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Use Weapons, Armor
Bonus +10
ST/DU 15/30
Rarity Uncommon
Weight Modifier 100%
Primary Color light grey
Dyeable Yes

Ora is one of the more common metals of Elanthia, and its uses are quite varied. Veins of it can often be found underneath or within mountains, and there have been reports of stores of it within hilly terrain. There is one very large ora mine in Rhoska-Tor, where all types are sometimes found. In its natural state, it is usually smooth, sometimes pitted, and has a light grey tone. It can hold a dye, but this can take considerable effort on the part of the smith. Ora found naturally in pure black or white form can never be dyed by normal means. When forged properly, it holds a natural enchantment half that of vultite. There are different types of ora, which hold varying types of magic.

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