Ranger Guild (Ta'Illistim)

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The Ranger Guild for Ta'Illistim is located at the top of the hill in the Oak Grove on Sylvarraend Road. It is the only ranger guild which does not have a maze or Master Tracker. It is also the only ranger guild in the Elven Nations.


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  1. a thin wiregrass collar                14. a deep green stiff leather paw-wrap
  2. a plain black leather collar           15. some deep green stiff leather paw-wraps
  3. a verdant twining vine collar          16. a soft carved willow brush
  4. a spike-ringed deep black collar       17. a fine-toothed white bone comb
  5. a small spike-ringed collar            18. a thick leather falconer's glove
  6. a tiny spike-ringed collar             19. a claw-marked thick leather gauntlet
  7. a vaalin-chased dark leather collar    20. an elbow-length tanned leather glove
  8. a lustrous silver leg-band             21. a chunk of uncooked rolton meat
  9. a pair of silver leg-bands             22. some dark rawhide strips
  10. a pair of curved faenor spurs         23. a fresh meaty rolton bone
  11. a curved faenor spur                  24. a squirming white grub
  12. a suede-lined dark leather paw-wrap   25. a large inky black nightcrawler
  13. some warm dark leather paw-wraps      26. a fresh bright red berry


Ta'Illistim Ranger Guild Map‎