Reim Base Camp

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Reim Base Camp is located in the same room as the chains to the Settlement of Reim. The REIM CAMP verb can also be used to transport there for 100 quest energy.

Reim Base Camp, Tavern - 25268

Broken glass bottles and glasses are strewn across the oak-planked floor, the green and brown shards brushed towards the walls alongside piles of melted slush. The stench of fermented alcohol and sweat fills the room, mixing with the aroma of pipe tobacco and a familiar metallic twang. You also see a dilapidated oilcloth sign, a heavy wooden table and a tall red-haired barmaid.

   |                   ** Last Man Standing **                      |
   |                                                                |
   |  The object of this drinking game is to be the last person     |
   |  sitting at the table.                                         |
   |                                                                |
   |  This game requires at least 2 people to play,                 |
   |  but no more than 10.                                          |
   |                                                                |
   |  Buy-in for this game is either 2000, 10,000 or 50,000  coins. |
   |                                                                |
   |  Winner gets 75% of total pot, less 25% for drinks and tips.   |
   |                                                                |
   |  The rules:                                                    |
   |                                                                |
   |  Once the game starts, each player will be poured a shot of    |
   |  alcohol.  Each player will be required to drink his           | 
   |  or her shot to continue.                                      |
   |                                                                |
   |  Failure to drink, passing out drunk and leaving the           |
   |  table for any reason will be cause for losing the game.       |
   |                                                                |
   |  The bartender will call out the rounds and refill the shots,  |
   |  until there is only one person left.                          |
   |                                                                |
   |  If by chance all players passout or quit before a winner is   |
   |  announced, the bartender wins the pot.                        |
   |                                                                |

a tall brown canvas tent

[Reim Base Camp, Brown Tent - 25263] Off to one side of the tent, a set of straw-filled dummies face each other. Each has been hastily dressed in wares to resemble the emperor and empress and stuck through with spears. Nearby, an open crate and a pile of canvas sacks bulge with ransacked goods from the castle. You also see a dusty sign. >Read sign

Flowing Gown     - The flowing gown and ivory tunic have a slitted back to
and Ivory Tunic    accommodate wings.  They are not unlocked.
Cobalt Gown      - The cobalt gown is a Farusteri gown.  It is not unlocked.
Gold Gown,       - The gold gown, tiara, and crown are fully unlocked Joola items.
Tiara, and Crown
Gold Slippers    - The gold slippers are fully unlocked dancing shoes and can
                   also be used in unarmed combat.
Blonde Wig       - The tall, curly blonde wig has a small bluebird living in it.
Beard-Clip       - The beard-clip can only be worn by people with beards.  The
                   beard-clip is haunted by a tiny ethereal knight.
Petticoat        - The petticoat can be laced to your gowns or worn underneath.
                 - It is twice unlocked, but not fully unlocked.
Chain Gloves     - The chain mesh gloves are unlocked caster gloves with special
                   Reim-inspired messaging.
Pauldrons        - The pauldrons are fully unlocked aelotoi pauldrons.
Backsheath       - The backsheath is a dual weapon displaying harness.
Hairsticks       - The hairsticks can be worn in your hair or used as lockpicks.
                 - They are unlocked and have three custom hairstyles.
Eahnor Ring      - The eahnor ring is a socketable piece of jewelry that holds
                   magical crystals.  It is unlocked.
Helical Pendant  - The helical pendant holds gold rings and has Reim-inspired
                   messaging when activated.
Gold Bauble      - The gold hair bauble is a twice-unlocked hair bauble.  It is
                   not fully unlocked.
Golden Mirror    - The golden hand mirror will compliment its user.  It is unlocked.
Leather Grimoire - The grimoire is a scroll codex.  It is not unlocked.
Black Gloves     - The black leather gloves and boots are unarmed combat gear
and Boots        - that have a small hidden sheath to accommodate a dagger.
Tooled Bracer    - The tooled leather bracer can also hold a dagger.
Backsword        - The backsword is five-times enchanted and has a hilt in its 
                   pommel suitable for a dagger.  It is fully unlocked.
Gown Waiver      - Unlock the Farusteri gown for more style!

>look in crate

In the open crate:
Weapons [1]: a pale gold vultite backsword with an eahnor wire-wrapped hilt
Clothing [4]: a small solid gold hair bauble, a pair of balenite-ringed ebony hairsticks, a spangled gold silk and lace petticoat, an ivory tunic
Special [2]: a chain-embossed parchment, a Farusteri gown waiver

>look in sack

In the canvas sacks:
Containers [2]: a tooled leather bracer, an empty pebbled leather grimoire bound with thin veniom chains
Clothing [5]: a cracked and gold leather backsheath, a silver and blue vaalin beard-clip, a helical veniom pendant strung on a steel chain, a monogrammed eahnor ring, a pair of thin chain mesh gloves
Special [1]: a small golden hand mirror etched with a chain design in bas-relief

>look on dummy

On the straw-filled dummy:
Weapons [3]: a pair of cuffed tall black leather boots, some wrapped black leather gloves, a pair of gold leather slippers
Clothing [6]: a low-cut cobalt gown with a front-split overskirt, a long gold charmeuse gown draped with a webwork of silver chains, some embossed black leather pauldrons, a curly blonde wig, a three-pointed heavy gold crown, a delicate filigreed gold tiara with a whorled pattern

a tall canvas tent

[Reim Base Camp, Armory - 25267] Tightly bound bundles of dried herbs hang from the ceiling of the canvas tent, the plants spaced out between a pair of rusted iron lanterns that illuminate the small space. A frayed, dark wool mat lays rolled against the back wall, as well as a number of totems and idols carved from bloodwood and oak. The center of the area remains meticulously clean, the debris piled up to either side of the tent flap. You also see a series of metal stands with some stuff on it, a rusty metal locker and a brightly painted sign.

>read sign

In the Common language, it reads:
The Armor on the stands has the power to invoke ethereal magic in the form of chains to bolster the wearer's defense.
  This effect cannot happen off the shelf, you will need to purchase a waiver from the locker or have it unlocked.
  All armor on the stand is four times enchanted.

The waivers in the locker are to improve the ethereal armor only:
   Defensive strength flares
   Overall fluffiness (no mechanical benefits)
   Padding flares

  Read the waivers for details.

On the metal stands you see:

some cobalt robes 75000
a suit of blackened scalemail 75000
some cobalt casting leathers 75000
an ivory arming coat 75000
some vultite chain hauberk 75000
a mithglin metal breastplate 75000
some ora full plate 75000

In the metal locker you see:

an ethereal armor deed 500000
an ethereal weapon certificate 1000000
an ethereal armor waiver for defensive strength flares 50000
an ethereal armor waiver for defensive strength flares 100000
an ethereal armor waiver for padding flares 1000000
an ethereal armor waiver for fluff tiers 10000

A makeshift shop

A makeshift shop, Lich #25266, go shop

[Reim Base Camp, Shop]
Thick sheets of oilcloth partially cover dusty shelves filled with unused merchandise, the various items covered in a fine sheet of dirt-laden frost. A large glowing display has been set in the middle of the room, the container casting an eerie luminescence upon the darkened corners of the shop.
Obvious exits: out
Talisman       - The talisman is an enhancive hiding item filled with ethereal essence.
Golden Statue  - The golden emperor statue is a gemcutter, which works with the
and Patterns   - whorl-incised, star-incised, and flame-shaped patterns.
Parchments     - The flame-edged, circle stamped, and vellum parchments can be invoked
                 to grant permanent access to special methods of preparing spells.
Miniatures     - The torturer, butler, and bartender miniatures are siegery pieces.
Figurines      - The empress and emperor figurines are S-class siegery pieces.
Pure Potions   - Cobalt-hued has 40 charges, other has the standard 4.
Phylactery     - The phylactery will allow you to gain back lost reputation and energy at an increased rate after using the death system.

On the dusty shelves you see:

a gold-clad empress figurine S-class siegery 50000
a regal emperor figurine S-class siegery 50000
a tray-carrying butler miniature siegery 15000
a dirk-wielding bartender miniature siegery 15000
a cloaked torturer miniature siegery 15000
a vellum parchment
  • First Person: You wave into the distance as you invoke the [Spell Name] spell, a trail of ethereal energy following your hand.
  • Third Person: PERSON waves into the distance, a trail of ethereal energy following his hand.
  • Hidden or Invisible: A flicker of ethereal energy flashes into existence and dissipates quickly.
a circle-stamped parchment
  • First Person: Heatless flames of ethereal energy erupt around you as you draw a glowing circle in midair, invoking the [Spell Name] spell.
  • Third Person: PERSON is surrounded by heatless flames of ethereal energy as he draws a glowing circle in midair.
  • Hidden or Invisible: A glowing circle forms in midair, chased by heatless flames of ethereal energy.
a flame-edged parchment
  • First Person: Ethereal flames fly from your hands as you chant the magic words for the [Spell Name] spell.
  • Third Person: Ethereal flames fly from PERSON's hands as he chants a few words of magic.
  • Hidden or Invisible: Ethereal flames swirl into existence and dissipate quickly.
a flame-shaped red steel pattern gem cutter pattern 5000
a star-incised sparkly silver pattern gem cutter pattern 5000
a whorl-incised blue imflass pattern gem cutter pattern 5000
a caped golden emperor statue with a sapphire-topped crown Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
a couple of items
gem cutter 20000

On the large glowing display you see:

a pure potion 4 charges 1000
a cobalt-hued pure potion 40 charges 10000
ethereal essence-filled talisman enhancive hider 50000
a dull phylactery gain back lost reputation and energy at an
increased rate after using the death system

A wooden vault

[Reim Base Camp, Wooden Vault - 25265] Heavy metal chains enclose a number of warped wooden chests, the rusted lengths pulled taut by several large padlocks. Crumbling vellum posters tacked onto the structure's support beams display a variety of rates and numbers, material splattered in faded ink and dried blood. A vault guard stands near a massive golden gong, his eyes scanning the vault and its occupants closely. You also see a large sign and a pile of treasure.

>read sign

In the Common language, it reads:
Take a shot at a potentially exotic treasure chest from the vault!

We're willing to trade 1000 ethereal scrip for a chest at random.  Just GET the treasure.
You can also LOOK at the the treasure to see what is currently available.
The treasure pile does shift occasionally so things may change at any time!
All sales are final, no refunds!

You can also trade your scrip for silver by GIVING the guard here 1,000 or 10,000  scrip!

  - The Management