Refined Repast

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Refined Repast is a shop in Ta'Illistim that sells tableware. It houses an artisan specialty design NPC.

Refined Repast

[Refined Repast] RNUM: u13204016
Swathes of pale blue satin line the walls of the elegant shop, falling to the ground in pools of cascading fabric. Covering the white marble floor is a plush carpet patterned with specks of azure and gold. A trio of marbled stone shelves are spread with an assortment of cutlery, while several glaesine cases display a variety of glassware and place settings. Rows of crystal lanterns hang above, illuminating the displays in their gentle glow.
Obvious exits: east, out


  1. a narrow rose gold fork           10. a gold-rimmed ivory saucer
  2. a brushed silver fork             11. an opaque pale blue bowl
  3. a small rose gold spoon           12. a gold-rimmed opaque ivory bowl
  4. a brushed silver spoon            13. an ivory-edged pale blue plate
  5. a slender rose gold knife         14. a gold-rimmed ivory plate
  6. a brushed silver knife            15. a slender crystal goblet
  7. an ivory-edged pale blue teacup   16. a thin-stemmed golden flute
  8. a gold-rimmed ivory teacup        17. a gold-rimmed crystal tumbler
  9. an ivory-edged pale blue saucer  

Refined Repast, Atelier

Directions: east from entry room

[Refined Repast, Atelier] RNUM: 34422, u13204017
Azure and gold fleck the thick alabaster wool carpet that covers the floor of the small room. Several silver candelabra are placed about, their thick beeswax candles fill the room with a natural, sweet scent as well as brightly illuminate a narrow marble worktable. Pale blue satin lines the walls of the area, their lengths shimmering in the luminous glow. You also see a slender aelotoi woman.
Obvious exits: west
>ask woman about material
A slender aelotoi woman says, "I work on wood, glass, metal, stone, and bone items.  Please TELL me what material we are working with so I may provide you with the correct attachment listing."

>ask woman about designs
A slender aelotoi woman says, "Here is a list of designs you can choose from.  TELL me the DESIGN number you would like to select.  This is required."

 Number   Option
      1   a spray of elaieneria blossoms
      2   a single asuleriel bud wrapped in flowing ribbon
      3   a blooming asuleriel nestled in a fan of leaves
      4   a twisted ring of ivy flecked with tiny roses
      5   a soaring dove wreathed with rosevines
      6   a regal fan-tailed peacock
      7   a large airship ringed with feathery clouds
      8   a glowbark tree surrounded by tiny sparks
      9   a fan of peacock feathers
     10   a series of snow-capped mountain peaks
     11   a single flame ringed by spirals of smoke
     12   a slender book with fanned pages
     13   a tall spire set with a series of grand bells
     14   a nibbed quill linked to swirls of writing
     15   a slender quill centered upon elven runes
     16   a soaring griffin with extended talons
     17   a wreath of grape leaves
     18   a gate capped with two peacocks pavonated
     19   a cluster of blossoming jasmine
     20   a circular fountain capped with a roaring dragon
     21   a fat bumblebee with diaphanous wings