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Premium - PCALC (PPs) Update · on 12/9/2009 3:37:26 AM 64

Hello everyone,

The following changes were officially rolled in earlier this tonight for Premium Point costs in terms of PCALC:

Resistant Armor: Changed from flat 1500 surcharge to: (Sum of Resistance Bonuses (offset for penalties) / 10) * 1000

Enchanting defender items: Changed from Not Permitted to 2*bonus surcharge

No longer double counts attack scripts as flaring surcharge and scripted surcharge.

No longer charges for temporary enhancements.

Added 600 point surcharge for spiked items.

Added Permanent Enhancives according to the formula: (Adv Guild Cost to recharge * Item Enchant) / 250

For the perma enhancives, an example:

So, for example, a player kills a krolvin warfarer and finds a rapier with plus = 12, +2 Constitution Bonus, +3 Ambush Ranks.

Duane, the Adv. Guild rewards guy, will recharge the rapier for 12780 Bounty Points per 10 charges. If a player wants to get it enchanted to +17, then the cost would be:

(Final Enchant bonus * 100) -- Base enchanting cost to increase to +17 + (12780 * 17)/250 = 869 -- Enhancive item -- Total = 1700 + 869= 2569 Premium Points

Note that with quite a few of the formulas/points above (such as the spiking and the enchanting permanent enhancives), they have been in use for quite some time when such items were worked on/negotiated already, though never reflected in PCALC itself.

This update is reflected in Premium 9 but is not yet updated on the website. Please direct ALL questions or comments regarding this to the Benefits folder of the Four Winds category.

This message was originally posted in Four Winds Hall/Premium, Benefits. To discuss the above follow the link below.