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Rhoska-Tor is located in the far southern part of the continent of Elanthia, northeast of the Southron Wastes.[1] Rhoska-Tor is known for the abundance of mana foci in the area and for Maelshyve, Despana's capital until after Undead War in -15,185. It is also the location to which the Faendryl were exiled due to the means they used to end the war, and where the Dhe'nar departed to and lived for 5,000 years after they left the Elven Empire, 50,000 years ago. The Faendryl city, New Ta'Faendryl, is located near Maelshyve, just north of Rhoska-Tor.

Note: Rhoska-Tor is a location that is inaccessable to player characters and exists only in history documents rather than the walkable world within GemStone IV.


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