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This is a player vignette that deals in speculation/misinformation/non-GM approved messaging at times and references to NPCs contains information not confirmed by any storyline events or messaging

The speculation shall becom...

The Stumbling Pebble Bar II hosted its regular dreary afternoon crowd along with four additional patrons. Ordim, Talinvor, Landrai, and a figure who shifted between races periodically sat apart but managed to maintain an active conversation, unseen by the island citizens. The figure said their goodbyes before teleporting away from the island, off to deal with the politics of the landing. Ordim glanced over at Talinvor and Landrai as he noticed the message directed to him, [I don't trust her.] Nodding his agreement to no one in particular, he shifted and fiddled with his appearance sending the response [Me either! She could be using my plan, to embed herself with the Iyo and gain their favor, while moving on the artifact itself.]

Talinvor smirked before returning his attention to Landrai. He began to make those strange faces at her that Ordim had come to recognize as an indication that they were about to leave together for a destination and activities unknown. After a moment or two of the pair exchanging some words and more funny faces and flashing eyelids, they gave their leave and headed out through the doors and into the evening. Ordim waited a few moments before heading out himself, undoubtedly to not the same place as the other two.

The smell of burnt jungle hung heavily in the air, assaulting Ordim's nose and mind with painful memories. Inhaling deeply from his cloak, Ordim continued to roam about the scene of the attack with a cautious eye. He thought of other comments at the Pebble that night, including the amazing ability of Yardie to speak so well with his foot in his mouth as he brought up his distrust of Ordim's intentions with the Iyo, again. Rolling his eyes at the thought, a bit of movement caught the corner of his eye near the jungle line. Even though he knew they wouldn't be there by the time he lumbered over, Ordim set off to the edge anyway, set on leaving some supplies for the unseen Iyo.

Along the way, he passed the bit of orange cloth stuck to the branches of a low-hanging tree. He stopped and unconsciously began putting together a small sack of fresh muffins as he looked over the fragment. He wondered why they had never seen any before, how the figures had been able to move around so much without ever leaving more than fleeting glimpses. Kiyonna had known a lot about the Hyssch, perhaps a bit too much. Either way, the Iyo were the target and that would not stand. The heart of the island would be the Flock's, in time, and the Iyo the cornerstone of their success with each supply cache another stone paved on that route.

Ordim placed the sack down in an over-the-top show of respect and admiration. Turning to leave, he observed the hut and thought to himself, "Nazhor had proven that power here could not be taken by force, it had to be given willingly, through honor or trickery, but never by force."