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Category: Four Winds Hall/Premium
Topic: Benefits
Message #: 64
Date: 12/9/2009 3:37:26 AM
Subject: PCALC (PPs) Update

Hello everyone,

The following changes were officially rolled in earlier this tonight for Premium Point costs in terms of PCALC:

Resistant Armor: Changed from flat 1500 surcharge to: (Sum of Resistance Bonuses (offset for penalties) / 10) * 1000

Enchanting defender items: Changed from Not Permitted to 2*bonus surcharge

No longer double counts attack scripts as flaring surcharge and scripted surcharge.

No longer charges for temporary enhancements.

Added 600 point surcharge for spiked items.

Added Permanent Enhancives according to the formula: (Adv Guild Cost to recharge * Item Enchant) / 250

For the perma enhancives, an example:

So, for example, a player kills a krolvin warfarer and finds a rapier with plus = 12, +2 Constitution Bonus, +3 Ambush Ranks.

Duane, the Adv. Guild rewards guy, will recharge the rapier for 12780 Bounty Points per 10 charges. If a player wants to get it enchanted to +17, then the cost would be:

(Final Enchant bonus * 100) -- Base enchanting cost to increase to +17 + (12780 * 17)/250 = 869 -- Enhancive item

Total = 1700 + 869= 2569 Premium Points

Note that with quite a few of the formulas/points above (such as the spiking and the enchanting permanent enhancives), they have been in use for quite some time when such items were worked on/negotiated already, though never reflected in PCALC itself.

This update is reflected in Premium 9 but is not yet updated on the website. Please direct ALL questions or comments regarding this to the Benefits folder of the Four Winds category.

This message was originally posted in Four Winds Hall/Premium, Benefits. To discuss the above follow the link below.

Category: Four Winds Hall/Premium
Topic: Benefits
Message #: 1400
Author: GS4-JAINNA
Date: 3/15/2014 9:31 AM
Subject: Re: EZ scripts using Sadie Scrolls

Original question by Rohese: I was hoping to add another EZscript to Roh's book using premium points. The original 3 were added by other means so this is the first time I will be using a Sadie Scroll on it. I was hoping to use the points on my second account and wondered if the point deduction as per Premium 9 [EZscript - 1200 (one action), 600 (second action, and all subsequent actions] related to the item itself or the account using the points i.e. if I were to add another script in the future using my first account instead, do I get charged the 1200 again or 600.

Thanks in advance!

According to PREMIUM 9 and the PTB, if it's the first EZscript your item is getting, it's 1200 points. If it's a subsequent action, it's 600 points. So, if your item already has a few EZscripts on it, an additional one would cost 600 points. And any others you added on after that would also be 600 points each.

~Just Jainna

Category: Four Winds Hall/Premium
Topic: Benefits
Message #: 1583
Author: GS4-JAINNA
Date: 10/13/2014 04:24 PM EDT
Subject: Re: Alteration scrolls

>>I'm pretty sure I understand auto-scipting

Autoscript doesn't use a scroll. That one is done in the Lighthouse Specialty Shop. It does cost points (only 100).

EZscript is the one that uses a scroll. You'd pick up a scroll for the item you want to add a script to and then you'd pick a verb, like TURN in your example. You'd then have to come up with what happens if you TURN your item. So, let's say you picked a weapon of some kind. You'd want to get your scroll and type WRITE NEW I'd like to EZscript my broadsword. Please add TURN to my broadsword with the following actions: 1st person: You turn your broadsword over and over in your hands, checking for any flaws. 3rd person: Bubba turns his broadsword over and over in his hands. After a moment, he gives a brief nod of satisfaction.

Both the Autoscripter and the EZscripts are permanent.

Altering or enhancing or doing anything with scroll disappearing: sometimes the item disappears during the WRITE ACCEPT process. If it gets stuck, it could take a few days for Sadie to notice and give it a nudge so it comes back to you. But ordinarily, the transaction between WRITE ACCEPT and when you get your item back is merely minutes. The item does not disappear for the whole time you're working on the scroll... only at the very end when you're ready to redeem it.

Enhancing... I'm not sure about some of your questions because I'm not sure how enhancives work in terms of when do you lose a charge, etc. But enhancives made with Premium points are permanent, they just have charges. Your item would be always enhanced, but when you run out of charges, you would need to get it recharged (via Adventurer's Guild, Merchant service, etc). The enhancement won't disappear completely. If that makes sense, heh.

~Just Jainna

Category: Four Winds Hall/Premium
Topic: Benefits
Message #: 1659
Author: GS4-JAINNA
Date: 11/26/2014 10:37 PM EST
Subject: Premium Point Price Changes!

I have good news! Several Premium Point prices are falling!

Starting tonight, Lighten and Deepen will each cost 100 points instead of 400 when using your Sadie scrolls.

Alterations will now cost 300 instead of 400.

And for a limited time only (until 12/24/14) the Autoscripter will only cost 50 points to use! This is to give you all an opportunity to use it to make gifts for people (or yourself) for the holidays!

If anyone purchased a lighten, deepen, or alteration in the last three months via scroll, you can email GM Tamuz or post here on the boards to discuss a reimbursement of some of the points you may have spent!

PREMIUM 9 has changed to reflect these new prices. Enjoy!

~Just Jainna

Category: Four Winds Hall/Premium
Topic: Benefits
Message #: 1925
Author: GS4-JAINNA
Date: 08/30/2015 09:09 PM EDT
Subject: Script Surcharge Changes

Before, it was maddeningly difficult to try to calculate your surcharges for enchanting/padding/flaring certain scripted items via Sadie scroll. Not only was it confusing but some scripts ended up with pretty big surcharges! For instance, Voln Armor could end up costing a lot of points because of all the different things the script added that got it's own surcharge.

Well, no more!

Functionally scripted items now cost a FLAT amount regardless of the extra stuff it does. There are two tiers of functional scripts.

One is "complex" that will cost a flat 1200 point surcharge. The ONLY scripts that are currently deemed "complex" are - Ithzir Armor, Voln Armor, and NerveStaves.

The other is "simple" and includes EVERYTHING ELSE (except fusion) and costs a flat 600 point surcharge.

Purely fluff scripts still cost nothing.

The ONLY script that doesn't fit into this mold is Fusion. Fusion will work as it did before. As like before, you will get charged for the enhancive aspect but do not get charged a scripting surcharge. This hasn't changed.

What has changed is I've updated the language in the PREMIUM 9 SURCHARGE section for fusion to make more sense in all situations. "Fusion items should be treated as if they were enhancive items that would cost 150k silvers (9000 bounty points) to recharge. For example, a +25 Fusion item going to +30 would have a: (9000 * 30) / 250 = 1080 surcharge. Or, padding a +25 fusion item would have a (9000 * 25) / 250 = 900 surcharge." Before, that second formula example was not listed, so now it is there so you can calculate your costs when PADDING or FLARING fusion items.

And finally... REFUNDS! Whaaat? Yes, we will be offering refunds to anyone who got an item padded, enchanted, or flared DURING HSN that got charged a surcharge that is MORE than the new surcharge. This should only affect a small number of people who got work done on things like Voln Armor or NerveStaves. In order to receive a refund, you'll need to email and let him know your account name, character, and item you had worked on that you think requires a refund. Refunds will occur on a case by case basis.

You'll also notice in PREMIUM 9 that the sale has been extended until September 13th!

Thank you to GM Wyrom and all the other GMs who had a hand in making this possible!

~Just Jainna