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The PUT verb is used to place, or sometimes DROP items that your character holds in his or her hands. Be careful with this verb. See the note at the bottom for more information.


General verb help information

>>help put
No help files matching that entry were found.
>help drop
No help files matching that entry were found.
You mutter something better left unheard.

PUT an item that your character is holding:

>put my stat
You drop a small statue.
You flail your arms about.
>get statue
You pick up a small statue.
>say whew!
You exclaim, "Whew!"

PUT an item in or on another object:

>put stat in MY pack
You put a small statue in your boarhide pack.
   . . .sometime later. . .
>take MY statue
You remove a small statue from in your boarhide pack.
>put stat on bench
You put a small statue on some stone benches.
You smile.

It is important when using this verb to use the keyword MY wherever you can, to avoid putting your item in a container (like a pack) that is left lying on the ground.

Use of the verb STOW is much safer, and should be used wherever possible.

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