River's Rest-Mazorn Is Taken

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Koaratos 24, 5118 by Darcena Wolf-Valslayer
Storyline: The Green Lady


  • Mazorn addresses a crowd in River's Rest about his connections with Veridese
  • A seemingly-heavy sleek black chest is brought into Mazorn's warehouse and quickly hidden away from sight
  • A massive viridian griffin dives down and clutches Mazorn in its claws, later moans and cries echo from the sky, until "[a]n enraged voice cries out from overhead, 'MAZORN! Don't you THINK you can JUST-' The voice breaks into a piercing scream, 'WAKE UP, you WORM!'"


Some snippets from throughout the evening.

Mazorn Discusses His Relationship with Veridese

You move toward a large warehouse, striding away.
[Mazorn's Warehouse, Interior - ]
This expansive warehouse carries with it both the scent of freshly cut lumber and the sound of the river flowing beneath the newly laid dock floor underfoot. Massive reinforced shelves line the walls, weighted down with crates and barrels of every size, shape, and color imaginable. Here and there, dockhands bustle about, calling out orders and rearranging inventory while doing their best to stay out of each other's way. Broad doors lead back out onto the docks.
Also here: Waq, Relic Hunter Ulkov, Maiden Arleste, Great Lord Jalodg, Roblar, Alshan, Rivanne, Fyrentennimar, Bacaichi, Rysolee, Demitone, Drizal, Keeper Astru, Thornstar, Magnificos, Lord Elvidor, Great Lady Darcena, Great Lord Darkc, Yundah, Light Keeper Jersea, Grand Lady Mystiq, House Envoy Raincail, Raeshya, Arathis, Selema who is sitting, Lord Hammerrhead who is sitting, Salwarry , Trader Mazorn

(Editor’s note: the character list is a compilation of everyone I noticed who was present at some point during Mazorn’s speech. I apologize if I missed anyone.)

Trader Mazorn trudges in, his shoulders stooped.

You see Trader Mazorn.
He appears to be a Human.
He is tall and has broad shoulders. He appears to be very young. He has piercing sea green eyes and deeply-tanned skin. He has waist-length, perfectly straight mahogany hair bound into an intricate knot at the base of his skull. He has a broad face and deep smile lines at the corners of his eyes.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a royal blue brocade vest with gleaming silver toggles, a slender mahogany scabbard with a jade-inlaid wave pattern, a salt-stained black leather pouch, a distressed oilskin hip-satchel, some rugged leather trousers, and some black knee-length boots.

Mazorn says, "Good evening, everyone."

Darkc, Salwarry, Raeshya nods to Mazorn in greeting.

Raincail quietly says, "Timely."
Selema turns to face Mazorn.
Arathis nods.
Jersea raises an eyebrow.
Darcena glances askance at Mazorn.
Raincail nods at Mazorn.
Speaking to Mazorn, Selema says, "You've got some 'splainin to do."
Mystiq glances at Selema.
Speaking to Mazorn, Fyrentennimar asks, "Why does your ex have an army of undead?"

Speaking seriously to Mazorn, Yundah exclaims, "Why are you bringing Trouble to our Rest!”

Mazorn recites:

"I have agreed to meet with you all and answer your questions. I don't know how many answers I will be able to give, but I shall do my best."

Rivanne bows to Mazorn and sits down.

Speaking to Mazorn, Arathis says, "I wanna know more 'bout tha lovely crazy lady ya brought.."
Speaking to Mazorn, Hammerrhead says, "Dat green persun's flyin' monkey men kilt me. She was talkin' crap bout'cha."
Raincail quietly asks, "First question, how flammable is all this, exactly?" Raincail gazes with interest at his surroundings.
Speaking to Mazorn, Darkc asks, "I just want to know if she is free for the taking?"
Arathis grins and nods at Raincail.
Jersea asks, peering quizzically at Mazorn, "And what exactly are you hiding here?"

Raeshya cocks her head at Mazorn.

Mazorn says, "To begin with... the question I have heard the most often."

Mazorn says, "The woman calling herself the Green Lady... is a woman I knew as Veridese."

Mazorn says, "She and I had a... relationship some years back."

Mazorn says, "And when I attempted to make it more permanent, she declined, as it would have necessitated a life on the sea, which was not to her liking."

Darcena says, "You seem to have carnal knowledge of this woman.”

Arathis grins and Alshan grins at Darcena.
Speaking disbelievingly to Mazorn, Jersea says, "No...."
Hammerrhead says, "'Mander."
Darcena says, "That is not what she is saying."

Bacaichi says, "Its always a spurned lady. you know the saying..."

Mazorn says, "At that point, we parted, as I thought, amiably."

Mazorn says, "I have no knowledge of her since that time until her recent... reappearance."

Mazorn shrugs.

Jersea says, "She's rather..." Jersea ponders.

Hammerrhead says, furrowing his brow, "She dun scaret'way grampa an' auntie."
Darcena cocks her head at Mazorn.

Alshan says, "Seems like the lady might be a bit crazy.”

Mazorn says, "And to answer the OTHER question I have heard most often..."

Mazorn slowly empties his lungs.

Mazorn says, "I have heard rumblings saying that this is MY doing, and that I should be doing something."

Mazorn says, "However... I am a Trader. Not a fighter. My place has never been the front lines."

Raeshya nods slowly.

Yundah exclaims, "Well, it IS now!"
Darkc says, "But we have died for you."
Speaking to Mazorn, Mystiq says, "Seems she is following you."
Darcena says, "So let me get this right... You had a relationship with this woman. You did something to her. You broke her heart. You decide to drag your trouble here to our town.”
Darcena asks, “And we are being punished for your ineffective cowardice?"
Speaking to Mazorn, Jersea asks, "Well, WHY did you pick here? What's so special, beyond it being The Rest of course, that brought you back to her attention?"
Raincail quietly says, "I think many of us share that feeling.”
Salwarry asks, "So this is morte of a domestic dispute?”
Darcena says, growling, "I bled buckets for this town that you want to trade in."
Arleste says, "Such a secretive spot."

Raincail nods at Arleste.

Mazorn says, "Despite that... I have endeavored to make River's Rest my home. And therefore it is my duty to keep it safe any way that I can."

Mazorn says, "I have been abroad these past few days rallying support. The one thing that I DO have... is silver. A team of mercenaries will be here in the next few days, and will lend the Rest all aid possible."

Mazorn slowly empties his lungs.

Arleste glances at Darcena.

Hammerrhead says, "Maybe Knaydl 'elp join da fight, she here now."
Speaking to Arleste, Alshan says, "Nope just a new spot."
Arathis mutters under his breath.
Raincail quietly asks, "Mercs?"
Jersea dryly says, "Oh lovely.. more invaders."
Raincail scowls.
Speaking to Mazorn, Darkc says, "Excellent."
Yundah recites: "Ok. Wait a sec, here folks. He just said something about helping us. And now that he's bringing in mercenaries."
Fyrentennimar grumbles.
Ulkov arrives just in time to hear the latest comments and says, "I am not invading..."

Ulkov smirks and folds his arms over his chest.

Mazorn says, "And now, with that... I will endeavor to answer any questions that I can."

Mazorn nods to Darcena.

Darcena asks, "Who gave you permission to bring mercenaries to this town?"

Darcena asks, "How do we know this isn't an elaborate plan for you to take over River's Rest?”
Raincail quietly says, "We dont need more outsiders."
Alshan says, "Nothing wrong with some mercenaries."
Speaking to Mazorn, Jersea says, "If you know anythign about us, you ought to know we take care of OUR OWN."
Speaking to Alshan, Arleste says, smiling, "Indeed, Although I was under the impression the dock would be along the river rather than the bay."
Ulkov raises an eyebrow.

Speaking to Darcena, Mazorn says, "Nobody gave me permission, but I have heard the calls for me to do SOMETHING, as if this were my fault somehow. This... is something I can do."

Speaking to Jersea, Salwarry asks, "Do you?”

Arleste innocently says, "My mistake."
Speaking to Mazorn, Darkc asks, "What is it you are tradin ghere in this empty building?"
Alshan grins at Arleste.
Darcena dryly says, "Perhaps..."
Darcena says, "You should try talking with her..."
Raeshya ponders.
Mystiq says, "Did not know you had to get permission from any of you to bring anything here."
Darcena sternly says, "And APOLOGIZING."
Alshan says, "People being paid seem to work well for the most part."
Speaking to Mazorn, Ulkov says, "Shame you didn't ask me. Me and a few others I know would likely and happily kill things for free! Mercs..."
With a closed mouth, Ulkov moves his jaw up and down in a circular motion. Turning his head to the side, Ulkov forcefully ejects a dollop of spit, which lands on the ground a few feet away.

Speaking to Mazorn, Rivanne asks, "Where was she living when you knew her in the past? Here in River's Rest, or elsewhere?”

Mazorn nods at Darkc.

Speaking to Darkc, Mazorn says, "This is a warehouse. Goods come in and out at all hours. At times it is empty, others it is full. It's the nature of the business."

Mazorn nods at Rivanne.

Darkc nods at Mazorn.

Speaking to Mazorn, Hammerrhead asks, "How da hell she summon such an armeh?"

Rivanne says, "So if she was living here... she didn't get angry til Mazorn came back.”

Speaking to Rivanne, Mazorn says, "She and I knew each other when I resided in Solhaven, but that was quite some time ago."

Mazorn nods at Hammerrhead.

Rivanne ponders.

Rivanne says, "Oh so she lived in Solhaven before.”
Speaking to Mazorn, Jersea asks, "So, WHY here?"

Raincail chuckles and quietly says, "A woman scorned has friends in the darkness, or so ive heard."

Speaking to Hammerrhead, Mazorn says, "That... I wish I had an answer to. I have absolutely no idea, unfortunately."

Mazorn nods at Jersea.

Rivanne says, "Solhaven's had its share of catastrophe.”

Darcena asks, "Were you fleeing from the love you rejected and destroyed?"
Speaking to Mazorn, Darkc says, "The Rest has nice weather and easy access to the waterways."
Arleste rubs her chin thoughtfully.
Mystiq whispers something to Raincail.
Speaking melodically to Mazorn, Jalodg asks, "Does thesey Mercies you hirings has a names? Far Market...perhapsy?"
Fyrentennimar asks, "You must have some idea, and who are these people who seem to be helping her?"
Mystiq nods at Raincail.

Speaking to Jersea, Mazorn says, "This was a town that I saw could use an influx of coin, for infrastructure. I am always looking to expand my holdings, and this seemed to be a good place to do so."

Mazorn nods at Yundah.

Speaking to Mazorn, Yundah asks, "Has she always been green? And able to turn into a squirrel?"

Raincail smirks at Mystiq.
Speaking to Mazorn, Darkc says, "Maybe ya should raise a navy."
Jersea rolls her eyes.
Ulkov bursts out in a sudden snort of laughter.
Ulkov says, "This I gotta see.."
Jersea says, "We gotta up the captain's bribes."
Darcena smiles bitterly and lets out a short, angry laugh.
Arleste blinks at Yundah.

Raincail quietly says, "Turns into a squirrel? thats some trick. no wonder you loved her.”

Speaking to Yundah, Mazorn says, "She was never, eh, green before, at least that I can remember. And as far as being a squirrel? I believe I would have noticed that."

Astru snickers.

Arathis chuckles.
Arleste disbelievingly asks, "She turned into a squirrel?" Arleste shudders.
Darcena mutters, "Carnal knowledge."
Raeshya smirks.

Speaking to Mazorn, Salwarry says, "I agree, this town is in dire need of some financial help.”

Mazorn nods to Darcena.

Speaking to Darcena, Mazorn says, "We were consenting adults, and there were no implicit restrictions on our behavior."

Mazorn shrugs at Darcena.

Speaking to Mazorn, Rivanne asks, "Did she have any magic at all, back then?"

Speaking to Jersea, Yundah exclaims, "And people thought that feller that fixed things in Landing, that flying squirrel dude, was bad!"
Speaking to Mazorn, Darkc says, "Maybe you were to drunk to notice she was a squirrel."
Darcena says, "Tell us more about The Green Lady. Her strengths. Her past.”
Speaking to Raincail, Arleste says, "That's an image I would have done better without."
Hammerrhead nods in agreement to Darcena.
Raeshya says, "Or weaknesses."

Jalodg turns an inquisitive ear toward you.

Mazorn nods at Rivanne.

Speaking to Rivanne, Mazorn says, "She was never a magical sort, though she was always good with animals."

Fyrentennimar frowns.

Hammerrhead absently says, "Wild boars.." Hammerrhead furrows his brow.

Speaking to Mazorn, Rivanne says, "So she has learned to shapeshift. And turned green.”

Mazorn nods slowly at Hammerrhead.

Speaking to Hammerrhead, Mazorn says, "That... seems likely, yes."

Darcena abruptly asks, "What about her past? Her history, her family?“

Speaking pensively to Mazorn, Hammerrhead says, "Ah-hmmm."
Speaking to Mazorn, Rivanne says, "Maybe she fell into a vat at Picklefest and that's where the green came from."
Jalodg melodically says, "Soundings likes she has some powerings of Imaerasy."
Darcena asks, "Did you know anything about this woman you CLAIM to have invited to go to sea with you?"
Darcena mutters, "More likely he slipped the back dock, and uh, fled."
Rivanne says, "I'd be mad too, if I fell in and turned green."

Ulkov raises an eyebrow in your direction.

Mazorn nods to Darcena.

Speaking to Darcena, Mazorn says, "I'm sorry that I can't provide much insight in that area. I knew her only as Veridese. I never knew her family name, or how she came to be on the docks in Solhaven."

Raincail blinks and gazes heavenward.

Speaking to Mazorn, Darkc asks, "Or maybe she forgot to eat her medicinal herbs?"
Darcena says, "You picked her up on the docks. The docks."
Speaking to Mazorn, Arathis says, "Both of you seem quite young.. in yer human years for obtainin' all this wealth and past conflicts.."
Darcena asks, "And claim you offered her a life at sea?"
Darcena gives her eyebrow a little workout.

Speaking to Mazorn, Fyrentennimar asks, "Who are the people who are helping her? what do you know of them?”

A pair of dockhands stagger in through the doors, each carrying one end of a sleek black chest. One of them loses his grip, and a corner of the chest slams into the floor with a loud BANG! Mazorn's head whips around and his eyes widen when he sees what caused the racket. Under his gaze, the dockhand quickly raises his end once more and the two hurry out of sight amongst the stacks of crates.

Mazorn blinks and clears his throat.

Raincail narrows his eyes.

Rysolee glances around the room.
Alshan gasps.
Selema glances nervously around the room.

Raincail quietly says, "No good help these days…”

Speaking to Darcena, Mazorn says, "We had hit it off quite well."

Jersea asks, "Yeah, and what's the deal wth that chest?"

Darcena stares at Mazorn and says, "She said she gave you three months of her life."
Fyrentennimar asks, "And what was in that chest?"
Arleste asks, "Some delicate cargo?" Arleste ponders.
Yundah raises an eyebrow in Mazorn's direction.
Jalodg glances up and grins nervously.
Ulkov folds his hands behind his back.
Darcena doubtfully asks, "And you don't know anything about her at all?"
Selema folds her arms over her chest.
Hammerrhead offers Mazorn a selanthan bloodjewel.
Alshan says, "3 months really isn't that long." Alshan giggles.
Raincail quietly says, "Some of those goods you mentioned, no doubt."
Speaking to Mazorn, Hammerrhead encourages, "Shiney."

Speaking calmly to Mazorn, Yundah asks, "What is in those chests that you're nervous about?”

Speaking to Darcena, Mazorn says, "And I informed her that I would be interested in pursuing things, but that my life was on the water. If she was interested in pursuing things, that would be where the pursuit would lie."

Speaking to Jersea, Darkc exclaims, "I think it is a new shipment of pickles!"

Hammerrhead smiles without an iota of intelligence.
Alshan says, laughing, "Maybe silver pickles."
Raeshya ponders.
Rysolee mutters three-month and says, “Pfft.”
Darkc nods at Alshan.
Speaking to Mazorn, Darcena asks, "What about YOU is such a prize that she'd be this upset?"
Darcena raises an eyebrow in Mazorn's direction.

Mystiq glances at Rysolee.

Speaking to Yundah, Mazorn says, "I'm a trader... it's my job to worry about my cargo."

Arathis ponders.

Raincail quietly asks, "Any specific goods comin out from the jungles?"
Selema asks, "So you're saying that she chose not to come with you to see... but.. what made her *This* angry about it?"
Jersea suspiciously says, "I wonder."

Darkc cackles at Yundah!

Speaking to Darcena, Mazorn says, "I... have no good answer for this, unfortunately. As I said, when I left her, we left on good terms. I'm unsure what could have caused such a dramatic shift."

Darcena stares at Mazorn.

Darcena adamantly says, "I don't believe you."
Speaking to Mazorn, Jersea asks, "Ever interested in going out to the necromancer's place?"
Raincail grunts.
Alshan stares at Darcena.
Speaking to Mazorn, Rivanne asks, "What sorts of ports do you visit?"
Speaking to Mazorn, Yundah asks, "Is your cargo having anything to do with the monkeys running out of the jungle, scared for their lives?"

Yundah peers quizzically at Mazorn.

Speaking to Darcena, Mazorn says, "You can believe or not. All I can provide is the truth, to the best of my knowledge."

Selema nods at Yundah.

Speaking to Darcena, Ulkov says, "You're so suspicious.."
Ulkov chuckles to himself.
Arleste absently says, "So harsh."
Speaking to Mazorn, Rivanne says, "Besides Solhaven and River's Rest, that is."
Rysolee shrugs at Raincail.
Raincail splutters.
Speaking to Darcena, Alshan says, "Why so skeptical of this honest merchant."
Rysolee appears to be trying hard not to grin.
Speaking to Mazorn, Darkc says, "Maybe a lack of pickles or she ate a ton of bad green pickles."
Selema says, "Yes, I was wondering about the monkeys as well."

Raincail pinches Rysolee!

Speaking to Darcena, Mazorn asks, "What would a lie gain me? Would she then invade the town and kill everyone I have attempted to befriend?"

Mazorn stares at Darcena.

Rysolee winces.

Darcena skeptically laughs, "H--honest?"
Salwarry agrees with Alshan.
Speaking to Mazorn, Raeshya asks, "Any Likelihood that *any* of your cargo might upside the wilds? Exotic beasts?"
Salwarry says, "Closed minds."
Darcena bitterly says, "He has no answers to any of our questions. Just pleads ignorance and cowardice."
Salwarry says, "Scared of change."
Ulkov grunts pensively, deep in thought.
Arathis nods to Darcena.
Speaking to Mazorn, Jersea asks, "How many bridges do you think our infrastructure needs?"
Jersea ponders.
Raeshya cocks her head at Mazorn.

Rivanne peers quizzically at Mazorn.

Speaking to Darcena, Mazorn says, "If you would like me to invent a story to satisfy your skepticism, please kindly provide me with a script next time beforehand, so that I can learn my lines to your satisfaction."

Speaking coyly to Mazorn, Darcena asks, "Do you think money will solve all your problems, trader?" Darcena snorts derisively at Mazorn!

Speaking to Mazorn, Darkc asks, "May i ask you if you are hiring any good hands?"
Darkc strikes a heroic pose.
Ulkov snickers at Mazorn.
Salwarry says, "Or perhaps scared of losing a grip on influence."
Speaking to Mazorn, Rivanne asks, "Out of curiosity... have you ever traded at an island called Caligos?"
Astru grins at Mazorn.
Speaking to Darcena, Arathis says, "I think we'd have better luck with tha lovely green lady.."
Darcena nods at Arathis and says, "I'd rather talk to The Green Lady than this swine."
Alshan stares at Arathis.
Speaking to Mazorn, Raeshya asks, "Rare exotic beasts? Enough to stir the 'green'?"
Speaking to Mazorn, Yundah exclaims, "If you're needing a script for a story, then you should have entered Bardfest!"
Darcena asks, "What's in the chest, trader?"

Selema explains, "I realize that you are frustrated, but please understand that we are as well. This Lady attempted to burn down our town.”

Speaking to Rivanne, Mazorn says, "I have not, though I have heard of it."

Alshan says, "Well go to her i am sure she will kill you er help you."

Rivanne nods.
Arleste pointedly says, "Yes, you should ask the lady to answer your questions."
Rysolee glances at Darcena.
Speaking to Alshan, Arathis says, "What?! she's beautiful.. at least she'll have someones interest."
Speaking sternly to Mazorn, Darcena says, "You brought this trouble to this lovely town. I watched people die. I bled all over Voln and the Sanctuary. I died, too."
Waq inclines his ear, listening intently.
Alshan says, "Beautiful can be deadly."
Darcena adamantly says with a growl, "I do NOT like dying, Mazorn."
Speaking to Darcena, Ulkov says, "You and Madmountan.. I swear. The contents of a box likely to drive either of you insane."
Speaking to Mazorn, Darkc says, "If it ok with you I would like to attempt to pursue a relationship with this green witch lady."
Arathis grins.
Salwarry rolls his eyes.

Alshan says, "Death is inevitable.”

Speaking to Selema, Mazorn says, "I do understand, and I share your frustration, I truly do. If I had a way to fix it, I swear to you, I would."

Yundah recites:"Mazorn, I would invite you to hang around until she shows up.Then see if you can convince her to leave us be."

Darcena gazes with a distinctly annoyed countenance at Alshan.
Rysolee says, "This town has been troubled long before he came." Rysolee waves her hand in a dismissive gesture.

Arathis chuckles.

Speaking to Darcena, Mazorn says, "None of us like dying. This is why I have hired help. I certainly cannot fight, and my dockhands are... competent, but not against the likes of the invaders."

Darkc applauds Yundah.

Fyrentennimar says, "You could take her back."
Speaking to Mazorn, Raeshya asks, "I ask again, any of your cargos rare exotic beasts that might be upsetting the 'green'?"
Raincail quietly says, "I don't like seein folk die in the commons. and i'm usually the only slightly dead thing haunting these streets. just want things to be quiet again, so I can be tortured in peace."
Speaking pointedly to Mazorn, Darcena says, "Perhaps you should leave."
Raincail mutters under his breath.
Speaking to Mazorn, Salwarry says, "Most here speak out of both sides of their mouths. They would give their mothers away for access to a merchant."

Jalodg raises his hand.

Speaking to Raeshya, Mazorn says, "My apologies, I do not have any knowledge of beasts of any kind in my cargo."

Mazorn slowly empties his lungs.

Arleste begins chuckling at Raincail!

Speaking to Darcena, Rysolee says, "Maybe you should leave."
Waq smiles at Jalodg.
Arleste blushes a glowing shade of red.
Raincail leans on Arleste.
Speaking to Salwarry, Ulkov says, "Nah. My mother is worth at least five merchants on a bad day."
Speaking to Salwarry, Jersea asks, "How many mother's have you had over the years?"
Yundah says to Salwarry, "Speak for yourself."
Darkc agrees with Salwarry.
Speaking melodically to Mazorn, Jalodg says, "Scusey me, I don't know if you heard question before and forgives Iamin from Icemule, not knows so much of the Resty."
Raeshya asks, "You keep clear ledgers?"
Speaking melodically to Mazorn, Jalodg asks, "But issy your mercenaries calleds the Far Market?"

Speaking to Mazorn, Salwarry says, "I see no reason that you should not be welcomed here, as things once were.”

Mazorn nods at Jalodg.

Speaking to Jalodg, Mazorn exclaims, "Certainly not!"

Speaking to Salwarry, Darkc exclaims, "I traded my mother for one once!"

Jalodg ducks his head.
Salwarry raises an eyebrow in Yundah's direction.
Speaking melodically to Mazorn, Jalodg exclaims, "Okies!!" He lets out a cheer and slowly empties his lungs then exclaims, "Reliefs!"
Speaking to Jalodg, Mazorn says, "Though I have heard of them, no Trader would willingly approach the group."
Mazorn nods once.

Speaking to Salwarry, Alshan says, "I agree.”

A loud screech sounds from overhead, and is accompanied by a disturbing giggle.

Mazorn gazes heavenward.

Speaking to Mazorn, Darcena asks, "Why haven't you found the Green Lady and spoken to her directly?"

Arathis grins.
Ulkov glances up and grins slowly.
Jalodg melodically exclaims, "You a goodsy trader thens!"
Raincail gazes heavenward.
Darcena says, laughing softly, "Right on time..."
Jersea says, "Yeah.. I heard that."
Bacaichi shivers.
Speaking to Mazorn, Darkc says, "I will approach them for you."
Speaking to Jersea, Yundah exclaims, "Told you this was a trap!"
Speaking to Mazorn, Fyrentennimar says, "I think your girlfriend is here."

Alshan says, "Go ask her.”

Mazorn closes his eyes for a moment.

Mazorn slowly empties his lungs.

Alshan nods at Darkc.

Arleste glances up.
Speaking to Jalodg, Rivanne says, "Maybe we could lock those two lady queen green persons in a room together and see what happens."
Jalodg gasps.
Speaking to Mazorn, Mystiq says, "Until you are proven to be a foe and not a friend I agree with Sal."
Arathis grins at Mazorn.
Speaking gleefully to Mazorn, Darcena says, "I hope you face what you've done."
Raincail quietly says, "When they giggle like that, it's not a good thing."
Jalodg quickly ducks behind Rivanne.
Jersea cackles!
Hammerrhead says, "Ah say we outfit Kitlee's cutter wif all sorts'a armaments."
Mazorn exclaims, "Fine! You all wish it so... I shall attempt to go and speak to her!"
Speaking to Mazorn, Yundah exclaims, "Now is your chance! Go talk to her!"
Arleste asks, "There are two?"

Speaking melodically to Rivanne, Jalodg exclaims, "They so nutties!”

Trader Mazorn just went through some broad doors.

You move toward some broad doors, striding away.
[Floating Dock, Tempest River - ]
A massive dock stretches far out over the river's surface, complete with large support columns at regular intervals, several slips for boats of various sizes, and a series of steps leading towards the swiftly flowing river. A large warehouse sits adjacent to the slips, and a ramp leads up to the Stone Eye veranda. You also see a plains caracal.
Also here: Trader Mazorn and many of the individuals who were in the warehouse

Mazorn yells, "I am here, Veridese!"

Mazorn holds his arms out wide, his eyes to the sky.

Ulkov pauses and waits a moment.

Raincail turns an inquisitive ear toward Mazorn.
Darcena cackles, "Oh, she didn't want you to call her that."
Ulkov folds his arms over his chest.
Yundah says, "I will await the dead in the sanctuary."

Speaking to Mazorn, Rivanne says, "I am far too young to die.”

A tremendous screech splits the air, and from nowhere a massive viridian griffin dives into view! With breathtaking speed, it clutches Mazorn in its claws and darts off into the night. Moments later, a raucous laugh can be heard high off in the night sky.


A high-pitched falsetto voice drifts down from overhead, singing gently, "Now, now, my sweet... Hush before you fall... Just relax and feel the heat... While my companions kill... them... all..."

A panicked voice rises from the direction of town, "They're on the beach, heading towards town! Seek cover!"

The sound of heavy wings overhead is accompanied by a painful moan. An eerie giggle follows shortly after. "Watch watch watch, my SWEET! See what HAPPENS!"

A pained wail sounds from overhead, and a demented giggle plays a disturbing counterpoint as heavy wings beat the night air.

A pained cry comes from overhead, "ENOUGH, Veri!... You... you have me! Just STOP!"

A lilting voice calls out, "Zhill! Embri! The TRADER would like us to STOP! How do YOU feel about that?" After a very bried pause, the voice answers itself, "Me too! KILL THEM!"

An enraged voice cries out from overhead, "MAZORN! Don't you THINK you can JUST-" The voice breaks into a piercing scream, "WAKE UP, you WORM!"

A disturbingly monotone voice calls, "Embri. Zhill. Enough." The voice then shifts dramatically to a ragged roar, "HE MUST SEE!" The voice shifts once again, to a teasing lilt, "We'll be back, don't you fret. See you all real... soon..."


  • a viridescent lizard
  • a viridian-clad zombie
  • an emerald green leopard
  • a green-hued ephemereal tree spirit
  • a green-clad storm grifflet
  • a massive green-tusked boar
  • a poorly-stitched shrickhen
  • a brackish water elemental
  • a green-clad snarling hag
  • a viridian griffin

Random Quotes

Fyrentennimar says, "Dibs on everything in the warehouse."

Waq says, "Me thinks dat if'n yer green yuu shouldn't be shunned, you should be pittied, less of cuse yer a frog er sumptin."

Yundah asks, "What do you bet that Mazorn got her preggers, and she's mad cause she didn't get any child support?"
Artimesia says, "Sounds reasonable."

Waq exclaims, "This town is badly named!"
Waq exclaims, "Should be River's Frenzy!"
Speaking melodically to Waq, Jalodg exclaims, "I bets its usually quiets!"
Speaking to Waq, Tatenai corrects, "No, it's very well named, for the most part."