Palestra Trials 5122

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The third round of Palestra Trials began Imaerasta 16, 5122 (September 16, 2022), and closed on Imaerasta 18, 5122 (September 18, 2022).


Posted by GM Valyrka

The arenas of New Ta'Faendryl will open for three days of Palestra trials. Each wandering Palestra may present their chosen candidate for trial.

Blade Schalyne Faendryl will be traveling about the lands during the first weeks of Imaerasta. She will be seeking out current Palestra who wish to present candidates for consideration. She also welcomes any without sponsorship who wish to train to come speak with her. She has been known to present her own candidates.

Candidates must be fully trained in a weapon as their primary means of combat, which does not include a runestaff. While Palestra can use magic, they are physical combatants, warriors, and fighters first.

Imaerasta 16th at 9 pm Elven (Friday Sept 16) ~ Formal reception held in Mahkra Academy with presentation of candidates. The presentation will include a demonstration of skills and proficiency with their chosen weapon. (This can be done with verbs, ACTS, weapon scripts, guild skills etc. Any way you can show off skill is acceptable.)

Imaerasta 17th at 8 pm Elven (Saturday Sept 17) ~ The Trials. This consists of a series of three battles against a candidate, Master, and finally a demon.

Imaerasta 18th at 9 pm Elven (Sunday Sept 18) ~ Closing Ceremony to conclude the trials and formally present the new members of the Palestra.

There will be a portal in the Faendryl Embassy in Ta'Illistim for all who wish to attend any of the events.


The candidates for the Palestra Trials of 5122 were Xylador, Dhairn - sponsored by Durakar, Ketsimney - sponsored by Schalyne, Anru - sponsored by Synathesia, Yardie - sponsored by Arku, and Vaeldrys, Alanisse, Tayler, and Khobra - sponsored by Brutish.


  • Day 1 - 5122 Imaerasta 16 (Opening and initial weapon skills display)
  • Day 2 - 5122 Imaerasta 17 (Trials)
  • Day 3 - 5122 Imaerasta 18 (Ceremony)

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