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Winners! (May 13, 2015)

Howdy everyone!

I went through the pages and work done on this contest and by my own very special and highly scientific means, selected those editors whose contributions have earned them either an RPA or a combination of RPA and Alter! [Note: If you would prefer a feature alt, lightening or deepening, that is also an option, if you qualify for the alter reward!].

Below are the winners names and I will follow up by email with each of you concerning what you specifically won and with instructions on how to redeem it. If your name is below and you don't hear from me within the next few days, then please contact me! (I will be emailing to your accounts) If you think your name belongs on the list, but isn't there, then likewise, contact me and I'll be happy to check on your contributions! Thanks everyone for your participation and making the wiki an even more helpful tool for our game's players! GS4-SCRIBES (talk) 09:54, 13 May 2015 (CDT)

Winners List


GS Page

Contest Over!

Howdy folks, our contest is over and I will be reviewing all edits/additions/etc made since it's start and will be contacting those who participated via at least e-mail at your addresses (but will possibly list names on the forums) concerning what rewards participants have garnered! Thank you for all your hard work! GS4-SCRIBES (talk) 16:04, 9 March 2015 (CDT)


The GemstoneIV Wiki currently hosts a few guides, and I'd like to incentivize that work, with RPAs and alterations if need be. What we are looking for are newbie guides, both a profession-specific guide for each profession and a general guide. The general guide should assume a wide-eye newbie who has absolutely no knowledge of the game.

In wiki spirit, these will be collaborative guides. There will be, for example, one sorcerer guide, and all the sorcerer players that want to input in it need to collaboratively work on that single guide rather than every man, woman or alien coming up with their own individual guide.

Likewise, there will not be a single winner, but everyone who makes a significant edit to a collaborative guide wins. Prizes include liberal use of the RPA command and free alterations to be festooned out at my discretion.


The collaborative guide is a newbie guide. It should be aimed at people who have limited to no experience with GemStone. Professional guides should not spoil any puzzles that might exist connected to joining the professional guild, but can cover mechanics. Likewise, the general guide should be a severely newbie guide. We're talking stuff like "What's a warrior?" and how to engage in simple tasks like selling gems or buying herbs and so on. Optimally a total newbie can read the general guide and get a sense of how the first steps of their character's life will go.

All guides and entries will be hosted on the Gemstone Wiki. Entries sent via e-mail, carrier pigeon or what have you will not be accepted.

This will, of course, be an ongoing project as the game is updated and changes are made, but for purposes of the contest, for entries to be considered, the edits must be made prior to the stroke of midnight on March 8th (as in, 12:01 will be the 9th).

FAQs by GM Scribes

Q: What counts as a substantial edit?

A: Generally, we are looking for actual additions or significant stylistic edits to the page, not just grammar checks. Beyond that, it will come down to what myself or fellow judges deem appropriately fit that definition.

Q: I have no idea how to edit a wiki, can I participate?

A: Yup. Plain text submission is acceptable as long as it's a substantial edit. We encourage you to learn how to stylize a wiki -- it's quite easy! -- but it's not a requirement.

Q: I am a Gamehost/Mentor/Etc and want to participate, can I?

A: This is open to all players, including our player-volunteers. Use your player accounts to contribute and they will be judged on the same criteria as all other players.

Q: I already wrote a guide, can I still participate?

A: Yup. Existing guides can be used as templates or taken in whole/part for the collaborative guide. If this is done, the original author gets credit for the edit.

Q: I want to work on multiple guides, do I get multiple prizes?

A: If you get an alteration, that's one per person. Multiple RPAs may be given out.

Where to Start Editing

In order to keep the title of pages uniform and to provide a spot for everyone to focus their attention on, please use the following pages as the center of your activities. In some of these, you can obviously paste existing material into them that you have already started working on. Also, this will help me keep track of what y'all are putting into the contest!

Also, as wisely suggested, please categorize all guide pages with a New Player category. Gracias!

Guide Links

  • Character guide Note: This might be better served incorporated into the NEw Players' Guide above, or the subject matter in it touched upon in the New Player Guide with links to this guide for more in-depth information.

Professional Guides

Guides to New Character Drop Points (Optional)