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PCALC is a mechanical verb used to calculate the cost of service on an item in premium points.


    pcalc {service}
        Calculate the point cost for a service on your current premium alteration scroll.

    {service} must be one of:
        flare (Add flares to the item)
        enchant (Add +5 to the item)
        pad (Add heavy crit or damage padding to the item)
        Please use the formula in PREMIUM 9 for fusion items.
>pcalc enchant
You must have a valid alteration scroll in your hands before calculating costs.
>take scroll
You pick up an alterer's scroll for altering your short sword.
>pcalc enchant
You have 1300 points available.
It will cost 500 points to enchant a short sword
All point costs are estimates until Sadie has a chance to examine the item. Some items may have restrictions that will not allow certain services.

PCALC has a time restriction on it to prevent people from using it to determine item properties.

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