Phantom Gatekeeper

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The Phantom Gatekeeper was a mocking representation of the goddess Lorminstra. It was a dark, hooded figure who guarded the cursed gate of The Graveyard, slamming it shut and shaking its keys at trespassers. These were symbolic of the Keys to the Gates of Oblivion, which were opened by the keys of "Life" and "Death". There was also a key for the "Void", the forbidden one which must never be used. The gate would look like it was on fire, due to being made out of bronze, but topped with iron. When blasted open, the iron hinges released a blizzard of dark red rust, resembling a flame burst.

Phantoms were significant for having no awareness of their past or present state of existence, originating in very long imprisonments that bind them in eternal hopelessness. This may have been symbolic of Oblivion, where identity and memory washed away. The Empress Kadaena was portrayed grotesquely, possibly emphasizing her transformative nature. The Dark Path was seemingly proposing being "lost to the demonic" as a superior fate to Death.