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The Raven Explained

Category: Races
Topic: Dark Elves
Message #: 580
Date: 1/10/2016 11:05:00 PM CST
Subject: The Raven Explained

It has become apparent that a large population of Faendryl live scattered in Elanthia, far from the center of Faendryl culture in New Ta'Faendryl. The Faendryl government has begun to recognize this group as a raw, untapped resource.

Periodically, the academies will send out trainers to search the lands for those who have the potential to be Palestra, but have not had the luxury of presenting themselves to the academy. These individuals may be given a chance to earn a place in the ranks of the Palestra through a lesser academy if they can prove their skills and abilities are on par with other graduates.

Blade Schalyne has been sent to seek out those who have the abilities and desire and have already been living the life of a Palestra.

What does this all mean??

If you have spoken to Blade Schalyne, she has told you most of the following:

  • You must send me a background of your character and include the reason for wanting to train as Palestra.
  • Send me the written recommendation of two Faendryl PC's.
  • Your character must be level 20 as of 1/1/2016
  • Palestra are warriors first. Your character must be max trained in a weapon, not a runestaff (for your level) and be a someone who primarily fights with a weapon.

The written items should be sent to my no later than midnight on 1/17/2016

Eligible Faendryl that meet the criteria to be included in the Palestra Trials will be notified before 2/1/2016.

Candidates and others of Faendryl descent who wish to watch the trials will be allowed to travel to New Ta'Faendryl.

The trials will take place on 2/11 and 2/12 in the evening with a presentation ceremony on 2/13.

Blade Schalyne has three more visits to make. So if you missed her or just want to talk some more you can find her.

Tuesday evening at 9 PM EST in Landing.

Wednesday evening at 9 PM EST on Teras.

Friday evening at 9 PM EST in Ta'Illistim

I also want to clarify, this is not an official "group." No NPC will come and hold meetings or drills. This is to give those players who have been rping a Palestra and have a passion for the group, a chance to earn a place in their ranks and go forward with their rp in a more official capacity. It also opens the door for possible future events. Faendryl can now hire Palestra for protection and more, as many do in NTF. This is not an IG function, but a roleplay decision made between the Palestra and Faendryl.

~ Valyrka ~

Welcome New Blades and Sarissa and some thank yous!

Category: Races
Topic: Dark Elves
Message #: 609
Date: 02/15/2016 11:40 PM EST
Subject: Welcome New Blades and Sarissa and some thank yous!

Tonight Master Jahosk of Mahkra Academy accepted four new Palestra. They are known as Blade Arku, Blade Durakar, Blade Aurach, and Sarissa Noira. They have worked hard and have used this opportunity to show their RP skill. It was amazing to watch them in action over the last few weeks. Excellent job to you four and all those Faendryl who came to watch. You really made my week. Also, these four are for hire!

Thank you to SGM Galene and Haliste for working through this project with me as well as APM Liia. GM Scribes, GM Flannihan, and GM Mariath for their help with QC on the new area, and document and for ideas on the document.

And Thank you to the players who gave me the chance to bring this event to life.

Awesome job to everyone! Thank you!

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