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==See also==
==See also==
*[[Character guide]]
*[[Character guide]]
*[[Disarm Weapon]]
*[[Limb Disruption]]
*[[Weapon Fire]]
[[category:New Player]][[category:Basic Mechanics]][[category:Verbs]]
[[category:New Player]][[category:Basic Mechanics]][[category:Verbs]]

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REGISTER is a verb mainly used to register items and their properties into a database only accessible by GameMasters in the event of item loss. It is also used to select a surname at each respective town's clerk.

One should register every item of importance to him or her.

Most merchants will register an item under your character before returning it to you when working on it. Players should re-register items if they have been further enchanted, ensorcelled or altered in any way by another player's character.

One can INSPECT an item to see how long ago it was registered.

Whether an item is registered will appear in parentheses after an item in a locker manifest.


Locker manifest

On a weapon rack:
65 a blackened mithglin hatchet with a stout fel haft
66 a fir-handled rolaren-spiked maul
67 some supple kidskin gloves embroidered with veniom threads
68 a perfect vultite maul with black rolton fleece wound about its haft (registered) (marked)
69 some brilliant white boots reinforced with veniom threads (registered)
70 some brilliant white boots reinforced with veniom threads
71 some supple kidskin gloves embroidered with veniom threads
72 a monir-hilted vaalorn short sword (marked)
73 a glaes-banded silvery orase staff
74 a crystal-hafted void black warlance (registered)


>register my staff
Your item, "a faenor-banded silvery lor staff", has been registered. Please remember that this is not proof of ownership.
>insp my staf
You carefully inspect your silvery lor staff.

After a careful inspection you determine that a faenor-banded silvery lor staff requires skill in twohanded weapons to use effectively.

You remember that you registered this item about a minute ago.

It looks like this item has been mainly crafted out of lor.

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