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(Descriptions of Paintings made while using the Painting Easel to become a Master Painter)
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This Page is currently only to list the Paintings I've created on the Painting Easel purchased at Dusk Ruin 2017 on my journey to become a Master Painter.<br><br>
A Heart Painting<br>
Bright red paint has been used to create a slightly unbalanced heart in the middle of the canvas.  Not bad for a beginner!
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"Love, Love, Love" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
A Stick Figure Painting<br>
Five straight lines and a large circle form what appears to be a stick figure roughly painted on the surface of the canvas.  A beginner's creation, for sure.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"A Sticky Situation" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
A Bench Painting<br>
Slanted at an angle with no regard for perspective, the bench on the canvas would likely roll its occupants to the ground were it real.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"Sit With Me" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
A Hexagon Painting<br>
Painted upon the canvas is a single shape with six sides.  At least the coloring didn't go outside the lines.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"My Geometric Expression" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
A Bow Tie Painting<br>
Painted in black, two sideways triangles with a lopsided circle in the middle nearly takes up the entire canvas.  It looks like a bow tie.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"Black Tie" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
A Pair of Shoes Painting<br>
A pair of brown shoes have been painted amidst a tangle of laces.  A valiant attempt at a real Painting!<br>
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"Walk About" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
A Smiling Face Painting<br>
Painted centrally on the canvas is a wide circle, with two solid black dots for eyes and a thin arc for a mouth.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"Happy Days" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
A Sword Painting<br>
Taking up nearly the entire canvas, a curved blade is set upon a rectangular hilt.  Not very menacing, really.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"Sword of Doom" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
A Key Painting<br>
Haphazardly painted mid-canvas is a simple key.  Or, it might be a lockpick.  Either way, it's definitely a beginner's creation!
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"The Key to Life" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
A Star Painting<br>
Spanning the canvas from top to bottom is a six-pointed star.  It's not perfect, but it definitely looks like a star.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"Star Struck" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
A Banana Painting<br>
Split down the middle, the yellow fruit's skin is speckled in shades of black and brown, adding a splash of color to the canvas.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"Split Banana" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
An Apple Tree Painting<br>
Some bright red apples dangle from a flourishing tree painted with varied shades of browns and greens.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"An Apple A Day" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
A Flower Painting<br>
Nicely curved leaves curl down the dainty flower's stem, and each of the five oval-shaped petals have been painted a different color.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"Five Petals" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
A Coiled Snake Painting<br>
Tightly coiled and painted with interlocking diamond shapes across its skin, a snake has been painted nestled within a patch of green grass.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"Ready to Strike" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
A Cat Painting<br>
Bright green eyes gaze out from fuzzy black fur, the mammal's legs and tail angled as though ready to pounce right off the canvas.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"Crouching Cat" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
A Blue Robe Painting<br>
Deep shades of blue coupled with exceptional use of lighter tones for shading, gives the blue robe Painting<br> an incredible life-like appearance.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"Robe of Blue" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
A Sun Painting<br>
Painted on the surface of the canvas is a large yellow sun with wide lines for rays that alternate in length around the circumference of the sphere.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"Bright" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
A Beaded Necklace Painting<br>
Multicolored spherical beads are strung along a thin brown cord and are decorated with simple images.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"Beaded Jewelry" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
A Fruit Bowl Painting<br>
Well-balanced between the canvas' margins, a bluish-grey bowl sits upon a wooden table.  Grapes, oranges, and pears spill over the container, highlighting the bowl's checkered design.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"Sweet Treats" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
A Waterfall Painting<br>
Sweeping brushstrokes of deep blues and vibrant greens spill over the edge of a rocky cliffside.  An oval-shaped pool at the bottom of the waterfall is covered in lily pads.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"The Waterfall" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
An Evening Gown Painting<br>
A strapless ivory gown drapes over the edge of a low chaise covered in a multi-hued jacquard design.  A long train of sheer material grazes the mahogany floor beneath, ending in a pool of exquisitely detailed lace at the bottom of the canvas.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"A Night Out" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
A Vivid Sunset Painting<br>
Swirled and elongated brush marks through the deep aquamarine and white paint create the illusion of a turbulent ocean.  A black-sailed boat tilts sideways on the open water, and a half-circle of muted yellow orange fades into the purplish backdrop.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"Sunset Over Water" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
A Leafless Tree Painting<br>
Depicted on the canvas is an open field punctuated by a trio of bare willow trees, their limbs stark against the fading blue sky.  A lone eagle, with painted gold accents upon its wings, is perched atop a bald branch.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"Lonely, Leafless" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
A Cornucopia Painting<br>
The horn-shaped container is nestled within a red and white blanket, and the skilled use of shadows nearly brings the Painting<br> to life.  Held within are several small pumpkins and squash gourds.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"Abundance" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
A Stormy Sky Painting<br>
A large cluster of deep grey swirls hangs over a lush green field.  A trio of jagged lightning bolts have pierced the mass of clouds, splitting a lone oak tree in half, its trunk spilling off the edge of the canvas.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"Impending Storm" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
A Jewelry Box Painting<br>
Propped open and displaying a cache of rubies, a silver jewelry case is perched upon an emerald green pillow.  The contained gems gleam, their radiance captured perfectly with well-placed brush strokes and appropriately selected paint hues.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"My Case Overfloweth" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
A Graveyard Painting<br>
Stretching from one edge of the canvas to the other, a massive bronze gate topped with menacing spikes spans a dirt-covered path, a dark grey crypt looming beyond the padlocked portal.  Dark thorny brambles blanket the ground and swaddle numerous aged tombstones, some nearly half-covered with deep green moss.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"Creepers" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
A Green Bay Painting<br>
Swirls of dark greens sweep across the canvas between a magnificent rockweed-capped cliff and a brilliant cluster of club-fingered coral.  A large wave has crashed against the cliff, a foamy aftermath splattered across the jagged rocks.  The faintest outline of a ship peeks through the opalescent layers of water.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"Bay of Green" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
A Snow-Laden Vale Painting<br>
Diminutive but exceptionally detailed snowflakes are scattered across the entire canvas, silver-dappled paint mixing with off-white tones that give a shimmering appearance to the painted scene.  Surrounded by thick evergreens, the vale's peaceful stage is disrupted only by a young couple locked in a tender embrace.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"Beauty in Snow" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
A Poppy Hill Painting<br>
A vast field of bright scarlet poppies cover a rolling hill of green, the flowers creating a colorful path to a sepia-colored windmill set before a sky of pale blue.  Puffy ivory clouds seem to float across the canvas, the blurred edges smudged in grey and violet.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"Up On Poppy Hill" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
A Manor Painting<br>
Tiny crisscrossed strokes in deep green create a lacework of ivy between the foundation posts of this stately manor.  A backdrop of rich azure tones dappled with tufts of white recreates a relaxing mid-day sky.  Large rocking chairs surround fully stocked sideboards, ready to feed weary travelers.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"Home, Sweet Home" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
A Roa’ter Painting<br>
The Painting<br>'s canvas is dominated by a huge deep red roa'ter frozen in action as it bursts from stony ground.  Rocks and dirt are cast to all sides as the worm roars, row upon row of sword-like teeth disappearing within its open maw.  A humanoid, tiny by comparison, is seen in the lower left corner, arms raised defensively.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"Rolling Ground" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
A Rolton Painting<br>
Nestled in a downy bed of verdant summer grass, the baby rolton is painted snowy white, blurred brushstrokes giving her wool a dreamlike appearance.  Two tiny horns barely poke out from her head, casting a slanted shadow that accentuates her already oversized cornflower blue eyes.  The rolton's snout is open slightly in a sleepy bleat.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"A Furry Friend" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
An Ice Elemental Painting<br>
A myriad of shades of bright blue and white combine in swirling brushstrokes to depict a roiling mass of snow and ice.  Two circles painted in darker hues of azure form a pair of malevolent eyes, giving an elemental sentience to the freezing storm.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"Frozen in Time" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
A Nightmare Steed Painting<br>
Emerging from the canvas in a haze of greys is a nightmare steed, its brilliant sanguine-colored eyes stark against the fog-filled background.  The beast's pale silver mane drapes over its lightly sheened body, its midnight black hair outlined to emphasize a muscular body.  The tall steed stands reared upon a broken ground with nostrils flared and dirt-caked hooves aimed high towards an unseen foe.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"Ride the Nightmare" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
An Aivren Painting<br>
Frozen in a formidable swoop, the meticulous detail in the aivren's leathery ochre skin gives the Painting<br> a life-like appearance.  Razor-sharp claws clutch a half-eaten victim, crimson blood dripping off the end of the creature's pointed beak.  Gradient greys form deep shadows along its underbelly, and a bloated bulge is suggestive of a recent meal.
<br>In the Common language, it reads:<br>
"Swoop and Capture" -- by Jastalyn Dragorth<br><br>
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