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Category: Help for Players
Topic: Policy Discussions
Message #: 254
Date: 01/23/2017 11:37 PM EST
Subject: Vulgarity Updates

We are in the process of updating our vulgarity policy to include some new terms and refreshing some terms we previously monitored to either be more or less severe.

Other terms that may have been on the list are still on the list, I'm just going over the updates.

While I cannot go into details due to the nature of this update (as in saying these things), I will give you some tips.

  • Extreme racial slurs are moving into an official warning from just a simple nudge. This does not include Elanthian terms.
  • The F-word, all variations, masked and acronyms will be an official warning. Some very common internet acronyms are included here, but we had to make a ruling that was consistent.
  • Graphic description of a sexual act against or regarding a non-consenting party is moving into an official warning from a soaping. If you have consent, go somewhere private.
  • Additional graphic language in relation to genitalia has been added to the official warning list.
  • Not-so-graphic genitalia terms have been separated and are now a soaping instead of an official warning.
  • Mild vulgarity that could be related to the genitalia has been dropped to a nudge from a soaping or an official warning.

If you have to ask about something, it's probably not a word to use in GemStone IV.

There will be no leeway going forward. Multiple words in a single form of speech will result in multiple infractions.

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