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|profession= Magister of the [[Hall_of_Mages | Imperial Hall of Mages]]
|profession= Magister of the [[Hall_of_Mages | Imperial Hall of Mages]]
|affiliations=[[Cairnfang Manor]]
|affiliations=[[Cairnfang Manor]], [[Order of the Shadow]]

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Raelee Anza Svala
RaeleeSvala SelfPortrait.jpg
Magister Raelee Svala, as rendered by her player
Race [[Human]]
Culture [[Chastonia]]
Class Wizard
Profession Magister of the Imperial Hall of Mages
Religion Fash'lo'nae
Affiliation(s) Cairnfang Manor, Order of the Shadow
[[Category: Human player characters]] [[Category: Chastonia player characters]]
Raelee Svala, as rendered by MAZEIKISJ

Magister Raelee Anza Svala was a human wizard and member of the Imperial Hall of Mages from the Earldom of Chastonia, active in Solhaven and elsewhere across the continent of Elanith during the 5000s to 5110s.


You see Magister Raelee Svala the Scholar of the Hall of Mages.
She appears to be a Human from Chastonia.
She is shorter than average and has a small-boned build. She appears to have come of age. She has distant, gold-flecked snow white eyes and milky white skin. She has long, loosely ringleted copper red hair. She has a slender, porcelain-like countenance, made more striking by the rounded angles of her face.
She has a quartet of tiny glyphs tattooed vertically along the inside of her left forearm, a pale pattern of gold lines and sigils tattooed up her right arm, an inky black sigil on her wrist, and a complex gold circular tattoo on the back of her right hand.