Rapid Fire (515)

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Since mid-2015 there has been a considerable amount of development with Hot Summer Nights 2015, the Elemental Lore Review, and the Teleportation review.

Pages with this banner have been affected by development and are in various stages of update progress, but not yet complete.
Rapid Fire (515)
Mnemonic [RAPIDFIRE]
Duration 60 seconds
Utility Magic  
Subtype Instant Spell Prep 
Availability All 
Major Elemental Spells
Sleep (501) Attack
Chromatic Circle (502) Attack
Thurfel's Ward (503) Defensive
Slow (504) Attack
Hand of Tonis (505) Attack
Celerity (506) Utility
Elemental Deflection (507) Defensive
Elemental Bias (508) Defensive
Strength (509) Offensive
Hurl Boulder (510) Attack
Floating Disk (511) Utility
Cold Snap (512) Attack
Elemental Focus (513) Offensive
Stone Fist (514) Attack
Rapid Fire (515) Utility
Mana Leech (516) Utility
Charge Item (517) Utility
Cone of Elements (518) Attack
Immolation (519) Attack
Mage Armor (520) Defensive
Meteor Swarm (525) Attack
Elemental Disjunction (530) Attack
Haste (535) Utility
Temporal Reversion (540) Defensive
Time Stop (550) Utility

While Rapid Fire is active, it will reduce the castRT of all subsequent spells to 1 second. Once the effect ends, there is a short recovery period of 3 minutes before the spell can be used again without an extra penalty. If the spell is recast during the recovery period, all subsequent spells cast cost +5 mana. Training in Elemental Mana Control reduces the 3 minute cooldown by (skill / 2) seconds. So at 102 skill, the cooldown duration is 129 seconds, at 202 skill, the duration is 79 seconds, and at 302 skill, the cooldown is 29 seconds.

The spell will no longer automatically prepare the same spell again. Rapid Fire is not restricted to self-cast: it can be cast on other characters and uses the target's skill to determine the cooldown.

Lore Benefits

Training in Elemental Lore, Air has a seed 1 summation (based upon ranks) % chance to reduce the castRT to 0 seconds for any spell cast while Rapid Fire is active.

Training in Elemental Lore, Water, has a seed 1 summation (based upon ranks) % chance to not cause the spell to go on cooldown when the effect ends.

Thus the chance for each of these to trigger is 10% at 55 lore ranks, 20% at 210 lore ranks, etc.


Initial cast:

You feel the magic surge through you.

Wearing off:

As the surge of magic departs, you feel a slight elemental fatigue settle in.

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