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GemStone IV Prime HARDCORE

Welcome to GemStone IV Prime HARDCORE. This contest was created in Gemstone Platinum by Kithus/Brinret and others, and I believe there is enough interest to duplicate the even in Gemstone Prime. Much of the structure of this event will be taken directly from the Platinum instance, which is currently ongoing and can be found here: Platinum HARDCORE.The basic essence of the contest is simple. You make a new character, in GemStone IV Prime, and if the character dies, you are out. With that basic premise out of the way we will get into the various rules that need to be put into place to ensure a fair competition. Please keep in mind that this contest is run primarily on an honor system and we are trusting participants to follow the rules.

Contest Rules

  • All participants, upon creation, must post in the GemStone IV Prime HARDCORE thread to include their HARDCORE character's name, race and profession. Said characters must be created on or after November 1st, 2017.
  • Upon death you should submit a post to the thread informing the community of the character’s death and immediately delete the character. Inventory may be transferred to a non-HARDCORE character prior to deletion. Should you wish to create a new character for the HARDCORE competition, you must select a different name than the one used previously.
  • HARDCORE characters must be self-spelled. This means no outside spells may be used. Spells the character can activate themselves from Magic Items or Scrolls are permitted. Automatic group spells such as (but not limited to) Benediction (307), Warding Sphere (310), Kai's Triumph Song (1007), and Song of Tonis (1035) are permitted when hunting with other HARDCORE characters. Group spells that remain once the character leaves the hunting group such as (but not limited to) Mass Blurs (911), Mass Colors (611), and Mass Elemental Defense (419) are not permitted.
  • Participation in Profession Guilds, to include giving and receiving training is permitted to include the use of both HARDCORE and Non-HARDCORE characters. MAing your training partner is not permitted.
  • Participation in Societies, to include tasks requiring the direct involvement of other characters is permitted, as is the use of both HARDCORE and Non-HARDCORE characters to complete said tasks. MAing the required participants is not permitted.
  • The Artisan Skill Fletching is permitted beginning at level 0. Crafting and Forging of no more than two weapon types is permitted once the HARDCORE character has reached level 20. Training in Cobbling and the remaining weapon types is permitted once the character reaches level 40.
  • HARDCORE characters are not to be hunted with non-HARDCORE characters. Further, while playing more than 1 HARDCORE character at a time is permitted, MAing HARDCORE characters for group hunting purposes or any other unforseen benefits is not permitted. (No HARDCORE MA armies, please!)
  • The use of secondary characters for the purposes of locker storage, audience repetitions, experience gain, or any other benefit is not permitted.
  • Items and silver may not be obtained from other characters. This means nothing may be received from another character or player shop. All silver and inventory must be earned by the HARDCORE character. NPC shop purchases are permitted. Items the HARDCORE character obtained from a merchant, including raffles and merchant services, are permitted. Use of the pawnshop is allowed. However, no attempts should be made to knowingly buy or sell items to purposefully supply HARDCORE characters.
  • The taking or use of items left on the town bench, donation bin, or other communal containers is not permitted, though HARDCORE characters are free to donate items. HARDCORE characters may not take or make use of any items or silver found laying on the ground unless generated by the game itself (truffles, smooth stones, etc).
  • Items from a grand auction, Duskruin, Delirium Manor or other "pay to play", or "1 win per account" sources are not permitted. Items from Reim are permitted but only from your daily free Reim run. Prizes obtained from OOG competitions or rewards such as (but not limited to) the Premium Monthly Submission contest, Indiegogo campaigns, GM/Gamehost/Mentor rewards, and CHE/MHO rewards are not permitted.
  • No outside services from OTHER CHARACTERS are allowed. This includes:
    • Armor skills
    • Artisan Skills
    • Blessing
    • Enchanting/Ensorcelling/Elemental Resistance
    • Healing
    • Locksmithing
    • Mass spells
    • Society or Adventure Guild resources (Pelts, Gems, Herbs, etc)
  • NOTE: The use of Bards for the purposes of Loresinging is permitted.
  • Deaths resulting from PvP, direct GameMaster action, or GAME WIDE outage are exempt. Also any death that is a required part of a task that may or may not exist for a specific society is exempt.
  • GemStone IV Prime HARDCORE characters cannot use any item purchased with Simucoins. Similar items found normally are allowed.
  • Gemstone IV Prime HARDCORE characters cannot use any mechanically beneficial item or service obtained via Premium Points, nor can HARDCORE characters use the free X a day Premium spell items.
  • GemStone IV Prime HARDCORE characters should toggle on the ability to view their level in their profiles.


The biggest reward is the honor and prestige from your fellow GemStone IV Prime HARDCORE players. That said, to make it interesting, I will be offering the following prizes to participants:

  • Upon reaching level 20 a GemStone IV Prime HARDCORE character can show their Lord/Lady title to Glanvis for a 1 million silver reward payable to a non-HARDCORE character of their choice. The first character to achieve this level will receive a reward of 2 million silver.
  • Upon reaching level 40 a GemStone IV Prime HARDCORE character can show their Great Lord/Lady title to Glanvis for a 5 million silver reward payable to a non-HARDCORE character of their choice. The first character to achieve this level will receive a reward of 10 million silver.
  • Upon reaching level 70 a GemStone IV Prime HARDCORE character can show their High Lord/Lady title to Glanvis for a 10 million silver reward payable to a non-HARDCORE character of their choice. The first character to achieve this level will receive a reward of 20 million silver.
  • Upon reaching level 100 a GemStone IV Prime HARDCORE character can show their Grand Lord/Lady title to Glanvis for a 25 million silver reward payable to a non-HARDCORE character. The first character to achieve this level will receive a reward of 50 million silver and the adulation of his peers! Additionally the HARDCORE character is now exempt from deletion on death.
  • F2P HARDCORE characters will be awarded the same silver prize as the first character to reach each level milestone regardless of their time to reach said level range (20, 40, 70, 100). Use of F2P only Simucoin items such as spell or society passes is allowed, though doing so disqualifies the HARDCORE character from receiving the F2P reward bonus.

HARDCORE Adventurers Questing

Name Race Profession Level Strongest Foe Location
Halier Dark Elf Sorcerer 8 Manticore Landing
Rambals Human Cleric 8 Lesser Shade Landing
Mirienda Erithian Sorcerer 7 Grizzled Thyril Ta'Vaalor
Eskoff Dwarf Warrior 8 Ancient Dark Apparition Icemule Trace
Ardkor Dwarf Cleric 11 Ancient Death Dirge Landing
Tinesia (F2P) Elf Ranger 3
Caitis (mk 2) Dwarf Ranger 7 Grizzled Thyril Icemule
Mortalite Giantkin Bard Landing
Anthola Giantkin Paladin 8 Grizzled Thyril
Feffiny Burghal Gnome Paladin 2 Icemule
Tannellen Elf Paladin 10 Manticore Landing
Tannae Giantkin Paladin 7 Grizzled Fanged Rodent Ta'Vaalor
Isen Giantkin Paladin 4 Landing
Dwarden Elf Cleric 8 Grizzled Bobcat Ta'Vaalor
Asheldia Erithian Empath 8 Death Dirge Landing
Veweld Gnome Wizard 6 Coyote Landing
Phyrgon Half-Krolvin Wizard 2
Arrisie Elf Empath 5 Giant Ant Landing
Unofer Dwarf Wizard 6 Greater Kappa Landing
Mazikene (F2P) Aelotoi Wizard 8 Death Dirge Ta'Vaalor
Bakugo (F2P) Aelotoi Ranger 4 Water Moccasin Ta'Vaalor
Hartkorre Giantkin Paladin 5 Lesser Orc
Khrayla Half-Krolvin Warrior 6 a grizzled fanged rodent Ta'Vaalor
Khanne Halfling Wizard 4 Sea Nymph Landing
Izzire Forest Gnome Ranger 6 Greater Orc Landing
Zappaz Half-Elf Ranger Ta'Vaalor
Hagmar (F2P) Dark Elf Rogue 5 Grizzled Cave Gnome Landing
Anaguar Half-elf Monk 0 Landing
Hareyk Dwarf Empath 3 Water Witch Solhaven
Turnipero Giantkin Bard 5 Hobgoblin Landing
Yhall Giantkin Warrior 3 Sea Nymph
Viserys Elf Warrior Ta'Illistim
Rogert Dwarf Warrior 5 Relnak Landing

Fallen Heroes

Name Race Profession Level Killed By
Caitis Dwarf Ranger 3 White Vysan
Eannat Giantkin Paladin 2 Dark Vysan
Ranehd Dark Elf Sorcerer 3 Ghoul
Moguchaya Half-Krolvin Monk 6 3x lesser orcs
Trixsi (F2P) Dark Elf Wizard 4 Dark Apparition
Zlaine Half-Krolvin Monk 6 Spotted Lynx
Harminius (F2P) Halfling Rogue 5 Red Scarab

HARDCORE Leaderboards

Title Achievement Name
First Lord/Lady
First Great Lord/Lady
First High Lord/Lady
First Grand Lord/Lady
Adventurer's Guild Achievements Name
First to 100 Adventurer's Guild Tasks - Variant
First to 500 Adventurer's Guild Tasks - Variant
First Expeditioniary/Quester
First Epic Adventurer/Campaign Leader
Society Achievements Name
First Voln Master
First CoL Master
First Sunfist Master
Artisan Skill Achievements Name
First Master Fletcher
First Master Crafstman
First Master Blacksmith
First Master Forger
First Master Cobbler
Profession Guild Achievements Name
First Master of Any Guild Skill
First Guildmaster - Profession
Locksmithing Achievements Difficulty Modifier Name
Hardest Lock Picked
Hardest Trap Disarmed

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