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[Poiret & Company, Salesroom]
Wainscoted panels of the highest quality have been pieced together to create this prim and airy boutique, almost indistinguishable from a standing shop in any fine city. A gold-legged display case houses a variety of fine handkerchiefs, while an array of pillow-topped pedestals show off tasteful gloves. A beautiful melange of tasteful and exotic scents meanders through the room.
Obvious exits: east, west, out
We at Poiret & Company continue the proud tradition of bringing you the finest goods Ta'Illistim has to offer.
To the east and west, we present special perfumes in tribute to the sights and scents of Ta'Illistim and the Turamzzyrian Empire, respectively.
And before you now, we present fine gloves and handkerchiefs capable of retaining and flaunting these and other fine fragrances.
Appreciate them all as testaments to our civilization's exquisitude.
~ P & Co.

In the gold-legged display case you see:

a crisp white cotton handkerchief for sale 1
a simple linen handkerchief for sale 1
a frilly lace-bordered handkerchief for sale 1
a lovely silken handkerchief for sale 1

On the array of pillow-topped pedestals you see:

a perfumed certificate for sale 1
some pleated black velvet gloves for sale 1
a pair of white lace gloves for sale 1
some fur-lined leather gloves for sale 1
some delicate kidskin gloves for sale 1

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