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Roelon McColend
Behold, the mighty kilt!
Race [[Giantkin]]
Culture [[Wsalamir]]
Hometown Icemule
Class Ranger
Profession Kilted Defender
Religion Ronan, protector of the realm of night and dreams.
Affiliation(s) Member of the Landing Defense Irregulars

Member of Moonshine Manor Master in the Order of Voln Member of House of the Argent Aspis

Disposition Adventurous, humorous, brave.
Demeanor A big softy and steeled.
Flaw Foolish actions as a youth that haunt him to this day.
Greatest Strength The Kilt! And his determination to fight for what is right for all of Elanthia.
Greatest Weakness Ale, Kilts, many more.
Habits Kilt Flares
Hobbies Helping others, Forging a blade or two.
Likes Ale, Kilts and strong women.
Dislikes Disloyalty, Barnom Slim, Grishom Stone.
Fears Succumbing to the dark. Hurting his friends and family. Failing in his duty and promise.
Loyalties His homes, Icemule and Wehnimers. His Clans, the Wsalamir of the north and the Hooligans.
Best Friend He has met many in his many years in the lands.
Spouse None
Loved One Yes
Children None that he knows of.
[[Category: Giantkin player characters]] [[Category: Wsalamir player characters]]

You See Roelon

You see Roelon McColend the Insightful.

He appears to be a Giantman of the Wsalamir Clan.

He is taller than average. He appears to be full grown. He has piercing blue-tinged silver eyes and tanned skin. He has long, braided white hair beaded with tiny onyx beads held in a loose ponytail. He has a broad face, a classical nose and a neatly-trimmed beard with an icy blue streak down one side. Obscured behind his beard is a rugged, muscular jawline that is further emphasized by weather-worn cheeks.

He has a tattoo of a somber black dragon that coils upwards from jaw to temple, and a circular blue tribal tattoo on his neck.

He is wearing a dark veil iron earcuff, a weathered black leather duster with silver-tinged rhimar buttons, an old dark silver insignia of ruby-inlaid crossed waraxes, a dark alloy scaled leather coat-of-plates adorned with a single rhimar-studded pauldron, a small darkened veil iron armband delicately etched with a Saramar rune, some rugged ebon leather gloves with rhimar studs set in each knuckle, a veil iron signet ring, a sanguine crystal-inset rhimar band, a roughly knit woolen kilt threaded with rhimar studs, and some oiled dark leather shoes with silver-tipped laces.

About Roelon McColend

Roelon McColend (Roe’l Oinious McColend) was born in the mountains of the Dragonspine in the clan of the Wsalamir. He was raised by his father, a Giantkin serving the Turamzzyrian Empire in the south as a soldier, who inspired his son to become a Knight.

Roelon left at an early age to seek out his mother. His father had told him that she was a spiritweaver, and that he had met her during an expedition in the north before he had joined the infantry. Roelon's adventure led him to Wehnimer's Landing during the Great Griffin Sword War. Through the Chaos, Roelon met the men who would become his brothers by bond: Duoncon and Randsford. He would later meet many more close to him as they adventured north to Icemule, closer to finding his clan and his mother.