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PsiNet was a third-party software written by Jamus' player, it was shut down around 2009 or 2010. Unlike a lot of third-party software written for GemStone, it was closed source. PsiNet had many functions that were useful to players of GS:


When a player kills and searches a creature, the program records what the creature drops and logs it on the PsiNet website so any player can see the approximate drop rates of various items by various creatures. This list is now unavailable.


Users could message one another no matter if the recipient was on or offline.


A built in library with game information not unlike GSWiki.


Players could chat worldwide outside of the amunet system. (This function is now widely used in The Lich.)


Players could set any key combination to do any command, or set of commands. Spell numbers were automatically set to incant the appropriate spell. (This function is now widely used in The Lich.)


Players could look into containers and see items organized in categories instead of big blocks of text. (This function is now widely used in The Lich.)

Travel Script

Many game rooms were assigned room numbers and could be gone to automatically using a simple one step command. (This function is now widely used in The Lich, see Script Go2.)

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