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2017 Inventory

a ladder of braided branches, Room #12, Lich #23903, go ladder

SG Entry

[Sacred Grove]
The branches here have been trained to grow upward and inward, creating a living steeple of limbs and leaves. In a zig-zag pattern beneath the peak, strings of spherical white paper lanterns dangle, though they are little more than decoration as dappled sunlight spills through the canopy. A flat, woven basket of vines sits in the cradle of three limbs, and a pair of shelves are formed by densely braided branches.
Obvious exits: east

On the pair of shelves you see:

a pair of ivory leather boots with azure suede laces Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
one item of very small size
some cerulean marbrinus boots with silver grommets
a pair of slouched onyx velvet boots with obsidian heels
some cuffed cloth-of-gold boots with sapphire embroidery
a pair of white suede boots with low heels
some dark violet satin ankle boots with small buckles

On the cradle of three limbs you see:

a pale ivory flyrsilk chasuble patterned with azure florals Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
any number of items of very small size
a cerulean marbrinus chasuble shot with silver threading
a tall-collared onyx velvet cassock with obsidian buttons Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
any number of items
a fitted cloth-of-gold cassock with sapphire accents
a starched white linen vestment with deep side vents
a dark violet satin vestment with a flared collar
some loose ivory flyrsilk trousers with azure stitching Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
a couple of items of very small size
a pair of cerulean marbrinus pants with silver buttons
some onyx velvet trousers with obsidian cord lacing
a pair of tawny suede pants with sapphire insets
some cuffed white linen trousers with slashed pockets
a pair of violet satin pants with silk lacing

SG Workroom (no items)

[Sacred Grove, Workroom]
Garlands of vibrantly hued paper flowers are strewn amongst the limbs and leaves overhead, while the lower branches have been trained to create a braided barrier around the circumference of this small space. Fuzzy woolen rugs in a variety of colors cushion the floor, and plump pillows of jewel-toned silks are scattered among them.
Obvious exits: west

On the low-sitting square birch table you see:

some peach and passionfruit juice Free food
a cup of spiced orange tea
a tiny pear and winterberry tart
a triangular honey-drizzled fig pastry