Rogue Guild (Ta'Vaalor)

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The Ta'Vaalor Rogue Guild can be found through the locked shed on Gaeld Var.


Ta'Vaalor Rogue Guild Map

The guild structure in Ta'Vaalor consists of an alley, a warehouse and an inn, all connected by a series of ladders, trapdoors, rooftop pathways and underground passages.

In order to enter the guild, you must either pick the lock on the shed (-150) or speak to the town locksmith, Shind, about the guild in order for him to unlock it for you. Once in the shed, there is a puzzle involving the tools that, once solved, will open a panel. When you have gone through the panel, there is no immediate way back to the shed or Gaeld Var - you must either pass through the door using your passcode, or continue into the tunnel, through a sewage drain, and exit via a grate to the catacombs. Once past the door and into the alley, the only way out of the guild is via the chute to the town locksmith.

Noteworthy features not explicitly stated on the map above:

  • There does not appear to be a guild lounge at this guild location.

Guild Shop

At this time, the guild shop requires the same documents from the Citizenship clerk that every other shop in Ta'Vaalor requires. Be sure to have them on you if you plan to check the inventory or make any purchases.

Projected baseline prices. Final prices may vary on a per-character basis due to various factors (race, influence, trading, citizenship, etc.)

Item Price Item Price
a leather-edged ebon canvas pack 15000 some ebon leather-corded trousers 2500
some tooled ebon leather boots 375 a subtly tooled ebon leather thigh-sheath 4000
a ruby-eyed black skull pin 500 an iron-bound ebon brocade back-sheath 9000
a leather-bound ebon silk scabbard 1000 a glistening ebon vultite troll-claw 32000
a ruby-set ebon vultite handaxe 45000 a leather-edged ebon vultite buckler 45000
an elegant ebon silk sash 1500 a ruby-set ebon vultite scutum 37500
a leather-edged ebon canvas satchel 2000 an ebon vultite talon sword 52000
a leather-tied ebon silk gem pouch 2000 a studded ebon vultite mace 49000
a hooded ebon silk greatcloak 2500