Physical Fitness

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Physical Fitness is a skill that increases hitpoints, hitpoint regeneration rate, and is the only primary skill for DFRedux. This skill also increases maximum stamina, stamina regeneration rate, resistance to disease and poison, aids in some climbing or swimming checks, and increases resistance to some maneuver-based attacks.

Maximum Hitpoints

Every rank of Physical Fitness gives a character an amount of hitpoints, however, there is a maximum amount of hitpoints a character can have based on his or her race. The actual maximum is the number on the chart below plus the character's constitution statistic bonus.

Maximum hitpoints based on Race
Aelotoi Burghal Gnome Dark Elf Dwarf Elf Erithian Forest Gnome Giantman Half-Elf Half- Krolvin Halfling Human Sylvan- kind
120 90 120 140 130 120 100 200 135 165 100 150 130