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Category: Rogues
Topic: Locksmithing and Traps
Message #: 5141
Author: GS4-ILDRAN (GM Ildran)
Date: 8/6/2005 5:19:09 PM
Subject: Factors for Success

IOI: 4

Okay, here are the factors for success at each of the three tasks, by default, in a very particular order. Some traps may add their own modifiers. I don't think there's anything revolutionary here.

Spotting traps:
Helps - Disarm skill, Intuition bonus, Perception skill, Traplore, Presence, Self Control, good lighting, Lucksong (helps your luck)
Hurts - Trap discovery difficulty, wounds, amunet, Sounds, Interference, Weapon Deflection, bad lighting, fog, fumbles

Disarming traps:
Helps - Disarm skill, Dexterity bonus, Lucksong (helps your luck), Traplore, Self Control, good lighting, "modding down"
Hurts - Trap disarming difficulty, fumbles, amunet, Sounds, Interference, Weapon Deflection, bad lighting, fog, wounds

Helps - Picking skill, Dexterity bonus, Locklore, lockpick, open rolls, "modding down"
Hurts - Wounds, not enough skill for the used lockpick, fumbles

- Consigliere Ildran, Shizlock Holmesplice