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Private properties are structures owned by private individuals who must pay a monthly rent. They are different from SimuCoin private properties in that if the owner fails to pay rent, they will be repossessed and distributed to another character on a paid account, usually via auction or raffle. Properties inside of towns often require the owner to have citizenship of that town (e.g. Aies apartment in Ta'Illistim).

Deeded properties are unique unto themselves and can be somewhat customized by the owner upon winning the property deed. Only 1 deeded property can be owned per account (including SimuCoin private properties), but they do NOT replace or restrict the purchase of Premium homes. Unlike Premium homes the properties are not automatically open to all characters on the account nor restricted to one guest; instead they are locked (or not!) using special keys which can be duplicated only by GameMasters and then distributed by the owner.

IMT=Icemule Trace, KD=Kharam Dzu, MH=Mist Harbor, PTP=Pinefar, RR=River's Rest, SOL=Solhaven, TI=Ta'Illistim, TV=Ta'Vaalor, WL=Wehnimer's Landing, ZL=Zul Logoth

Legacy Property Name Location Plat Description/Owner Prime Description/Owner Magical Workshop?
Crystal Dome IMT Faulkil N
Dark Tower IMT Jesphian N
Gelidity House IMT N
Manor Olea KD Camaenor Island Oasis N
Marc's Workshop KD House on the Rock Isle Retreat Y
Mesmere Bungalow KD N
Nighthawk's Workshop KD The Modwir Bremerial Y
Trymble's Workshop KD Brinret (The Indolence) Nordred's Barge Y
Coral Villa MH Qadheon Dergoatean N
Misted Cottage MH N
Stone Manor MH Magnolia Manor Bertoch N
The Carillion Mobile Elrodin N
The Falcon Mobile Nuadjha N
Talon Redoubt PTP N
Cozy Cottage RR Plat Only N
Smuggler's Tower RR N
BayVigil Houseboat SOL Kazuto (The Revelry) BayVigil Houseboat N
Methais' Home SOL Prime Only Methais N
Narcis Hold SOL Prime Only N
Tidewater Cottage SOL Kiel Plat Only N
Evelise's Retreat TI Issalya (Villa Valdarien) N
Library Aies Apartment TI Nilandia Vielontoz N
Stormwild Manor TI Katara N
Tower of the Queen TI Cassae Plat Only Y
Alabaster Bastion TV N
Twilight Parlor TV Grimgul Y
Yander's Farm TV Prime Only N
Garden Cottage WL N
Hart Lodge WL Rouste (Morning Cottage) Kestrel's Perch N
Kodos's Cottage WL Caithris (Riverloft Keep) Public museum Y
Lornon's Shadow WL Berbels Plat Only N
Pan's Place WL The Dragon's Lair Ardwen Y
Tedra's Workshop WL Valmos's Cottage Greystorm Manor/Syphaer Y
Thrak Suite WL N
Ye Oddity Workshop WL Public museum Y
Muirgheal Manor ZL Talryssa N