Rise of Rone - 5118-03-23 - Framing Device (log)

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Charlatos 23, 5118

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


  • Judge Renpaw announces that voting booths will be set up later in the evening. And indeed they are set up later! They're outside Moot Hall (TSE), outside the Raging Thrak Inn (TSNW), and outside the furrier (south of Land's End).
  • Judge Renpaw and his deputies have been questioning the detained occupants at the Order of the Silver Gryphon's Holding and have found them to be impostors, likely acting in a plot to frame Mayor Cruxophim. Information about one of them did reveal that person had come to Wehnimer's Landing a few years ago and did disappear, but didn't match the same description.
  • Mayor Crux has been cleared of pending charges for murders.
  • Renpaw takes questions from the audience and says he has no suspects in the plot to frame Crux and cannot discuss leads, that the prisoners have been examined physically and are in good health, and that there's been no sign of any others who were with the prisoners.
  • Renpaw also says Rone was sighted the night of enacting the pillar plan, but nothing came of it.


Judge Renpaw's Announcement

A town crier's voice declares, "The honorable Judge Renpaw will be making a short announcement outside of Moot Hall shortly."

[Town Square, East]

Here in the center of a broad plaza near the commercial area of the bazaar stands the impressive facade of the slate-roofed Moot Hall, where the citizens of Wehnimer's Landing hold various official, religious and social functions. Facing the square are some of the town's more prosperous shops, still doing business with the many customers who still frequent the streets at night. You also see a silver-edged campaign sign that reads, "Vote for Lylia: Keep Your Children Safe.", a mushy black door, a mound of snow and a large purple wooden barrel.

Judge Renpaw just arrived.

Renpaw nods.

Renpaw says, "Hello hello there whippersnappers."

Speaking to Renpaw, Hlendril says, "Hello there sorry excuse of a judge who looks like a crossbreed between a Kobold and a Rolton."

Suddenly, a pair of lawmen come striding in. They wrestle Hlendril to the ground and drag him off, muttering something about the stocks!

Renpaw says, "How dare he compare me to his mother."

Renpaw says, "I have two things to cover."

Renpaw says, "First..."

Renpaw says, "In the next half hour or so, town clerks intend to roll out the voting booths."

Renpaw says, "Secondly, my deputies and I have concluded our investigation and questioning of the protected occupants at the Gryphon Holding."

Renpaw says, "They are all currently detained, and will remain so, until they are more forthcoming with some additional information."

Renpaw says, "We have discovered they are impostors."

Renpaw says, "What was incredibly challenging, is the unknown identities."

Renpaw says, "But it turns out, we did uncover some information on one of them, who had come to Wehnimer's Landing a few years ago, and did indeed disappear, so to speak, but they absolutely did not match the same description."

Renpaw says, "We believe they are part of a plot to frame Mayor Cruxophim."

Speaking to Renpaw, Evia asks, "You have removed them to town custody, Sir?"

Renpaw says, "So they are detained until they release further information on who they are working for."

Renpaw looks over at Shinann and shakes his head. [seems to be based on a whispered exchange; the most recent visible interaction was Shinann nodding along or saying that we'd figured they were impostors]

Renpaw nods at Evia.

Renpaw says, "Yes, they are in the town guard custody now."

Shinann nods at Renpaw.

Renpaw says, "So effective immediately, I have cleared Cruxophim of any pending charges for the murders they tried to frame him for."

Questions for the Judge

Renpaw asks, "Are there any questions?"

Speaking quietly to Renpaw, Chemaine asks, "Any new suspects?"

Speaking to Renpaw, Tarvok asks, "Any leads so far from the prisoners?"

Renpaw says, "There are no suspects currently, and any leads I cannot discuss."

Xorus asks, "Do they seem to be under the delusion they are not imposters?"

Renpaw says, "They seem to be acting, truth be told."

Renpaw says, "In time, they'll crack."

Renpaw asks, "Where is Nehor!?"

Renpaw snickers.

Speaking curiously to Renpaw, Raelee asks, "To what extent have they been examined? Physically?"

Zosopage asks, "Has there been a sighting of Rone since then?"

Zosopage ponders.

Renpaw says, "They have been examined, and tended to by a town cleric and healer."

Renpaw says, "They are in fine health."

Speaking grimly to Zosopage, Cruxophim states, "To my knowledge, he's been quiet for some time. What concerns me is that he is planning his next move, which does not bode well."

Speaking to Renpaw, Raelee says, "That is not my meaning."

Raelee says, "... but I believe it answers the question."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Zosopage says, "I still get this nagging itch that one of them was Rone."

Speaking thoughtfully to Zosopage, Cruxophim states, "That would explain it."

Speaking thoughtfully to Zosopage, you say, "It's true we haven't seen him since then, but I imagine Rone could easily escape custody."

Renpaw says, "Rone has been sighted, since."

Speaking to you, Zosopage says, "Yes but then that would have tipped his hand long ago."

Renpaw says, "The night the Mayor underwent the pillars."

Renpaw says, "But nothing came of it it seems."

Renpaw says, "I suspect a quiet night in store, as the voting booths are rolled out."

Renpaw says, "But..."

Renpaw says, "The eve of Feastday, is not usually so quiet...."

Renpaw grins.

Renpaw asks, "Any further questions?"

You ask, "No sign of any others, just the four cap--actors we found?"

Renpaw nods to you.

Renpaw says, "Correct."

You nod understandingly at Renpaw.

Renpaw says, "Goodnight."

Renpaw says, "A town clerk shall announce once the booths are rolled out, within fifteen minutes or so."

Renpaw says, "Remember to READ THE BOOTHS for important instructions."

Judge Renpaw just entered the Moot Hall.


A town clerk announces, "Voting Booths are now setup outside of the Furrier, Thrak's Inn, and Moot Hall! REMEMBER TO READ THE BOOTH FOR INSTRUCTIONS!"