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Rafferty Hawthorn
Rafferty final.png
Rafferty, as drawn by MOURNE
Race [[Half-elf]]
Culture [[Wyrdeep]]
Class Empath
Profession itinerant healer
Religion casual follower of Jaston
Affiliation(s) Guardians of Sunfist
Disposition affable and empathetic
Demeanor cautiously curious
Flaw malformed left eye
Habits talking to birds
Hobbies unarmed combat, acquiring unwanted attention
Likes birds, trees, savory baked goods
Dislikes cities, bullies, narcissists
Fears helplessness, confinement, potential egg-borne doom
[[Category: Half-elf player characters]] [[Category: Wyrdeep player characters]]

Rafferty Hawthorn is a rustic half-sylvan from the Wyrdeep Forest in Bourth.

Though an inveterate wanderer, he has only recently left Bourth in search of a cure for a friend who fell afoul of dark magic. He himself is a healer of no particular distinction.

In early 5119, he reluctantly agreed to care for an egg that was foisted upon him by a peg-legged parrot of his acquaintance. As of this writing, the egg has exhibited some concerning behavior that indicates its occupant may be dangerous, but Rafferty is determined that whatever hatches should at least have a chance at life before it's judged. Time will tell whether this is foolish optimism or deserved compassion.

He can most often be found in the vicinity of Solhaven, Wehnimer's Landing, or Mist Harbor. Contrary to popular rumor, he is not a pirate.


You see Rafferty Hawthorn.
He appears to be a Half-Sylvan.
He is taller than average. He appears to be an adult. He has mottled hazel eyes and light olive skin. He has shoulder length, wavy russet hair. He has a narrow, scruffy face. He has a faded brown leather eyepatch covering one of his eyes.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a deep hood of moss green suede, a riveted thick leather knapsack, a small tan shearling neckpouch on a knotted cord, a dark-stained leather baldric over a fitted moss green suede jerkin, an open-necked linen shirt with rolled sleeves, some rough leather handwraps layered over pale cloth, some fringed buckskin pants, and a tall pair of side-laced umber leather boots.