Phosphorescent worm

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Phosphorescent worm
Level 16
Family Worm family creatures
Body Type Worm
Classification(s) Living
Area(s) Found Thurfel's Keep
HP 150
Attack Attributes
Physical Attacks
Charge 154 AS
Defense Attributes
 ? ASG
Defensive Strength (DS)
Melee 84
Unarmed Defense Factor
Target Defense (TD)
Bard Base 45 - 51
Cleric Base
Empath Base
Paladin Base 42
Ranger Base
Sorcerer Base 42 - 54
Wizard Base
Minor Elemental 48
Major Elemental
Minor Spiritual
Major Spiritual
Minor Mental
Treasure Attributes
Magic Items

The phosphorescent worm bears similarities to an earthworm, except it is considerably larger. The beast has a gaping maw filled with tiny sharp teeth. The phosphorescent slime coating the worm serves to both protect the beast and perhaps distract its foes.

This creature is found in the subarea Thurfel's Cellar within Thurfel's Keep.

Hunting strategies

The phosphorescent worm has a maneuver attack with yet-unknown consequences, affecting all creatures and players in the room:

A searing wave of white light flows out from a phosphorescent worm!

The wave of white envelops you!
You're unaffected by the light.
The wave of white light emanating from the phosphorescent worm envelops a massive grahnk.
The massive grahnk is unaffected by the wave of white light.
The wave of white light emanating from the phosphorescent worm envelops a luminous arachnid.
The luminous arachnid is unaffected by the wave of white light.

Other information

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