Outlands Manor

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Vornavis Outlands

For hunting areas near the Outlands Manor, see Outlands creatures.

The Outlands Manor is located near Solhaven. It can be reached by following the road east from the Vornavis Caravansary.

Wonders of Elanthia Historical Discussion

This story is told by Rommed the Elven Scholar.

"I'm pleased to be leading you from here to the tower roof this evening. My name is Rommed, and I have a somewhat ... sad history with this place. During the time that this manor was occupied, I was held prisoner here. My special skills were put to use making weapons for my captors. I have come back to confront the place, rid myself of my demons...and hopefully put my skills to use for some good people. If you would all please leave your pets behind and join me. Into the Manor we go, then... I will try to keep the dobrem at bay. What is sad is that during the time of occupation, this place was actually not so run-down. It is now in complete disrepair, and overrun with vicious creatures. Here's the tower. I spent a decent amount of time here, enough to hate the sight of the thing."