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General Tips

Category: Four Winds Hall/Premium
Topic: Homes
Message #: 122
Date: 10/10/2011 07:40 PM CEST
Subject: Re: New to Homes

You can't put things on the table, but you are able to interact with the furniture. You can sit, stand and lie on the bed, the rug, the floor, even the table. Go over and lean on the wall for a bit. Pull your chair to the window and sit in it. Open the chair to pull out a new one, or close it to pull them all back together. Stand on the bed and jump on it, or jump from the bed to the table. Close the window for privacy, or keep it open so people can peer in and know you're at home.


SimuCon 2008

Category: Four Winds Hall
Topic: Premium Homes
Message #: 1684
Author: GRANTA
Date: 8/9/2008 1:30:00 PM
Subject: Simucon announcements for Premium Homes

Rewriting premium homes. New features! Even ones we've wanted.

Multi room homes.

Indoor/outdoor homes.

In house storage. Like a locker, but not as big. "A few items."

Not as restricted by class of neighborhood. Extra rooms are exponentially more expensive.

Blueprint building plans. You buy a blueprint instead of buying walls and poof, walls.

Design facility to make the layout of your home.

Everyone can design blueprints, not just premium users.

Property taxes. Prepaying for a short duration.

If you own a home, you'll have exactly the same home in the new system. Done automatically.