n on Deadeye's Road. You may also find yourself with fines due to services provided by the town while out on the open sea or trapped in a back alley. You will need to pay these off at the local debt collector. Having debts in either form will prevent you from launching your ship again.

While in combat, you'll see messaging that a cannon ball hit your ship in different spots. It is imperative that you repair the damage done (see ship commands below) or your ship will sink.

Ship Roles

Ship roles will provide you with bonuses, beginning at the adept rank, as you level them up. You will need to declare your role before taking part in a journey. The bonuses can range from more damage when firing a cannon to faster interaction with navigation. To declare your role, you will need to visit the NPC in Kraken's Fall. You ASK OFFICIAL ABOUT DECLARE <role> in exchange for 10,000 silver. He is located in the Town Hall, the Inking Den, in the Office of Employment. Each role has some specialties that pertain to its title. You can look at the OSA ROLE command to see your status.

The levels are rookie, novice, adept, veteran, master.

Boatswain Bonuses to repairs and assessing damage
Captain Small bonuses to almost all categories, jack of all trades.
Cannoneer Bonuses to cannon loading and shooting.
Navigator Bonuses to manipulating navigation objects.
Swashbuckler Bonuses to cannon fire and ship-specific maneuvers while on board.

Ship & Sailing Basics

Setting Sail

To launch your ship, you will need to find the dock handler outside the pier on Deadeye's Road. You can RETRIEVE, STORE, or STOCK your ship here. Retrieving will find an empty spot along the pier and launch your ship for you to use. If your ship is left for two hours docked, it will be removed. If your ship is stationary on the ocean, it will be removed after four hours. After you have successfully retrieved your ship, you can find it out on the pier. The handler will tell you which space on the pier your ship occupies. If you STOCK your ship with WOOD or CANNON balls, it will fill up your cargo supplies for your adventure.

Once you reach your ship, you can GO SHIP (sloop, brigantine, etc.) to have the gangplank deployed. Once on your ship, you can either PULL GANGPLANK or PUSH GANGPLANK to deploy or retract it. It is best to familiarize yourself with the layout of your ship prior to DEPARTing on your journey.

  2. STOCK
  3. PUSH GANGPLANK deploys your gangplank and PULL GANGPLANK retracts it. You cannot deploy your gangplank into the middle of the ocean. You can only deploy it at a port or when engaged with another ship and in boarding range.
  4. DEPART can be used when you are ready to start your voyage from a port.

Sailing and Steering Your Ship

  1. PUSH CAPSTAN to raise the anchor. You can KICK the capstan to deploy it again.
  2. LOWER SAIL to get more wind and RAISE sails to get less. This will impact how fast you can sail. If you are sailing a larger ship you will need to manipulate all the sails.
  3. TURN WHEEL <DIRECTION> will allow you to steer your ship. After you steer your ship you will need to wait for the wind to carry it into the next area. TURN WHEEL SHIP will start navigating for a boarding process. TURN WHEEL PORT will sail you to safety if you're at a port.
  4. LOOK MAP in the Captain's Quarters will allow you to see where you are on the ocean.

Stormy Weather

ASK HANDLER ABOUT WEATHER before going out to get an idea of which oceans to steer clear of or toward! Each area of the Tenebrous Cauldron and the Great Western Sea may have different weather, and the areas are listed below. Storms can have the following effects:

  1. Crew members have a chance to experience some maneuvers if they're out on the deck during a storm.
  2. The storm can cause your ship to misbehave, including steering your ship in a different direction and increasing the time it takes to reach a new area.
  3. Enemy ships are more dangerous. You will face ships potentially out of your league and more difficult ships more often.

The Tenebrous Cauldron has four areas: North Blue, South Blue, West Blue, East Blue.

The Great Western Sea has ten areas: Obsidian Trench, Obsidian Sea, Sea of Lazuli, Solhaven Bay, South of Cobalt Depths, Darkstone Bay, Cobalt Depths, Kestrel Sea, South of Sea of Lazuli, South Kestral Sea.

Engaging in Battles

The cannon balls should be taken onto the deck of your ship to load the cannons. You can only FIRE your cannon if you are engaged with an enemy.

  1. GET CANNON BALL from your CARGO HOLD then move to your cannon and then LOAD it. You are limited to loading your cannons to the total number of cannons per side. Cannon balls are temporary and will self-destruct if not used.
  3. FIRE CANNON - you can only fire if you're engaged in PVE.

Boarding a Ship

Once you are within range of the enemy ship, you will be able to board. You will receive messaging about the ship being almost in boarding range and then receive this message:
The sides of the <other ship> collide against your <ship>! Several ropes with claw-shaped hooks on the end find purchase into the railing of your <ship>. Battle cries sound off as those on the <other ship> prepare to board!

  3. LISTEN while on the enemy ship to see how many of the enemy are left.
  4. SEARCH the treasure pile after you've defeated the boss.
  5. RAZE to destroy the ship.

Ship Flag Settings

You can now use SHIP FLAG on your ship. If you're not the Captain, this only displays which flag the captain is flying. This flag is for mechanical use only. The command has a 15 minute cooldown per use. You are at "Neutral" by default.

White Flag lowers your encounter rate to 20% chance. White flag provides 5 minute encounter immunity after sinking an enemy ship.

No Flag keeps your encounter rate at 30% chance. No Flag provides 4 minute encounter immunity after sinking an enemy ship.

Black flag raises your encounter rate to 40% chance. Black Flag provides 3 minute encounter immunity after sinking an enemy ship.

Restocking and Fixing Your Ship

Below deck in the cargo hold, you can find wood and cannon balls. It is a good idea to restock your wood and cannon balls to full prior to starting your journey. Your ship will have a half-supply of wood planks and cannon balls when retrieved from storage. The wood is used to FIX rooms that have taken damage from cannon fire. ASSESS from any room on your ship to get a readout of damage in that room.

Boatswains (veteran rank and above) and Captains (master rank) can get a readout of all damage to each room of the ship. Your ship's health is a formula of the hull strength by a multiplier. As it takes damage, it detracts from a total health pool. Repair any damage received before taking too much and sinking!

  1. ASSESS while used on your ship will give you a readout of any damage in that specific room.
  2. GET WOOD PLANK from your Cargo Hold then move to where your ship took damage to repair it.
  3. FIX

If you have a supply crate, you can PUT CRATE ON WOOD or PUT CRATE ON BALLS to restock them. You can LOOK WOOD or LOOK BALLS to check supplies.

Interacting with the Ocean

  • LOOK OCEAN will let you glance out from your ships deck to see where you are on the Tenebrous Cauldron. You can use PEER in directions to glance ahead. The crow's nest will allow you to peer a little farther.
  • WATCH OCEAN will let you keep an up to date glance at the ocean room as your ship sails. This information will go to the familiar window.
  • JUMP can be used on the main deck of the ship to jump into the ocean. You'll want to drop your anchor before doing this!
  • OBSERVE will let you check the status of the weather on the ocean.
  • PEER will let you look at the ocean in the directions provided. If you are in the crow's nest you will be able to peer an extra room out.

Quick Command List

  • PUSH/PULL GANGPLANK to extend or draw in the gangplank.
  • RAISE/LOWER SAIL to adjust speed.
  • TURN WHEEL any cardinal or ordinal direction for normal travel.
  • TURN WHEEL PORT to steer the ship at a port in the same room as your ship.
  • TURN WHEEL SHIP to start a boarding action when an enemy ship is present.
  • PUSH/KICK CAPSTAN to raise and lower anchor.
  • LOAD CANNON while holding a cannon ball to load your cannons.
  • FIRE CANNON to fire a cannon at an enemy ship when engaged.
  • LOOK <OBJECT> has some information for some of the objects on your ship if you get confused.
  • FIX damage in appropriate rooms.
  • LOOK MAP for a general readout of where you are.
  • DEPART to set sail once your gangplank is retracted and anchor is up.
  • ASSESS to determine the condition of the room you are in and health.
  • LOOK OCEAN to take a quick look at the sea your ship is in.
  • WATCH OCEAN to keep a continuous eye on the ocean. This will display in your familiar window.
  • OBSERVE will let you check the status of the weather on the ocean.
  • PEER will let you look at the ocean in the directions provided. If you are in the crow's nest you will be able to peer an extra room out.
  • JUMP can be used from the main deck where the gangplank resides to dive into the water. From there you can climb back onto the ship.
  • RAZE is used on the enemy ship when all enemies are gone.
  • LISTEN is used on the enemy ship to get an idea of how many units are left.

Future Releases

More is planned to be released to this system via a phased approach. Visit the #open-sea-adventures channel on the Official Discord for more information.


Project Lead, Concept, Design: Retser
Kraken's Fall Lead: Thandiwe
Buildings Elysani The Intoxicating Flora, Mystigoggles Magicorium
Kynlee The Bait 'N Weight Shack, Fishing Pier
Naionna Bejewled Booty, The Naked Fauna, Rising Pint, The Soup Bone
Netz Rock Lobster
Sindin Brewmaster's Tap, Sea Hag's Roost, Storm Petrel's Wing, The Threadbare Admiral
Thandiwe Academy of the Bos'n, All Hands, Boarding House, Chip n' Dwight's, Fighting the Helm, Grub, Gruel, and Grog, Guard Tower, Inking Den, Irosah's Armaments, Knife's Edge, Kraken's Fall Jailhouse, The Last Frontier, Lean To, Maritime Defenses, Molskroen Hall, Sailor's Solace, Sunfist Outpost, Swabbing Starts, Weather Station, Yardarm's Skirt
Tivvy Vexillology Visions
Quilic Adventurer's Guild, Bank, Bushybrow's Collectibles, Unburied Treasures
Valyrka Lighthouse
Vanah Leaf and Bean
Xayle Captain's Cup, Kelpie Beds, The Melting Pot, Sailcloth Findings
Xeraphina Bowsprit's Maiden, Cartwright, Citizenship Office, Forges of the Kraken, The Peaceful Porpoise
Paint Flannihan Kraken's Fall Hunting Grounds
Thandiwe Kraken's Fall, Pier, Main Gate, Logging colony
NPCs Thandiwe, Netz, Naionna, Xeraphina, Retser, Modrian, Kynlee
Messaging Netz
Creatures Kynlee, Thandiwe, Retser
Ocean Lead: Retser
Paint Valyrka, Naionna
Messaging Valyrka, Naionna, Netz
Shape and mapping Grackner, Sook, Thandiwe, Naos, Retser
Ocean systems Naos, Retser
Standard Systems Lead: Retser
Coding Modrian, Kynlee, Thandiwe, Naos, Retser
OSA Systems Lead: Retser
Ship Paint Elidi
Ship Food Mariath
Ship Cosmetics Elidi, Retser
Ship Cosmetic Systems Retser
Ship Building Retser
NPCs Retser
Combat Retser
Creatures Retser
QC Team
Flannihan, Mariath, Xayle, Valyrka, Isten, Tivvy, Vanah, Sleken, Modrian, Itzel, Kynlee, Naos, Retser, Kveta

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