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The Order of Voln is a society devoted to the freeing of undead from the torment they endure on Elanthia. The order was established in 4045 by Manor Lord Fasthr K'Tafali in the region surrounding the Kannalan city of Kedshold. According to loresong, Voln, himself appeared before K'Tafali and instructed K'Tafali and his men in the symbols of the order.

The order first truly came to the attention of historians with the appearance of the Horned Cabal in the southern region of the Turamzzyrian Empire. Uniquely situated to deal with the meance of the undead, the Order flourished from this time period, playing increasingly important roles in the various engagements with the Horned Cabal over the last century and a half. This has included the Battle of Tyllan and the Battle of Skyreach.

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