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Pawnshops are places where adventurers can buy and sell general goods. Each pawnshop has a "front room" to SELL items to the pawnbroker and a "back room" to BUY items recently sold by others. The front/back distinction is based on the traditional layout of Kilron's pawnshop in Wehnimer's Landing; other towns may instead display the "back room" items before the shop entrance.

Each pawnshop back room has four display tables:

  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Magic/Arcane/Arcana
  • Miscellaneous/Goods

To browse the items, use the command LOOK ON {CATEGORY} table. For example, LOOK ON WEAPON TABLE to see the available weapons. The names of the "magic" and "miscellaneous" tables may differ between shops; "arcane" and "goods" are frequent alternatives. GET or APPRAISE an item from a table to check its price, INSPECT it to see more details about its attributes, and BUY to finalize the deal.

To prevent selling valuable items by mistake, use MARK.

Some items may not be worth anything to the pawnbroker, and can be disposed of in a trash bin, barrel, case, crate, urn, or coffin found in the front room.

Unlike furriers and gemshops, pawnshops across Elanthia are subject to laws of supply and demand. Adventurers may find their pawned goods receive a reduced value if many items of a similar type sold were sold at that pawnshop.

List of Pawnshops

Town Pawnshop RNUM
Cysaegir Urgaen's Pawnshop 17162
Icemule Trace Bumblefinger's Pawnshop 2463
Kraken's Fall Bushybrow's Collectibles 28940
Mist Harbor Cendadric's Collectibles 16352
Northern Caravansary Finders-Sellers Pawnshop 9272
River's Rest Relynard's Pawnshop 10950
Solhaven North 'Haven Pawnery 5712
Sylvarraend Sylvarraend Pawn and Thrift 10067
Ta'Illistim Old News Pawnshop 4599
Ta'Vaalor Secondhand Wares 10380
Teras Isle Company Store Pawnbroker 1885
Vornavis Caravansary Vornavis Caravansary Pawnshop 13014
Wehnimer's Landing Kilron's Pawnshop 409
Wehnimer's Landing/Elven village Sorsha's Second Hand Goods 28652
Zul Logoth Hortemeyer's Pre-Owned Goods 9478